capital construction nys sbga fall conference buffalo september 30 2003 l.
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Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003

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Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003. Curt Miller Office of Facilities Planning New York State Education Department. The Capital Project. Who: identification of need for a capital project may come from many people. The Capital Project.

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capital construction nys sbga fall conference buffalo september 30 2003

Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003

Curt Miller

Office of Facilities Planning

New York State Education Department

the capital project
The Capital Project

Who: identification of need for a capital project may come from many people.

the capital project3
The Capital Project

What: Capital Projects Identified

  • Reconstruction: boiler and roof replacement, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows, etc.
  • Additions: construction of new space attached to existing building
  • New Construction: construct a new building
the capital project4
The Capital Project

How: the person delegated to initiate the project will follow the next steps...

the letter of intent or loi
The Letter of Intent or “LOI”

Four flavors:

  • New Building, Addition or Reconstruction
  • Manufactured Building
  • District-Wide
  • Leased Space or Discovered Buildings
lois continued
LOIs continued...
  • Find blank LOIs on our web page
  • Mail or Fax to our office (But not both!)
choosing an architect or engineer
Choosing an Architect or Engineer
  • RFP - We recommend choosing the consultant using a request for proposal
  • Choose carefully - an important link in the process
  • Must be NYS licensed
  • Will draft, sign, seal and certify plans and specs
response package to the loi
Response (package) to the LOI

Facilities Planning sends:

  • Response letter, includes name of project manager and 15-digit project control number, CSI codes and name of building
  • Directions for submitting all forms necessary for a complete final submission or for a preliminary submission when a project involves new space
  • Sent to the person on our computer system
eligibility for building aid
Eligibility for Building Aid
  • Must be an instructional facility
  • Must have general construction costs of $10,000 or more
  • Must be legitimate capital construction
  • Funding sources must be aidable (e.g. federal and state grants are NOT aidable sources)
  • Must have proper authorization
  • Must have SED building permit BEFORE going out to bid
  • Building Aid Unit calculations are used to determine aidable new construction and additions
the complete submission requires the following forms
The Complete SubmissionRequires the following forms:
  • Checklist
  • Application for Approval of Final Plans and Specs
  • Evaluation of Existing Building Form
  • Scope of Proposed Project (plus SHPO cover, Board Resolution and SEQR Clarification Form)
  • Highway and Asbestos Letters
  • Floodplain Certification
  • NEW Code Compliance Checklist (now includes the structural responsibility checklist)
preliminary submissions
Preliminary Submissions
  • For projects involving new instructional space
  • Preliminary Submission must include:
    • Application for Approval of Preliminary Plans (FP-P)
    • Facilities Needs Assessment Summary
    • Enrollment projections
    • Instructional Space Review form (from VESID)
    • Scope of Proposed Project (SHPO cover)
    • Evaluation of Existing Building form (EEB)
    • Schematic Floor Plans
    • Site Plan
final submissions
Final Submissions
  • Very similar to documents needed for final submission of reconstruction projects, except...
  • SEQRA documents, Scope of Proposed Project and Evaluation of Existing Building should already have been part of the preliminary submission
reconstruction projects
Reconstruction Projects
  • Require only a final submission
  • Package to FacPlan must include:
    • “Checklist”
    • Application form (FP-F)
    • Evaluation of Existing Building form (EEB)
    • SEQR documents as outlined above
    • Highway letter
    • Asbestos letter
    • Code Compliance Checklist
reconstruction projects continued
Reconstruction Projects, continued
  • Plans and Specs, signed, sealed and certified
  • Must paperclip these items in spec book:
    • non-collusive bidding certification
    • “equivalency clause” (You may check the “Instruction Guide” on our website for a sample of an equivalency clause. They are a frequent cause of confusion!)
    • wage rates
    • Rescue 155.5 items
seqr state environmental quality review
SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review)

New Process implemented September 1, 2001

  • District takes “lead agency” status
  • Paperwork to complete:
    • “Scope of Proposed Project” (find this on our website)
    • Determination document(s) (i.e., such as a board resolution declaring a “Type II project”
    • Copy of “SHPO letter” (State Historic Pres. Office) for new space or 50+ y/o building
    • SEQR Clarification form, if needed
discovered buildings
Discovered Buildings
  • Includes shipping containers and tool sheds and any other lockable building, regardless of size
  • Requirements for submission:

- Form FP-AU - certification by architect - architectural drawings - Fire Safety Report - AHERA management plan

temporary quarters leased space
Temporary Quarters (leased space)
  • Requires same paperwork submission as Discovered Building with the addition of a local Certificate of Occupancy
  • For lease aid, additional documentation (including the lease) will be needed
please know these sections
Please know these sections!
  • § 155.2 Construction and remodeling of school district facilities.
  • § 155.5 Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance Projects
addenda and change orders
Addenda and Change Orders
  • Addenda alter Plans and Specs BEFORE the project is bid
  • Change orders alter Plans and Specs AFTER bid process, contract signing and work begun
  • A new “Change Order Certification” form is now required with all change orders (and must be submitted with the change order or the change order will be returned!)
bits n pieces
Bits ‘n Pieces

FP-FI forms and financial revision

  • Available on our website
  • Total of all projects done under a referendum must never exceed authorization $
fp fi form
FP-FI form
  • FP-FI forms and financial revision
more bits n pieces
More Bits ‘n Pieces
  • Emergencies are repairs
    • Board declares “Ordinary Contingent Expense”
    • Repairs made may become incidental to a subsequent capital project of which it becomes a part
  • The capital project will require a Building Permit (which will be expedited)
what s new at facplan
What’s New at FacPlan
  • International Building Code: all projects now must follow the International Building Code.
  • Minor Maintenance and Repair Aid is available for 2003-04. Must claim by August 1, 2004.
  • Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Playgrounds Prohibition took effect on March 15, 2003
  • Know the definition of “emergency project” - must be unforeseen, not due to neglect or age
  • Electrically operated partitions were require to be compliant by June 1, 2003 or made inoperable
CHECK OUR WEBSITE for your capital construction needs, questions and answers!