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Helix DNA framework

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Helix DNA framework

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    1. 1 Helix DNA framework Sylvain Gurin Johann Le Bourgocq

    2. 2 Content plan

    3. 3 I Helix DNA - a multimedia framework Software libraries that handles media Sound Video Capture from several external devices (Webam, TV Card...)? And even more Possibility to add support for new formats Usable in many applications

    4. 4 II Helix DNA Framework Presentation (1/2)? Created by Realnetworks leadership in media streaming Parts of Realnetworks technologies released as open source software Provides multimedia and streaming features Multiplatform Written in assembly, C and C++

    5. 5 Helix DNA Framework Presentation (2/2)? Available under 2 licences RealNetworks Public Source Licence (RPSL) ~ GPL (free open source licence)? RealNetworks Community Source Licence (RCSL) (commercial licence) RealAudio et RealVideo kept closed

    6. 6 III Helix Community Shared space for developpment Downloading, testing, using, extend Helix provide free support for developers professional support for licensed customers all tools and utilities necessary for development and use of Helix systems

    7. 7 Helix DNA (1/2)? build in 3 packages Helix Producer Helix DNA Server Helix DNA Client provide end-to-end technology for multi-media creation, delivery, and playback over the Internet.

    8. 8 Helix DNA (2/2)?

    9. 9 Helix DNA Producer (1/3)? multi-format media-encoding engine for creating streaming broadcasts Possibility to choose the bit rate (from 56k to dvd quality) according to the bandwitch Provide the multimedia file to the server

    10. 10 Helix DNA Producer (2/3)? Supported input : Live audio and video capture devices Uncompressed Wav, QuickTime, AVI NeXT Sound files Sun audio files AIFF files Windows only: Compressed AVI, Digital Video (DV) files, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Compressed QuickTime

    11. 11 Helix DNA Producer (3/3)? many capabilities for a highest quality Deinterlace Filter Inverse Telecine Filter Black Level Correction FilterNoise Reduction Filter: Improved Variable Bitrate (VBR) Encoding Two-Pass Encoding Audio Gain Control Improved Audio Re-Sampling: Firewire (IEEE 1394) live capture support Forward Error Correction Loss Protection

    12. 12 Helix DNA Server (1/2)? engine supporting the real time packetization and network transmission of any media type to any device Server Core Robust streaming media engine Runtime server performance and load statistics IP access control list and IP interface binding capabilities File Format Support - Streaming Delivery to Clients MP3 Audio (.mp3) RealAudio, RealVideo (.rm, .ra, .rv)

    13. 13 Helix DNA Server (2/2)? Protocol/Transport RTP streaming delivery support for standards compliant clients and proxies Recipients chosen by the server RTSP RTP + manipulation of the streaming media Media data delivery via TCP, UDP unicast and UDP multicast transports HTTP delivery support Each client has the possibilty to reach the server directly

    14. 14 Helix DNA Client (1/2)? engine supporting decoding and playback of any format and on any operating system Includes modules to support: audio mixing resampling volume handlingand management windowing and alphablending of multiple visual data types contains support in source code for the following data types: MP3,H.263,SMIL,JPEG,GIF,PNG, RealPix,PCM,WAV

    15. 15 Helix DNA Client (2/2)? Its use

    16. 16 Applications using Helix Helix DNA Client powers many digital media applications Amarok Realplayer (windows, macOS,linux)? Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones embedded devices like the Maemo environment from Nokia Cingular Video RealNetwork's Rhapsody online music service Banshee and Amarok music players MediaReady 4000 One laptop per child

    17. 17 Evolution of Helix Helix Community FLAC integration DVB-H/MBMS 3GPP Extended File Format add-on ISO Base/3GPP File Format moovie fragment support add-on QuickTime (.mov) file format support add-on AAC Parametric Stereo support add-on 3GPP TimedText Streaming Support add-on DVD Playback Universal Meta-Data Extraction Thumbnail Frame Extraction Visualizations Video Capture Card/TV-Tuner support

    18. 18 Player Sample

    19. 19 Conclusion A complete multimedia framework Open source and collaborative project Initiated by a leading multimedia company Supported by many big companies More and more used and active

    20. 20 References https://helixcommunity.org/ www.realnetworks.com ACM Digital Library - Characteristics of streaming media stored on the Web P2P and streaming: MediaPlayer versus RealPlayer: a comparison of network turbulence Streaming Media Streaming Multimedia for the Internet Empirical evaluation of the congestion responsiveness of RealPlayer video streams

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