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ROLE FUNCTION MODE. ROY MODEL. Roy, C. & Andrews, H.A. (1999). The Roy Adaptation Model. (2nd. ed.). Norwalk, Conn: Appleton & Lange. Chapter 15 . ROLES. Roles are functioning unit of society Role Partners Role Expectations. ROLE FUNCTION MODE. Need for Social Integrity. Primary Role .

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Roy, C. & Andrews, H.A. (1999). The Roy Adaptation Model. (2nd. ed.). Norwalk, Conn: Appleton & Lange.
  • Chapter 15
  • Roles are functioning unit of society
  • Role Partners
  • Role Expectations
role function mode4

Need for Social Integrity

primary role
Primary Role
  • Determines majority of behaviors
  • Determined by age, sex, & developmental stage
secondary roles
Secondary Roles
  • Assumed because they relate to developmental stage and primary role.
  • Achieved positions
  • Stable but may change over time.
tertiary roles
Tertiary Roles
  • Related to secondary roles
  • Represent ways to meet role-associated requirements
tertiary roles8
Tertiary Roles
  • Temporary
  • Freely chosen
  • Identify your primary, secondary, and tertiary roles.
role function mode10
Role Function Mode
  • Instrumental Behaviors
  • Expressive Behaviors
instrumental behaviors
Instrumental Behaviors
  • Goal oriented
  • Performed as part of role
  • Goal of Role Mastery
instrumental behaviors12
Instrumental Behaviors
  • Usually physical action
  • Long-term orientation
expressive behaviors
Expressive Behaviors
  • Feelings and Attitudes about role & performance
  • Goal is direct or immediate feedback
expressive behaviors14
Expressive Behaviors
  • Emotional
  • Result from interactions
requirements of role behavior
Requirements of Role Behavior
  • Consumer--Who
  • Reward--What
  • Assess to facilities/Set of circumstances
  • Cooperation/collaboration
requirements of role behavior16
Requirements of Role Behavior
  • Identify requirements of role behavior for a nursing student. Go through each of the four requirements with the group at your table.
assessment of behavior
Assessment of Behavior
  • Identify age and primary role.
  • Identify secondary and tertiary roles & their relative importance.
assessment of behavior18
Assessment of Behavior
  • Determine instrumental and expressive behaviors for each role along with the “Requirements of the Role Behavior”.
other stimuli influence role behavior
Other Stimuli influence Role Behavior
  • Social Norms
  • Physical make-up and age
  • Individual self-concept
other stimuli influence role behavior20
Other Stimuli influence Role Behavior
  • Role models
  • Knowledge of Expected Behaviors
  • Physical and/or emotion well-being
other stimuli influence role behavior21
Other Stimuli influence Role Behavior
  • Performance of other roles
nursing diagnoses
Nursing Diagnoses
  • Major Problems
    • Role Transition
    • Role Distance
    • Role Conflict
nursing diagnoses23
Nursing Diagnoses
  • Knowledge Deficit related to parenting
  • Lack of parental attachment behavior
  • Role transition to new occupation
nursing diagnoses24
Nursing Diagnoses
  • Inter-Role Conflict: Career and parenting due to first newborn
  • Diversional Activity Deficit: