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VRSpace Presentation Scenario 1: User Collaboration or 'An Evening At Home‘ B ased on scenario from Living Worlds Draft 2 specification by Web3D Consortium Scene 1

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vrspace presentation

VRSpace Presentation

Scenario 1: User Collaborationor 'An Evening At Home‘

Based on scenario from Living WorldsDraft 2specification byWeb3D Consortium

scene 1
Scene 1
  • Art sits alone "at home" in his recently redecorated virtual living room.The new"etchings“on the living room walls are courtesy of amuseumin London, whose subscription service automaticallupdates Art's art every Friday afternoon.
scene 2
Scene 2
  • There is a knock at the door: Betty and Chuck have come by for a visit. Sitting at her desk in Chicago, Betty clicks her mouse, knocking on Art's door.
scene 3
Scene 3
  • Betty hasa custom avatar whichshe built herself, using the new Acme Avatar Builder.
scene 4
Scene 4
  • An animated discussion ensues (in at least two senses). While Art and Betty typechat-style messages to one another, Chuck makesfaces and maintainsa constant verbal voiceover on their spelling and style - comments only Art can hear, since Betty's machine has no speakers.
scene 5
Scene 5
  • Chuck has brought his "Virtual Monopoly" set, which uses the new Zapp-O Digital Dice, certified by VeriPlay (an independent testing organization) to produce a statistically random "roll“.
scene 6
Scene 6
  • The game has two different modes of play: in addition to the familiar board-and-pieces mode, which prevents players from moving out of turn and always moves them the right number of steps in the right direction, there is also an ‘immersive’ mode, in which the players shrink down so that the houses and hotels on the board seem life-size.
scene 7
Scene 7
  • To clarify a point, Art draws a figure on his virtual whiteboard. Both Betty and Chuck can see what he draws, but Betty can also edit the drawing, since her PC has the specialpen-pad hardware requiredby the whiteboard application.
so how does it work
So, how does it work?
  • 1 - Java2 -Database3 - Web server4, 5 - Web client6 - Robots7 - Sponsors

3D Art

Arni Barisic, http://www.vrspace.org/~arni/

mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II, http://philliphansel.com/

Josip Almasi, http://www.purger.com/~joe/

rev. Bob Crispen, http://home.hiwaay.net/~crispen/

Boris Marinko, http://www.vrspace.org/~boris/

Zlatomir Zarkov, http://www.vrspace.org/~zzarkov/

Slaven Katic, Slaven.Katic@hrt.hr


Josip Almasi, http://www.purger.com/~joe/

Alejandro P. Revilla, http://www.jpos.org/

Nenad Iljadica, http://www.vrspace.org/~eddie/

James Holmes, http://www.free-schooling.org/

Johannes Johansen & Michael st. Hippolyte,http://www.trapezium.com/

Arthur Do, http://www.do.org/

... and many others.