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The Natural Home

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The Natural Home. Working With What You’ve Got. What is Natural/Green Building? Current Definitions:. Buildings made from natural materials (earth, straw, clay, stone) and/or recycled materials Superinsulated systems (ICFs, AAC, SIPs) Super energy efficient systems

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The Natural Home

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the natural home

The Natural Home

Working With What You’ve Got

what is natural green building current definitions
What is Natural/Green Building?Current Definitions:
  • Buildings made from natural materials (earth, straw, clay, stone) and/or recycled materials
  • Superinsulated systems (ICFs, AAC, SIPs)
  • Super energy efficient systems
  • Building with few toxic chemicals and/or synthetic mateirals
  • Buildings that use alternative sources of energy
  • Super-durable structures & components

Green Building: A combination of design elements and materials that take into account the impact of a building on its surroundings and inhabitants.

Whole Picture Includes:

  • Earth
  • Human Health
  • Energy (embodied & ongoing use)
  • Availability of materials
  • Budget
  • Skills
  • Aesthetics
  • Other Values
plan in accordance with your values
Plan in accordance with your values

Make a list of green values in order of importance to you. Use this list when making decisions about your project.

green aspects of remodeling retrofitting
Green Aspects of Remodeling/Retrofitting
  • Much embodied energy already spent (foundation, structure)
  • Materials can be re-used
  • Site has already been disturbed and (possibly) restored
challenges of existing homes in silver city area
Challenges of existing homes in Silver City area
  • Under-insulated
  • Single-pane windows
  • Little regard for solar orientation
  • Small size
  • Generally outdated
a green project needs a green budget
Be Realistic!

Plan on $20-$100/sf depending on use of space, + 12-20% contingency

Include funds for special, beautiful elements

Green building has more costs up-front, less cost long-term

Quality Materials: Do-it-once

Alternative Energy? Do your pay-back math.

A Green Project Needs a Green Budget
determine your priorities and needs
Determine your priorities and needs
  • Occupant Health (non-toxic, non-emitting materials)
  • Energy Efficiency (tight envelope)
  • Natural Materials (earth, straw, stone, wood)
  • Consider relationships between priorities
solutions for staying within budget
Solutions for staying within Budget
  • Consider YOUR needs, not the next owner’s
  • Design multi-purpose spaces
  • Shift use with the seasons
  • Practice resource conservation
super cheap heat cool
Super-cheap Heat & Cool
  • Basic Principle: Let sun in or keep sun out
    • Use shade cloth in summer (without replacing windows)
    • Trap cool air in summer
    • Clay plaster adds thermal mass to any wall
  • Alternative heat sources--our climate is well suited for efficient wood & pellet stoves
do it yourself
  • Don’t underestimate the power of resurfacing
  • Paint, plaster, refinish floors
  • Your labor will help you afford better materials
resurfacing cont d using what you have
Resurfacing, cont’d:Using what you have
  • Keep material out of the landfill
  • Save money by making what you’ve got into something you love!
reuse existing elements of home
Reuse existing elements of home
  • Especially wood, concrete, stone
  • Re-Store is a good source for other items
  • Great DIY activities
think small er
Think small(er)
  • Smaller spaces cost less total and use less resources
  • Augment small indoor spaces with outdoor space
  • Outdoor spaces cost less
  • Create habitat to offset building
  • Grow food for inhabitants
your green home
Your Green Home
  • View your remodel as a process--do things right, do them once, do what you love
  • Make energy efficiency upgrades, but also find solutions in the meantime
  • Use our climate to your advantage--extend your living space, interact with your home to keep it comfortable.