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PATHpoints ’08-’09. PATHpoints : Simple As A-B-C. Definition: VEHI PATHpoints is an employee wellness program that allows staff to earn “Points” for participating in VEHI sponsored Health Promotion services.

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pathpoints simple as a b c
PATHpoints: Simple As A-B-C
  • Definition: VEHI PATHpoints is an employee wellness program that allows staff to earn “Points” for participating in VEHI sponsored Health Promotion services.
  • Points:Points are worth money. At the end of the school year, members with Points will get a cash reward.
  • Matching funds for School Districts:Participating school districts will receive the same amount of dollars as the members. This money must be used for school health.

© 2008 VEHI PATH n 2 Prospect St., Suite 5 n Montpelier, VT 05602 n802-223-5040


The VEHI PATH Care Model

  • Support:
    • Nurse Coaching – Working with Chronic Conditions

Annual PATH Adventure (Inspiration & Ritual):

Goal Tracking Tools


Peer Coaching


PATH Calendar & other print material


Work/Life Counseling



Life Survey


Lifestyle Coaching


Lifestyle Management Coaches

INVEST EAP Counselors


Create a VEHI PATH Account (If haven’t already)

Your personal account “dashboard” will look similar to this

Here is where it all happens!

Go to


REGISTER for the New

10-Week PATH Adventure

Don’t forget, you have to REGISTER each year for this program between November and mid- December even if you already have a PATH account…

How else will we know what T-shirt size you want?


Tracking Progress All Year Long


Building a Sense of Belonging


Peer Coaches Course

Putting structure around how we help each other allows us to stay loyal to the plan we each set for achieving our goals.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!






Peer Coaches Syllabus

  • Learning Objectives
  • Wellness & Why Peer Support Works
  • Defining the Peer Coach’s Role
  • Establishing Mutual Trust & Openness
  • Six Functions of Peer Support
    • 1. Setting Goals
    • 2. Identifying Good Role Models
    • 3. Eliminating Barriers
    • 4. Locating Supportive Environments
    • 5. Working Through Relapse
    • 6. Celebrating Success
  • Next Steps
Some Ways To Earn PATHpoints:
  • Online Healthy Life Survey(deadline Feb. 28, 2009) 50 pts
  • Annual PATH Adventure 50 pts max

Must Register by Mid-December

3 pts/wk + 10 pts to register & 10 pts for finishing

  • PATH Calendar Puzzlers(5 pts/month) 60 pts max
  • Healthways Lifestyle Management Coaching 50 pts

Must qualify and opt in to receive calls

  • Working with an INVEST EAP Counselor 50 pts
  • Online Peer Coaching Course 50 pts
  • Blue Health Solutions 50 pts

VEHI BCBSVT Disease Management or Better Beginnings

Note: You must be a VEHI BCBSVT subscriber and you must qualify

© 2008 VEHI PATH n 2 Prospect St., Suite 5 n Montpelier, VT 05602 n802-223-5040 n


VEHI PATHpoints Care Model

50 points

50 points

50 points max

60 points max

50 points

50 points

50 points

pathpoints dollars
PATHpoints = Dollars

Checks to individuals are awarded as follows:

Level I: 50-99 points = $50*

Level II: 100-149 points = $100

Level III: 150 + points = $150**

** 150 points is the maximum anyone can earn. * Money will be awarded only in $50 increments

pathpoints dollars20
PATHpoints = Dollars

Matching Fund Checks:

Every dollar made by an employee is matched & given to the SU/SD at year end to build healthy school worksites.

The intent of this money is to help keep the workplace culture and environment healthy. Therefore the building doesn’t undermine what the individual works so hard to accomplish with respect to wellness.



Planned Action toward Health

Making the Case for Wellness in the Workplace

© 2008 PATH n 1 Prospect St., Suite 5 n Montpelier, VT 05602 n802-223-1207 n





% Health Care Costs

4 hrs


3.5 hrs


5.5 hrs



5.5 hrs

3 hrs

5 hrs

6 hrs

4 hrs

4 hrs



Lost hrs per day

Lost hrs per week

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 1995-2005; Additional sources include: Summex Corp (now part of WebMD and PubMed), the Univ. of Michigan HMRC and the H.E.R.O study research.


Percent of Americans With Risk Factors

And Quality Years Added to Life When Reduced

7-14 yrs

12 yrs

6-10 yrs

Up to 10 yrs

10 yrs

2-10 yrs

6-7 yrs

3-4 yrs

4 yrs

3-4 yrs

2 yrs

2-3 yrs

Frazier et al,Arch Intern Med. 2001;161:1645; Peterson et. al. University of Michigan;; WHO 2006;; National cancer Society;;; Aldana, Steve – The Culprit and the Cure;