Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004

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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004
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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004

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    1. Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2003 - 2004

    2. Reading from the Quraan

    3. Dr. Samir A. Al-Baiyat Dean, Colleges of Engineering Sciences & Applied Engineering

    4. College Statistics

    5. Undergraduate Students Total=2373

    6. Graduate Student Total= 216

    7. Graduating 2003/2004 Total=485

    8. Total Faculty Total=218

    9. Professorial Rank Faculty Total=168

    10. Accomplishments of the College and the Departments 2003/2004

    11. Journal Publications Total=241

    12. Conference presentations Total=134



    15. Utilization of Computers in Education More than 78% of the college faculty utilize WebCT or Blackboard for teaching their courses.

    16. The college of Applied Engineering has submitted a dossier to ABET to extend the Substantial Equivalency of the its programs till 2008. The EE & ME departments have undertaken Program self Assessments . The remaining departments will carry out program self assessment 2004-2005. Program Assessments and Accreditation

    17. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between AE and Royal Saudi Air Force. The memo has been approved by H.R.H Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz, 2nd Deputy & Minister of Defense & Aviation & General Inspector. The proposed AE Master program has been approved.

    18. Aerospace Engineering Four new labs are being established in the department (Aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight structure and propulsion).

    19. Chemical Engineering The Department established an Industrial Advisory Committee to promote cooperation with the industry. The Committee met twice this year. Professor Tomoyuki Inui joined the Department as the Saudi Aramco Chair Professor for Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals.

    20. Chemical Engineering The Department upgraded its polymer research laboratory with state of the art equipment. The Department organized an Open Day and Exhibition for the prep-year students in association with Saudi Aramco and Sabic.

    21. Chemical Engineering Three undergraduate students won the 2nd place in a National senior design competition sponsored by SABIC. The department established the Polymer Research Group: An interdisciplinary research group that includes 10 faculty from three different departments.

    22. Chemical Engineering The department co-organized three meetings of the Saudi Section of AIChE. The department co-organized the 4th Annual Award Banquet for the Best Design and Co-op Report in the Department. The department selected three adjunct professors in the areas of environmental engineering (Texas A&M), polymer engineering (University of Waterloo) and Thermodynamics (Rice University).

    23. The department established a new Engineering Graphics Laboratory. Structural Analysis Laboratory has been fully upgraded and instrumented. Civil Engineering

    24. Civil Engineering The Department offered 12 courses to teach and train Highway Engineers across the Kingdom. "Superior performing Mixes Superpave". NDT (Non-Destructible Testing) Laboratory has been acquired to meet the current demand in NDT testing.

    25. Establishment of the Scientific Society of Saudi electrical engineers. 200 engineers joined the society. Organization of the 11th IEEE meeting on 13-14 April, 2004. Five hundred people participated in the meeting and 17 papers were presented.

    26. Electrical Engineering The department established an industrial advisory committee to promote cooperation with the industry. Several labs in the department have been computerized and upgraded with new equipment.

    27. Several EE Faculty Members were selected as Associate Editors for International Journals as well as Members of the Technical Committees of International Conferences.

    28. Electrical Engineering Dr. Asrar Shaikh: Was elected fellow of IEEE, the only fellow in Saudi Arabia. Published a book titled Wireless Communications: Theory & Techniques, published by Kluwer Academics.

    29. Mechanical Engineering The ME advisory committee met several times. Restructuring of courses in module form was started to enable participation of industry in teaching ME courses

    30. Mechanical Engineering Several ME Faculty Members were selected as Associate Editors for International Journals as well as Members of the Technical Committees of International Conferences.

    31. The department organized a technical exchange meeting with Schlumberger and the Centre for Petroleum & Minerals on December 2003. The Department of Petroleum Engineerings and centre for Pet & Minerals jointly organized the 2nd annual KFUPM-Aramco research review workshop on May 4, 2004. Petroleum Engineering

    32. The department offered a 10 module training program for Saudi Aramco Engineers. PETE PC lab has bee upgraded with new PCs and a new server. Petroleum Engineering

    33. Dr. Mohammad Aggour published a book titled: petroleum and gas field processing, Marcel Dekker, NY, 2003. Several PETE Faculty Members were selected as Associate Editors for International Journals. Petroleum Engineering

    34. Long and Short Term Strategies of the College

    35. Short Term Objectives of the College

    36. Improvement in Teaching Emphasis of Course Projects & Seminars to improve Students Communication Skills Use of experienced and qualified industrial experts in teaching some of the senior and graduate courses.

    37. Re-training of technical support staff. Engineering labs will be upgraded and equipped. Encouragement of faculty to visit the students at the COOP training locations. Company supervisors should be invited and hosted for a meeting at KFUPM. Improvement in Teaching (Contd.)

    38. Improvement in Teaching (Contd.) Faculty placement with industry through summer assignments and other arrangements. Establishment of a training program for recent PhD graduates, Graduate Assistants, Lecturers and Research Assistants

    39. Improvement in Research Creation of Centers of Excellence in certain areas by recruiting highly specialized faculty for the job. Review and update the financial package for graduate students.

    40. Improvement in Research (Contd.) Simplify the process of recruiting RA. Establish More Endowment Chair Professorships.

    41. Long-Term Objectives of the College

    42. Enhance cooperation with the industry in training and research. Direct research towards serving National needs. Long-Term Strategies

    43. Collaborate with International Reputable Institutions in teaching, research and faculty development. Develop specialized sub-programs that have the potential of growing into separate departments in the future. Long-Term Strategies

    44. H.E. The Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Sultan

    46. Recipients of the University Excellence in Research Awards Dr. Shahzada Z. Shuja Dr. Basel Abu-Sharkh Dr. Naser Al-Shayea ME CHE CE

    47. Recipients of the University Excellence in Teaching Awards Dr. Ahmad Al-Qarni Dr. Youssef Abdel-Magid

    48. Recipients of the University Patent Awards Dr. Ahmad Al-Qarni Dr. Mohammad Abul-Hamayel

    49. Winners of the College of Engineering Research Awards

    50. Winners of the college of engineering teaching awards

    51. College of Engineering Science Short Course Award

    52. College of Engineering Science Funded Projects Award Dr. Ibrahim El-Amin, EE Dr. Sayed Said, ME Dr. Mohammad Aggour, PETE

    53. College of Engineering Science Department Service Award AE Mr. Ahmad Jamal Mr. Ayman Abdallah CHE Dr. Kevin Loughlin Dr. Nadhir Baghli Dr. Ramazan Kahraman CE Dr. Husain Al-Gahtani

    54. College of Engineering Sciences Department Service Award EE Dr. Munir Al-Absi Dr. Saud Al-Semari Dr. Abdulah Al-Ahmari ME Dr. Zafarullah Khan Dr. Iyad Al-Zaharnah PETE Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Majid

    55. College of Engineering Sciences Staff Service Award AE Mr. Jovencio Trinidad Mr. Essa Al-Dossary CHE Mr. Riasat Khan Mr. Romeo Capreso CE Mr. Muhammad Saleem

    56. College of Engineering Sciences Staff Service Award EE Mr. Shamsu ur-Rahman Jan Mr. Farazi Mr. Qusay Al Gheriyafi ME Mr. Saleh Al-Abbas Mr. Ahmad Abdrabulnabi PETE Mr. Ali Al-Sheikh Mr. AbdulSamad Iddrisu CES Hussein Dhaif Abdullah Al-Abdallah

    57. College of Engineering Sciences Sports Award Dr. Faleh Al-Suleiman Dr. Habib Zughbi Dr. Mahmoud Kassas

    58. Leaving Faculty

    59. Dr. Ashraf Fatehi, CHE Dr. Ashi Ishaq, CE Dr. Mehmet Pakdemirli, ME Dr. Gareth Davies, ME Professor Mohamed Aggour, PETE

    60. CES Outstanding Student Award Salman Al-Fifi, AE Mohammad Al-Nuwaiser, AE Fahad Sayer Al-Mutairi, CHE Muhammad Ba-Saffar, CHE Amro Al-Tamimi, EE Faisal Adnan Sabir, EE Muhammad Abdullah Ba-Hattab, ME Adeil Muhammad Ahmad Al-Ghamdi, ME Muhammad I. Al-Kharashi, PETE Husain A. Al-Imran, PETE

    61. Members of the CES Special Functions Committee

    62. Activities of The Special Functions Committee Organizing sports activities for the college: Volleyball, basketball and football. Coordinating the college teams in the Rectors cup competitions: Finalist in volleyball (Final on Wednesday) 1st place in basketball 2nd place in Tennis 2nd place in squash Organizing the welcome party. Organizing the end of year party and awards.

    63. Thanks To H. E. The Rector Dr. Kalid Al-Sultan for his guidance and support to the college. To members of the Industrial Advisory Committees of all departments. To those who supported the continuing education and research activities of the college.

    64. Thank you