learning tough english words for gre cat 10 revolutionary ways for full proof learning l.
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Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning

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Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning. By S. Joshi shivgan3@yahoo.com Jan 2011. http://www.freegregmatclass.com/. http://onlineclasses.nanotechbiz.org/ http://www.wiziq.com/shivgan_joshi/classes. Contents of Plan. Existing Problems

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learning tough english words for gre cat 10 revolutionary ways for full proof learning

Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning


S. Joshi


Jan 2011




contents of plan
Contents of Plan
  • Existing Problems
  • Scientific base and backing of the concept
  • Introduction to the 10 pointer for learning words
  • Applicability for various individuals
  • Application with examples
  • Conclusion
  • Future scopes and developments
introduction to the problem
Introduction to the Problem
  • Human minds inherent capability to memorize is limited due to many factors
  • Mind tends to forget things when stress
  • Multiple revision of the words is needed
  • Words accurate meaning tough to learn, only a shade is remembered
  • Limitation of human mind as it creates negative emotions hindering development
  • Depends on individual
  • Some news freak will learn words applicable in news well
  • Some other would prefer using images.google.com
  • Some prefer using them in facebook tag lines
  • Documentaries “The Brain Our Universe Within Episode”
  • Barrons 4000 words, Nova 4000 words, Arun Sharma CAT 4000 words, GMAT 1500 words
science of memorization
Science of Memorization
  • Brain uses threads to capture information
  • The more threat we give the brain the higher chances it that the information is retained
  • Revision makes the ties stronger
  • Therefore it is advisable to give brain many threads to retain the word
10 pointer technique
10 Pointer technique
  • Thesaurus / category using Encarta dictionary (install)
  • Roots, which are mostly from roman, Greek, Latin, italic, Spanish, etc
  • Mnemonics mnemonicdictionary.com
  • Image for reach word images.google.com
  • Recent news of each word to increase your general knowledge as well, using news news.google.com
  • Hindi word for the same / Hebrew word using shabdkosh.com
  • XXX linkages
  • Linking of word to your friend or known person
  • Tag line of the word which you can use to your face book facebook.com, twitter or orkut
  • Linking word to Games and Spirituality and more interesting
  • Tone Guessing (Arpit’s Guest Lecture)
thesaurus category using encarta dictionary
Thesaurus / category using Encarta dictionary
  • Grouping words in vast category
  • Examples of big category
  • Ranking of categorize
  • Various ways to categorize like music, kitchen, party, subjects etc

covert = secret, clandestine, underground, concealed, hidden, furtive, undercover, surreptitious, veiled, hush-hush (informal)

rapture: ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, delight, joy, heaven, elation

vindictive= spiteful, malicious, mean, cruel, hurtful, nasty, unkind, malevolent

Unforgiving: unforgiving, revengeful, rancorous, vengeful, implacable (formal), resentful, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, bitter

Purge: elimination, removal, eradication, expulsion

roots which are mostly from roman greek latin italic etc
Roots, which are mostly from Roman, Greek, Latin, italic etc
  • Most of words are derived from Greek and Roman mythologies which lays the foundation of modern world
  • Example of Prefix: be = over, thoroughly bedaub = smear, befuddle is to confuse somebody; olig = few oligarchy = government by few
  • Idyll= experience of serene happiness [Late 16th century. Via Latin idyllium "pastoral poem" < Greek eidullion "small picture" <eidos "form"]
where did these roots come from
Where did these roots come from
  • All these roots comes from Europe
  • Greek is a over two thousand
  • Romans are around 500 years old
  • Greek Gods
  • Milton's text like Paradise lost
  • Trojan War

vigilant = [15th century. < Latin vigilant-, present participle of vigilare "keep awake" < vigil "awake, alert"]

mnemonics mnemonicdictionary com
Mnemonics mnemonicdictionary.com
  • This works sometimes
  • Example: Panegyric = (Tag: ) pane(pain) + gyric (lyrics) = If someone takes pain and writes lyrics then he will get PRAISED!!!
  • (Tag: ) palpable..divide it like..PALP(SOUNDS LIKE PULP)+ABLE.....after touching the PULP of fruit ITS OBVIOUS THAT every one would be ABLE TO PERCEIVE whether THE FRUIT is fresh or not.
  • Disquisition= its like dis +quisition(means question)......when someone questions u.......u need to give explanations...EX:-enquiry...
  • Hireling = (Tag: hire - ing) When you hire a person, he works only for money.
  • Imbecile = (Tag: ) sounds like IMBALANCE....a person having imbalance in his mind is a stupid person....
image for reach word images google com12
Image for reach word images.google.com




dove (symbol of peace)

recent news using news news google com
Recent news using news news.google.com
  • Recent news of each word to increase your general knowledge as well, using news news.google.com
  • This will increase your knowledge about economics and other areas
hindi word for the same hebrew word using shabdkosh com
Hindi word for the same / Hebrew word using shabdkosh.com
  • Panegyric = v गुणगाथा, गुणगान (m)
  • Throttle= टेंटुआ दबाना, गला घोंटना
  • Tonsure = मुण्डन, मुंडित भाग
  • Ordain= विधिवत् पादरी बनाना
  • Ordnance= तोपखाना (m)
  • Motif = नमूना (m)
  • Not recommended
facebook or orkut or twitter
Facebook or Orkut or Twitter
  • Tag line of the word which you can use to your face book facebook.com
  • Use facebook notes to add the tag lines for future revision
  • How is it sounding?
examples of otiose
Examples of Otiose
  • Otiose: Latin otiosus "at leisure, idle"
  • Category: futile, ineffectual, useless, impractical, ineffective, hopeless

News item:

Duffy, as it may be otiose to relate, is a singer from Wales. Her first album sold a considerable number of copies. Her second finds her in tandem with ...

Mnemonics for otiose(Tag: ) O T use...of trivial use i.e useless....

  • Category: crowd, throng, mass, gang, group, pack (dogs), flock, multitude, host
  • Mid-16th century. Directly or via French and German < Polish horda < Turkish ordu "camp, army“]

(Tag: ) well it sounds like herd......which we know is a term used for a group , so for a crowd of people , its horde

  • 1. islands: a group or chain of islands (often used in place names)
  • 2. sea with islands: an area of sea with many islands
  • द्वीप-समूह (Hindi)
  • instruction, guidance, teaching, coaching, expert hand, wing
  • [Early 17th century. < Latin tutela "guardianship" < tut-, past participle oftueri "watch over"]
  • संरक्षण (m) संरक्षता

(Mnemonics ) TUTELAGE, concentrate on the first part of the word TUTE meaning a kind of TUTOR, who KEEPS A WATCH ON YOU, a GUARDIAN.

  • Parable vs Fable vs Allegory
  • Shades of difference
spirituality words
Spirituality Words
  • The best treatise on how to follow your dharma is the Mahabharata... It's the best case-study world can ever have on dharma..
  • .This story was the last one before kalyuga began....Don't repine, this life gives u infinite options being a human to be as powerful as God...
  • Peroration of all this talk is that only God Shiv can take you out of these pains. Maya tries to somehow peddle & tout you to get in the mayajaal
  • Lord Ram's name is the only parapet you have on earth
  • Jejune life is worthless without God's name chant
  • Your only hospice is God.Empyrean is bhakta-people's company I am just a vassal of God.... and will do so in-spite of all the events that occurs his life will end in a silhouette unless you take God's path. Don't take interlude as your old karmas aren't taking any intermezzo to get to you
spiritual application part 2
Spiritual application Part 2
  • You can anything in gratis but not friendship of bhaktapeopleYour gamin(homeless child) soul requires to parked at God's house
  • Don't have a excursive journey of life, settle at some point to do bhakti in interregnum
  • Each soul gets a human body in kalyuga is the reason of this canailleDon't get in solving the complexities of this insuperable life
  • Penitentiary life
  • Don't let age win  you, you cannot do good in the state of decrepit Eclat is still far away in another dimension
  • Don't grouch or grumble, its your own karmas that controls events of your lifeI am not in homiletics...
  • Don't worry about interlopers
  • Ujjain is the best anchorite
  • The appellation your get are more imp than your name
used in games
Used in Games
  • Words used in games
  • Best games for words
  • Warcraft
  • Age of Mythology
  • Dunegen Nights
601 words you needs to know
601 words you needs to know
  • About the book
  • Categories using genre
  • Same language words
  • Like all words on Greek Gods
  • All words from war based people
  • Style of learning
use wiki
Use Wiki
  • Example of wiki
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_gait
the song with most gre word
The song with most GRE Word
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7W8Cl-whCU
  • James Blunt: Out of my Mind
youtube series
Youtube Series
  • Roots
  • Category
  • 601 Words list
  • High Freq
  • Spiritual Application
  • Images
  • Read better and faster
video series for tougher words 1 5
Video series for tougher words 1-5
  • http://freegregmatclass.com/words/gre_vl1/GRE_vocab_online_class.html
  • http://freegregmatclass.com/words/gre_vl2/GRE_vocab_online_class.html
  • http://freegregmatclass.com/words/gre_vl3/GRE_vocab_online_class.html
  • http://freegregmatclass.com/words/gre_vl4/GRE_vocab_online_class.html
  • http://freegregmatclass.com/words/gre_vl5/GRE_vocab_online_class.html
  • 600 words you need to know
  • GRE Barron’s & Nova (roots & prefix)
  • Arun Sharma CAT verbal (different language)
  • Methodologies to learn words has been explored in much details
  • Example and application are shown
  • Books in this regard are covered