private exchanges com a private e trading platform l.
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Private-Exchanges: A private e-Trading Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Private-Exchanges: A private e-Trading Platform

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Private-Exchanges: A private e-Trading Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on A private e-Trading Platform. Why can provide your own fully branded e-Trading platform and has the support of Capital Partners Group to ensure its viability and success.

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why private exchanges com
Why can provide your own fully branded e-Trading platform and has the support of Capital Partners Group to ensure its viability and success.

  • can provide your own Private and fully customised Exchange for trading of financial and other instruments.
  • Capital Partners Group (a Venture Capital and Investment Banking firm) provides financial and managerial support to ensure its viability and success.
  • controls its technology and therefore does not depend on external partners to implement its solutions.
  • has a management team constituted by highly experienced professional including former Investment Bankers, former Strategy Consultants and experts in Marketing.

© 2002

why private exchanges com3
Why’s key differentiation factors are based on its: People, Services, Technology and Pricing.

  • People: brings to its clients a highly professional team to ensure the success of the transactions. Our aim is to build a long term relationship where clients can clearly measure the value added to them. Our people also includes Capital Partners Group and our Strategic Partners.
  • Services: Understanding and attending our clients’ needs are our key priorities. Clients can have access to a broader array of services including our platform for trading of bonds, foreign exchange, commodities and other instruments.
  • Technology: We provide the latest and most advance technology to ensure our clients have access to their customised platform in a secure and private environment.
  • Pricing: has confidence on its solutions and it can provide aggressive and innovative pricing options.

© 2002

why private exchanges com4

People: combines different group of talents including its own staff, support from Capital Partners’ Directors and its Strategic Partners.

  • Senior Staff:’s team includes former Directors from well known retailers and manufacturers as well as highly seasoned business people. They are committed to maximize our clients’ satisfaction and value for money.
  • Capital Partners Support: Some of Capital Partners’ Directors will have a direct involvement in this venture to ensure its success.
  • Strategic Partners: has several strategic partners in Europe and the US that provide complementary services to ensure we can cover most of our clients’ needs

© 2002

why private exchanges com5

  • People: Capital Partners Group Ltd is a Venture Capital and Investment Banking firm formed by Capital Partners Europe Ltd ( and by Capital Partners America LLC (
  • Capital Partners Europe Ltd is the European subsidiary of Capital Partners Group Ltd (also with offices in the US through Capital Partners America LLC)
  • Capital Partners Europe Ltd is specialized in Venture Capital and Investments in mixed (internal and external) projects. A sample of some of our backed ventures is shown below:®///

Internet Telephony

© 2002

why private exchanges com6

People: Capital Partners’ Corporate Advisory Division provides strategic advice leveraging its own online tools.

Online File Storage (Data room)

Task Manager


Premium Research

Online web-meetings

Protected and secure working area (intranet)

© 2002

why private exchanges com7

Services: offers modular services (where clients decide which modules they need) within a “one stop shop” concept.

Although our focus in is on assisting our clients around the transaction, we could also assist in other stages of the process jointly with our Strategic Partners.

© 2002

why private exchanges com8

Services: Our trading platform is a secure and private platform where only invited firms can have access.

Protected Area (only for clients and a password is required)

Trading Engine

(with demo)

© 2002

why private exchanges com9

Services: Clients can also gain access to our online tools (supported by Capital Partners) to maximize the trading experience.

Tracking Tool


Intranet (protected) to store document and for communications with Brokers-Dealers

Virtual meetings with Brokers-Dealers

© 2002

why private exchanges com10

CPG Forex Trading



Services: The platform can be fully tailored to our clients needs. For example, we can add the Corporate identity and additional functions required by the client.

© 2002

why private exchanges com11

Technology: has total control of the platform and the software code and it does not depend on external technology partners ensuring a faultless implementation and execution.

  • has 100% total control of the software code and it does not depend on external partners for its implementation.
  • This tool was developed in Perl (the software language) which ensures compatibility with most servers and standard browsers.
  • Our hosting options are always focused on high quality, high performance and highly reliable hosting partners.
  • As we control the software code of this platform, we can make adaptations (within certain limits) to fulfill our clients needs.

© 2002

why private exchanges com12

Pricing: can offer its clients with flexible and aggressive pricing options.

  • has strong confidence on its solutions and it can take the risk of sharing the transactional charges with our clients.
  • As part of our aggressive pricing policies, intends to be (in prices or fees structure) “always” below our competitors. If our offer is not favorable enough, we will make you a better offer in comparison of our competitors’ offers.

© 2002