the war of worldcraft l.
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The War of Worldcraft:

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The War of Worldcraft: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The War of Worldcraft:. Crafting a MMORPG from the Top Down. When the World was Young… (RTS Development). Orcs & Humans, baby… Races/Cultures were initially based on design need (units) Unit function and kit informed how the world was built . Unit color is everything…

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the war of worldcraft

The War of Worldcraft:

Crafting a MMORPG from the Top Down

when the world was young rts development
When the World was Young…(RTS Development)
  • Orcs & Humans, baby…
  • Races/Cultures were initially based

on design need (units)

  • Unit function and kit informed how

the world was built

Unit color is everything…
  • Based on race design, the

geographical flow was linear

(Azeroth > Khaz Modan > Lordaeron)

when the world came of age
When the World Came of Age…
  • Story drives world design

(Vindication, baby…)

  • RPG elements demand a

more ‘evident’ world

(Focused tilesets/ set pieces)

  • Geographical flow was more organic
  • – defined by cultures

(Kalimdor > Northrend > Outland)

Staying relevant

- spinning the archetypes

when the world blew up and out
When the World Blew Up… and Out!
  • Re-envisioning the world from

the inside out

  • (expansionistic design – player


  • Handcrafted world - leave no

stone unturned

  • Immersion is critical
Story and quests
  • Letting history do the work…
  • Don’t bury the poor kids!
maintaining the fantasy
Maintaining the Fantasy
  • Tech vs, magic – How far do you go?
  • Firearms, Tanks,


Burning Crusade – romping through

the astral plane…

  • High fantasy technologies, cosmic

themes, ‘spaceships’…

pop goes the culture
Pop Goes the Culture
  • Pop References - how much is

too much?

  • Keep it in the background…
sharing the vision

Sharing the Vision

“Atlas is screwed “ OR “No man is an instanced island…”

Individual ownership is critical

Cohesion comes through constant communication and collective belief