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SolaReactor™ PECVD ARC System PowerPoint Presentation
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SolaReactor™ PECVD ARC System

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SolaReactor™ PECVD ARC System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SolaReactor™ PECVD ARC System. Anti-Reflective Film Deposition System. 1. Introduction.

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SolaReactor™ PECVD ARC System


Film Deposition System




The SolaReactor™ ARC System is a leading edge technology Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) reactor designed to optimize throughput and enhance cell efficiency in the production of photovoltaic films on solar cells.

  • Produces greater yields and higher reflective value films than atmospheric TiNitride processes
  • Capability for depositing a dual refractive index nitride film (process included) producing one of the most efficient A/R coatings available
  • Incorporates proven technologies used in the solar and semiconductor industries for more than 40 years
  • Can be configured to include POCl3 deposition and PECVD processes in the same frame
  • High production volume—capability for processing more than 27,600150/156mm sq. substrates per 24-hour shift for each system



SolaReactor Features

  • Product versatility—up to 300mm diameter/diagonalsubstrates
  • May be configured as a stand-alone or thru-the-wall system
  • Offered in left-hand or right-hand configurations
  • Microprocessor controlled operation, with manual backup
  • Windows® based HOST computer with keyboard/mouse controls (touch screen monitor available)
  • Independent microprocessor controls per tube level
  • Load station with elevator and cooling station
  • Includes wheeled parallel plate wafer boats with unique self-cleaning contacts and exclusive Shadowless™ substrate support buttonswhich leave no “shadow” on the substrate during the deposition of the ARC layer



More Features

  • Loader design requires no realignment between substrate sizes
  • Self-cleaning RF electrode design
  • Pulsed 450 KHz RF power for uniform deposition over entire boat length
  • Variable pulse duration RF power allows optimizing ARC film characteristics
  • The reactor tube liner promotes a cleaner reaction environment. The quartz outer tube maintains vacuum integrity while the quartz liner is easily removed for cleaning through the source end of the furnace, without breaking the vacuum seal
  • Simple installation—system may be qualified in as little as two days
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Local and factory support for maximum uptime



HighProduction Volume

  • Designed specifically for the Solar Industry
  • Each parallel plate boat accommodates up to 144150/156mm square substrates per run
  • Typical 30-minute deposition cycle
  • High throughput, based on 192 runs per 24-hour day
  • Processes either poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline substrates
  • Deposited/un-deposited substrate boats exchanged in <10 seconds
  • Large substrate capacity and 24/7 operation provide very high production volume — more than 10 million substrates per year for each system



Product Versatility

  • Reaction chamber accommodates any shape ofsubstrate — circular, square or rectangular
  • Tool-less interchangeable boat capability for 150mm or 200mm dia./diagonal substrates—no realignment of loader required
  • System may be configured to include both PECVD ARC Nitride and POCl3 deposition for production of layered solar cells
  • Systems offered for production of up to 300mm dia./diagonal substrates
  • Systems may be configured to include additional gases (BCl3, B2H6, PH3, etc.) for expanded process capability



Unique Construction

  • May be configured as a left-hand or right-hand model
  • Offered in a stand-alone or thru-the-wall configuration
  • Controls may be mounted on the system, on a roll-around cart or on the clean room wall
  • Low overall height 90"(228cm) allows system to be shipped by air if required
  • Small footprint:
  • With load stationWithout load station
  • 48.75ft2 – 4.53m2 31.25ft2 – 2.9m2
  • (Dimensions do not include vacuum pumps)



Easy Operation

  • Operation is fully controlled by per-tube microprocessor unit
  • Industry-proven HOST computer included with each system
  • System can be operated manually should there be a computer malfunction
  • Load station with elevator and cooling station
  • Substrate boat loader design accurately aligns RF electrodes
  • • Low-temperature (400ºC) operation protects substrates while optimizing plasma adhesion
  • Low-temperature operation eliminates need for temperature ramp-up/down
  • • No tools required for tube liner exchange
  • • Unique boat design allows different sized substrates to be processed in same boat



Simple Installation

  • Low system height allows air shipment if required
  • Easy match to local power source—system can be supplied with transformer for virtually any specified power source
  • Optional multi-tap transformer facilitates relocating system from one power source level to another
  • Furnace and load station pin-aligned for easy and accurate assembly
  • Gas cabinet is exhausted for removal of fumes and heat
  • Water-to-air heat exchanger minimizes effect on HVAC
  • Moderate cooling requirement—2 to 3 gallons of water per minute
  • Standard compression fittings used for connecting water-to-air heat exchanger



Minimal Maintenance

  • High uptime — typical 98% uptime in 24/7 operation
  • Scheduled maintenance to clean plasma film from tube liner and cantilever paddle may be performed off line after tool-less removal from system
  • Process tube or liner can be removed through front of system
  • Low temperature operation means long element life
  • System is available with optional wet (oil) pump or dry pump vacuum pump systems.
  • Air-operated valves isolate pressure manometers during deposition, eliminating film deposits which affect gauge accuracy and life
  • Quartz liner eliminates deposits on reactor tube
  • Self-cleaning RF contacts ensure programmed power transference to substrate boat for repeatable film processing
  • Water-cooled process tube flanges extend O-ring seal life




  • A Facilities Installation Guide detailing facilities requirements and connections is supplied prior to system shipment
  • The customer may source inspect the system prior to shipment
  • Optional Start-Up Assistance program available
  • Local factory-trained service engineers provide 24/7 support of equipment
  • Production-sensitive replacement parts stocked at factory and specific distributor sites




  • Designed specifically for the Solar Industry
  • Processes either poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline substrates
  • Large substrate capacity and 24/7 operation provides very high production volume — more than 10 million substrates per year for each system
  • Unique construction adapts to different production requirements
  • Can be configured to include POCl3 deposition and PECVD processes in the same frame
  • Simple, quick installation with high uptime in 24/7 operation
  • Includes wheeled parallel plate wafer boats with unique self-cleaning contacts and exclusive Shadowless™ substrate support buttons
  • All system technology is industry-proven



ProTemp Products World-wide Support

  • • Factory trained service engineers are located in Santa Clara and Los Angeles, CA,
  • Wuxi, Shanghai and Beijing, China and Hsinchu, Taiwan, providing 24/7 support
  • of equipment
  • Start-Up Assistance programs available
  • Specific production-sensitive replacement parts stocked at our Santa Clara, CA and Wuxi, China facilities and certain local distributor sites

ProTemp Products, Inc. (USA)870 Aldo AvenueSanta Clara, CA 95054 USA

Tel. (408) 855-8222; Fax (408) 855-8224


ProTemp (Wuxi) Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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