moving the r v neecho l.
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Moving the R/V Neecho

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Moving the R/V Neecho - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving the R/V Neecho.

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moving the r v neecho

Moving the R/V Neecho

The R/V Neecho was stationed on Lago Titicaca, Bolivia from 1997 until 2004. While on Lago Titicaca the vessel performed several cruises supporting coring and seismic operations for climate research. In late 2004 the vessel was relocated to Ushuaia, Argintena for research in the Beagle Channel and Lago Fagnano. This is a photo log of the vessels journey further south from its original home in Woodshole, MA.

Truck and trailer at the Inca Utama Hotel/Crillon Hydrofoil docks on Lago Titicaca in Huatajata, Bolivia.
Loading the R/V Neecho onto the trailer. It is obvious in this photo that the vessel needs some attention.

The R/V Neecho travel via truck from Huatajata, Bolivia through El Alto to Arica, Chile down through Santiago where it was temporarily stored at the AGUNZA warehouse for tire repair and to wait for the Puerto Montt/Puerto Natales ferry (bottom right). Early January 2005.


The long journey from Lago Titicaca, Bolivia to Ushuaia, Argentina was long and hard on both the trailer and the vessel. Several tires blew out along the way. Here is the R/V Neecho at the AGUNZA warehouse in Santiago, Chile awaiting new tires. A crack in the bow was also discovered in Ushuaia. It is uncertain how and where the damage occurred.

R/V Neecho arrives in late January 2005, at CADIC in Ushuaia, Argentina. The entire journey took approximately 30 days to complete.

The R/V Neecho off loaded at Puerto Natales, Chile to clear customs and enter Argentina. Transport continued to Puerto Delgado, Argentina where it crossed the Straits of Magallan on another ferry. Transport continued on Tierra del Fuego through Rio Grande to CADIC in Ushuaia.

Port of Ushuaia in the background

Cord. Darwin in the backgroung

CADIC in the background

City and Port of Ushuaia in the background


The only damage to the vessel was a crack on the bow which was easily repaired. After several years on Lago Titicaca (1996 to 2004), the vessel needed some attention both mechanically and esthetically. It took a group effort, long days, and some wet and cold weather to get the vessel ready.

PhD or painting boats?


After the vessel was reconditioned we launched the R/V Neecho at the Port of Ushuaia by the Beagle Channel to obtain certification from the Prefectura (similar to the USCG). The container crane had no problem handling the vessel.


There were few launch site option on Lago Fagnano. The best site was on the east end. The photo on the left is looking south the opposing photo looking north.

Before the vessel could be launch, the beach needed to be prepared.

launching the r v neecho into lago fagnano from the trailer
Launching the R/V Neecho into Lago Fagnano from the trailer.

Step 3: Prepare a firm launch area

Step 4: Back it down slow

Step 7: Enough to float the vessel and...

Step 5: Inch it in... carefully...

Step 6: … bit by bit