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Web Marketing for Smarties

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Web Marketing for Smarties - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Marketing for Smarties. Malena Lott ATHENA Institute. Intro. Once upon a love story Livin’ in the wild, wild web Success stories. Why web marketing?. Online spending and time are both UP Free to “publish” Ability to add credentials and legitimacy to you and your company

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Web Marketing for Smarties

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    1. Web Marketing for Smarties Malena Lott ATHENA Institute

    2. Intro • Once upon a love story • Livin’ in the wild, wild web • Success stories

    3. Why web marketing? • Online spending and time are both UP • Free to “publish” • Ability to add credentials and legitimacy to you and your company • Ability to connect with people around the world • Grow your inner circle • HOW DO YOU SPEND TIME ON THE WEB?

    4. MALENA’S HUMBLE OPINION • Web is a better place to CONNECT than to MARKET • Web is a better place to COMMUNICATE than to ADVERTISE • Web is a better place for FEEDBACK than SALES • Web marketing is a mind-set. Mantra: I will use the web for good and not evil. Or something like that. (Eat SPAM. Don’t send it.)

    5. What every biz needs on web • Rockin’ web site • At least two forms of social media • Fresh content (weekly is fine) • At least one online group or forum

    6. What is a Rockin’ Web Site • Home page makes a great first impression. Makes you want to “walk through the door” I.e. click appeal • Crisp, clear, creative. NO CLUTTER. • Great copy - engaging, efficient, entertaining • Answers the “what’s in it for me?” for reader • Great photography - stock photos are fine, but they must be relevant and have a “theme” • Easy to navigate - fewer pages the better • Think quality, not quantity • Contact info on home page • Update content weekly - at minimum Monthly. Would you go a month without shaving? Me thinks not.

    7. Rockin’ Web Site: ADVANCED • Web videos • Blog • Links from home page to social media

    8. Are you plugged in? • Twitter.com • Facebook.com • LinkedIn.com • Blogs & Vlogs • YouTube.com

    9. Secrets of SM Success • You can’t fake it. Either network like a champ or don’t do it at all. • Make it a daily practice. Like brushing your teeth. (2x daily is even better!) • Engage in convo, don’t vomit info. • Links are fine, but don’t make it ALL you do. • Be creative quickly. 140 characters isn’t much. • Understand people have preferences. Not everyone uses ALL services.

    10. Secrets of SM cont. • Follow back if they are in your geography, target market, industry or simply because you like them! • Twitter: what the hell is a # (hashtag) • Only host a contest if it’s a GOOD prize • Only host a tweet-up if it will blow all other tweet-ups away • Read feeds & learn from others who are doing SM well • Frequency of message still matters, but can’t be a broken record

    11. What I LOVE • Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com) can schedule tweets for later and post to different SM accounts • Twitter chats (with the hashtag) - find them in your industry and local ones • The people behind the “handles” are a mystery. Treat them all with respect. They could be your next big client, referral source or best friend! • Groups & fan pages on FB. Remember you must have a private account to start a group or biz page. Don’t host one unless you work it daily. The “groups” provide an embedded e-newsletter functionality. • Word-of-mouth & buzz

    12. What I Don’t Love • People or businesses who send messages out more than once a week via the “groups” • People who write on your FB wall with promo crap • People who never respond to @replies or DMs on Twitter • People who don’t understand Netiquette

    13. Blogs & Vlogs • Check out Okieblogawards.blogspot.com for great Oklahoma blogs and see how they do it. • Have a theme. Concentrate on content and update daily or at minimum weekly. • My pref: Wordpress & iLife (Mac). Others: typepad, eblogger. • Do it because you have info that will benefit others, not because you like to hear yourself talk. • Vlog - don’t do it if you’re not comfortable on camera. Training will help. Do it if you are great on camera, but keep it short. Encourage feedback.

    14. Ads: worth the money? • Banner ads and tile ads work if you make them enticing. Teasers are great. Eye-catching, colorful and bold words. • Placement is key. This requires a media plan to ensure you are going to get hits by the right people who are interested in your product. You’re paying for “eyes.” • If you don’t have a budget, start with doing link swaps with other great blogs.

    15. Web Videos Will continue to grow and one day may dominate “words” on the web. • Nearly ALL BUSINESSES could benefit from adding a video to your web site. Lets them really see who you (your company) is. • Types of videos: • Behind-the-scenes • Intro videos • Testimonial videos • How-to videos • Tours

    16. Emotional Branding is KEY

    17. Brand Creative • Create a STORY. • Make it entertaining. • Make it relevant. • Make it MEMORABLE. What do you want them to FEEL? Zappos! Dove, AXE, SW Airlines, Geiko, Sonic

    18. Brand Identity Checklist on Web • Style • Voice • Talent • Color Palette • Art/graphics • Words

    19. The Big Idea • Brainstorming! The more ideas the better. • Playing. Play with the ideas, explore, experiment. • Do what your competitors are NOT doing. • Leads to Marketing Spiral…

    20. ROI • Google Analytics, Quantcast, compete.com • Keep track, but give it time. Adjust as necessary • ROI in trad media & PR

    21. Stronger Connections • Facebook Fans who will recommend you and be brand loyal. • Twitter Followers who will be your megaphones. • Editors who will call you because you have proven expertise in your field. • Web site that closes the deal before a call is even made. • In-person networking that results in secondary meetings. • Customers who will come to your events & bring their friends. • Customers who will shop you in good times and bad because of your customer service and exceptional reputation and product.

    22. Q&A & Contact • Malenalott@me.com • www.malenalott.com • www.BookEndBabes.com • www.facebook.com/malenalott • www.twitter.com/malenalott • www.twitter.com/BookEndBabes