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Working together to Support the Students at

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Working together to Support the Students at - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working together to Support the Students at . Appendix 6. Four Dwellings High School . within the framework of every child matters. In our community the aim is to meet the needs of. EVERY child We believe every child has the right to be protected from harm and neglect EVERY young person

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Presentation Transcript

Working together

to Support the Students at

Appendix 6

Four Dwellings High School

within the framework of every child matters


In our community the aim is to meet the needs of

EVERY child

We believe every child has the right to be protected from harm and neglect

EVERYyoung person

With our help they can raise standards and achieve more for a better life


We support Parents and Carers to bring up their children


Where did we start?


Approx 428 students

Attendance 82%

Julie Allen - Attendance Officer

1999 Pastoral Support Programme

Intervention meetings

Interim reports


Where are we now?

645 students

Attendance 93%

Local confidence in Quinton


Police-Safe Haven


Deputy Head Pastoral

Student Support Manager

Behaviour for Learning Manager

Director of Inclusion


Intervention Meetings

Focus for all year groups to identify students or families who are in need of additional support.

Deputy Head Pastoral

Behaviour for Learning Manager

Student Support Manager


Attendance Officer

School Mentor

The aim is to reduce exclusions, improve attendance, raise attainment, help disaffected students, address family issues and safeguard vulnerable students.


Proof of success

  • Birmingham School of the Year 2005

Students receive a free jumper annually

  • Midlands Head Teacher of the Year 2006

Finals held in London

  • Successful Ofsted 2006

“Pastoral care is strong. Pupils are very well looked after in school. This is a good school that provides outstanding care. Feedback from pupils and parents support the judgement that care and support is outstanding”

SuccessfulOfsted June 2009

“Highly committed staff offer excellent pastoral care and support, including for those students for whom school life is a difficult challenge. There are very effective links with a wide range of external agencies to provide more specialist support for those who need it and they benefit greatly from this.”

  • Healthy Schools Award 2007

Substantial development work on going

  • Leading Aspects Award 2008

Awarded for Multi agency working

  • Healthy Schools Award 2008 and 2009

Focus on emotional health and wellbeing

  • Standards Agenda for Looked After Children

Ensuring that all looked after children are supported


Some of the


we work with


Educational Social Worker

Working together with the ESW to promote a positive whole school awareness


Attendance campaigns

Weekly tutor group competitions

End of term competitions

Automated voice mail

Clocking in machine


Wise up campaign

Our aim is to improve targets for all in particular our looked after children,

special educational needs children in fact all vulnerable children


Youth Inclusion Support Panel

Multi-agencies working together to support young people aged 8-13 and their families

YISP started in 2003

Information sharing protocol

Preventing young people getting involved in crime

or anti social behaviour

Sharing crucial information and using the expert knowledge of other services

Members include

Schools, Police, Connexions, PCT, Housing, Local people, Youth service, Children’s services, Elected members


Proof of success

Incidents of anti-social behaviour

  • Summer of 2004 = 327
  • Summer of 2005 = 231

(change of statistical boundaries)

  • Summer of 2006=958
  • Summer of 2007=774
  • Summer of 2008=650
  • Summer of 2009=588

By the summer 2009,107 families have gone through

Quinton YISP and none had entered the criminal justice system

If all 107 had entered the criminal justice system

and had been imprisoned then the cost to the country

would have been £10.5 million


Common Assessment Framework


Working with multi agencies to Safeguard

all children aged 0-19

Different levels of intervention

Better information sharing between practitioners

Swift and easy referrals to relevant professionals to ensure that children and families get the appropriate intervention

The aim is to identify strengths and needs of the family,

then draw up an action plan to include the child’s development needs,

family & environmental factors, parenting needs

The following agencies are normally at the planning meeting-

CAMHS, Children’s services, Children’s centres, Connexions, Health, Housing, Youth service, Police


Flexible Learning Individual Pathways

The EDGE is a partnership of schools working together-

Baskerville, Colmers, Hunters hill, King Edwards, Lordswood, Shenley,

Turves Green Girls & Boys and Four Dwellings

The FLIP programme is funded by the Edge Partnership with aims to prevent young people from permanent exclusion, to change their behaviour and their approach to school and life

Three week programme in the centre

On going support in their home and school

Young person could also be supported post 16


PASS on line assessment for self esteem and motivation

GOAL on line assessment for teaching


Family Targeted Support Team

Working with families to prevent children and young people

going into care

Referrals can only be made through Social Services

Allocation of agency staff to work on parenting skills

also focusing on the young persons behaviour to achieve a positive relationship

Workshops include keeping safe, boundaries, anger management, communication



Working together to support students aged 13-19

Careers advice

Raising aspirations

Overcoming barriers to learning

Draw on resources in the community

Offer of a personal adviser

Arrange alternative provisions

Arrange NEET courses

Pay As You Play

positive activities, this enables children to be occupied during the holidays


Extended Schools

Workshops delivered through extended schools

  • Mentoring (year seven and year eight boys)
  • Sexual health (year ten)
  • Sexually transmitted infection awareness (year ten)
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour (whole school)
  • Domestic violence workshop (year nine, eight and seven)
  • Anti bullying (whole school)
  • Healthy eating classes (parents and students)
  • Quit smoking presentation (whole school)
  • Quit smoking (ten young people)
  • Year six transition (children and parents)
  • Drop-ins for advice (parents)
  • Pertemps helping single parents back to work
  • Week of discovery (lone parents)

Family Learning

Working together enables parents to have a positive experience of school

Helps young people and their parents to work together

Improves parents support with school

Improves confidence and skills of students and parents in science and maths

Promotes a return to work for parents

School has employed four parents so far


Other agencies we are working with

  • CAMHS - Child & Adult Mental Health Service
  • Children’s Services – social services
  • Behaviour Support Service
  • SENAS – special educational needs assessment
  • Educational Physiotherapist
  • Communication and Autism Team
  • Housing
  • Youth Offending
  • Home Start – support for families with young children
  • Children’s Centre – day care for under 5’s
  • Youth Service - Forum
  • Open door – counselling service
  • Safe Haven – PC Bernie Flynn and PSO Joe Ward
  • Birmingham Signposting Service
  • St Basils – family mediation

More agencies

  • British red cross – support for newly arrived students
  • Single point of access – advice on mental health
  • Edward Trust – bereavement counselling
  • Relate – counselling for relationships
  • Child accident prevention service
  • FRANK - drug abuse service
  • Brook - sexual health centre
  • Domestic Violence service
  • Positive parenting
  • Autism parent support group
  • Quit – stop smoking support
  • National Health Service
  • Firsbrook – LACES centre for looked after children
  • Information shop

Alternative Provision

  • Quinzone – NEET programmes
  • Sharing Panels – college or an alternative school
  • Future First – supporting year 10 & 11 disaffected students
  • Rathbone – courses leading to accredited qualifications
  • 20/20 – offer English, Maths and childcare
  • James Brindley – hospital school
  • Pupil Connect – college placements
  • E Zone – alternative programmes for students