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Commerce Électronique Séance 5. La gestion et l ’utilisation de l ’information sur internet Jacques Nantel octobre 2002. La notion de vie privée telle de vue par les consommateurs. Consumer Control Goodwin, C. (printemps 1991), “ Privacy : Recognition of a Consumer Right ”,

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Commerce lectronique s ance 5 l.jpg

Commerce ÉlectroniqueSéance 5

La gestion et l ’utilisation de l ’information sur internet

Jacques Nantel

octobre 2002

Slide3 l.jpg

  • Consumer Control

  • Goodwin, C. (printemps 1991), “ Privacy : Recognition of a Consumer Right ”,

  • Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 10, No 1, pp. 149-66.

  • NO YES

  • Surfing

    ØMovements tracked by software.

    ØConsumer no longer owns information.


    ØUse credit card, no privacy statement.

    ØConsumer no longer owns information.


    ØTechnology solutions, consumers can dismantle tracking software.

    ØGeneral control maintained.


    ØUse cash (not feasible online), technology.

    ØGeneral control maintained.


    ØAble to access privacy statements, no opt-in and opt-out options, no technology solutions.

    ØConsumer no longer owns information.


    ØHave to use credit card.

    ØPrivacy statement, no opt-out.

    ØConsumer no longer owns information.


    ØAble to access privacy statements, opt-in and opt-out options, technology solutions.

    ØConsumer owns information.


    ØAble to access privacy statements with opt-out option if using credit card, ability to pay cash with opt-in option.

    ØConsumer owns information.





    Slide4 l.jpg

    Group G47 "Terms and Conditions"

    (Value tabulated = 1)

    Pct of Pct of

    Dichotomy label Name Count Responses Cases

    What's Being Collected Q39 838 19.3 56.5

    How it will be Used Q40 1084 24.9 73.1

    In Exchange for Access to Site Q41 345 7.9 23.3

    Discount at Site's Store Q42 361 8.3 24.4

    Some Value Added Service Q43 459 10.6 31.0

    Aggregated Only Q45 831 19.1 56.1

    Would Not Give Q46 130 3.0 8.8

    Other Q47 302 6.9 20.4

    ------- ----- -----

    Total responses 4350 100.0 293.5

    Nature des informations collig es l.jpg
    Nature des informations colligées

    • Nombre de clicks

    • Click streams

    • Temps moyen par page

    • Circuits et liens

      • entre les sites

      • pour un usager

    • Achats

    Quelques m canismes de base l.jpg
    Quelques mécanismes de base

    • Identification minimale d ’un usager

      • Pays

      • Nature du serveur

    • Distinction entre la machine et l ’utilisateur

    • Utilisation des «cookies»

    • Utilisation des «cookies étendus»

    • Notion de passeport électronique

    • Combinaison avec d ’autres mécanismes

    Nature des mod les de r ponse l.jpg
    Nature des modèles de réponse

    • Aucun modèle

    • Identification pour fins publicitaires

    • Identification pour fins de revente de l ’information

    • Identification pour fins de configuration du site

      • «Customization (rules-based systems)

      • Collaborative filtering

      • Open Profiling Standards

    L int r t pour l entreprise utiliser de la donn e priv e l.jpg
    L’intérêt, pour l’entreprise à utiliser de la donnée privée

    • La personnalisation

    • Le courriel

    • La commercialisation croisée

    Ce que viennent changer les syst mes crm l.jpg
    Ce que viennent changer les systèmes CRM privée

    • Ils composent avec de plus grandes bases de données

    • Ils sont plus rapides

    • Ils sont souvent plus efficaces

    • Ils permettent de coordonner plusieurs vendeurs

    • Ils sont efficaces pour démontrer le ROI

    • Ils peuvent être plus coûteux

    Mesures de performance de l action marketing selon la nature du commerce l.jpg
    Mesures de performance de l ’action marketing selon la nature du commerce

    Source: BCG déc. 2001

    La commercialisation par courriel l.jpg
    La commercialisation par courriel nature du commerce

    • Spams

    • Permission

    • Viral

    Marketing par personnalisation l.jpg
    Marketing par personnalisation nature du commerce

    • Amazon

    • Land’send

    Web based personalization l.jpg
    Web-based Personalization nature du commerce

    • Personalized services

      • My Virtual Model

      • My Personal Shopper

      • E-Mail

    • Personalized products

      • Lands’ End Custom

    My virtual model l.jpg
    My Virtual Model nature du commerce

    • 13% of visitors use it

    • 34% higher conversion rate

    • 7% higher average order value

    Microsoft net passport june 2002 l.jpg

    Microsoft .NET Passport nature du commerce June 2002

    Mark Ugar

    Director, Retail Vertical MSN

    Authentication l.jpg
    Authentication nature du commerce

    • What is it?

      • Presentation of valid credentials to convince a network that you are allowed to access some set of resources

    • Why is it important?

      • Sites, devices, networks and applications need a way to provide a secure, customized experience

      • A secure authentication mechanism is important to ensure the integrity of the transaction

    What is microsoft net passport l.jpg
    What is Microsoft .NET Passport? nature du commerce

    Internet scale

    authentication service

    available to any web site

    Key features:

    • Single sign in across multiple sites

    • Enables easy, secure commerce

    • Enables parents to make informed decisions for kids (Kids .NET Passport)

    • User in control, data stored is minimal

    Benefits for consumers l.jpg
    Benefits for Consumers nature du commerce

    • Single sign-in

      • Only one user name and password to remember

      • Common experience on all participating web sites

    • Anytime, anywhere, any device

      • Personalization associated with user, not device

    • Privacy and security

      • User in control of their information

    • Faster & easier online purchasing

    Benefits for partners l.jpg
    Benefits for Partners nature du commerce

    • Enables deeper relationships with customers

      • Single click log-in removes registration barriers

      • .NET Passport identifies a customer consistently across multiple Web sites

      • Authentication for additional services

    • Lets partners focus on core competencies

      • Microsoft manages evolution of new technologies (mobile devices, smart card, biometrics)

      • Microsoft supports users (password resets)

      • Saves money

    Slide31 l.jpg

    .NET Passport: Running at Scale Today nature du commerce

    • 165 million accounts

    • Growth – millions per month

    • 2 billion authentications per month

    • Used for most Microsoft online properties & growing number of third parties

    Net passport usage today l.jpg
    .NET Passport Usage Today nature du commerce

    • Over 270 signed and implementing

    • 77 total live today

    • 64 live express purchase

    • 13 live Single Sign In (SSI)

    • Some examples:

    • OfficeMax


    • Radio Shack

    • Victoria’s Secret Catalog






    • Office Depot

    Privacy l.jpg
    Privacy nature du commerce

    • Critical success factor: trusted data management

      • Microsoft will make no secondary use of .NET Passport data

      • Microsoft will not mine, sell, rent, lease .NET Passport or .NET My Services data

      • Easy user management of consent/permissions

    • We are legally accountable to honor our privacy guidelines

    • Partners contractually agree to privacy standards

    • We support Safe Harbor for all customers worldwide

    • Microsoft services subject to same conditions as other partners

    Security l.jpg
    Security nature du commerce

    • Secure data centers

      • Physical access controls

      • User information stored on servers that are not connected to the Internet

    • Credential information never shared with partner sites

    • .NET Passport data is always encrypted

    • Sophisticated intrusion detection

    • Multiple security levels

    Net passport consent model l.jpg
    .NET Passport Consent model nature du commerce

    • User decides what part of their .NET Passport profile they want to share with Web sites at Sign In:

      • Email address

      • First and last name

      • All other profile information

    • Default during registration is that nothing is shared (full affirmative consent). In that case, only the PUID is transferred to participating sites at Sign In and .NET Passport provides a true ‘anonymous’ authentication system (No personal information is shared)

    • No partner specific information (e.g. shoe size, favorite music, etc.) is ever shared with .NET Passport

    • Selected wallet information is shared only when using the .NET Passport express purchase service

    Slide36 l.jpg

    .NET Passport Sign In nature du commerce


    (SSL, Javascript, Cookies)

    (4) Auth Response



    Redirect URL:

    Includes site specific

    t=ticket and p=profile

    on the query string

    (1) Initial

    Page Request

    (6) Page including

    Set cookie for MSPAuth and MSPProf

    (3) Authentication


    (2) Redirect for



    ru=return URL

    (5) Authenticated

    Page Request

    T=ticket, P=profile

    Microsoft .NET Passport

    Domain Authority

    User Registration and Authentication

    Web Servers and Databases

    Microsoft .NET Passport

    Domain Authority

    User Registration and Authentication

    Web Servers and Databases


    Web Site

    .NET Passport Manager Object

    (encryption library, authentication

    and data access interfaces)

    Microsoft .NET Passport

    Domain Authority

    User Registration and Authentication

    Web Servers and Databases


    Web Site

    Passport Manager Object

    (encryption library, authentication

    and data access interfaces)


    Web Site

    .NET .NET Passport Manager Object

    (encryption library, authentication

    and data access interfaces)

    Registration and Login Servers

    • No server-to-server communication at authentication

    • Central Configuration Service

    • .NET Passport Manager server object resident at SSI Site

    • Alternative Interfaces (not shown)

      • Digest security packages for non-HTML clients

      • XML interfaces for clients

    Configuration and Database Servers

    Central Config



    Valid Domains, Schema, URLs

    The truth about net passport l.jpg
    The Truth About .NET Passport nature du commerce

    • Users choose what data is shared with partners

    • Partners do not share their data with .NET Passport

    • .NET Passport collects a limited set of user information

    • .NET Passport does not track what users do on the web

    • Microsoft will not use .NET Passport information to market to customers

    • .NET Passport is not required to use Windows XP

    • MSN sites play by the same rules as other partner sites

    Business model guiding principles l.jpg
    Business Model nature du commerce Guiding Principles

    • .NET Passport

      • End users will not be charged for .NET Passport authentication functionality

      • Partners who use the service will be charged a fixed annual fee plus a utilization charge above a certain threshold

    Principales questions l.jpg
    Principales questions nature du commerce

    Forrester May 2000