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By: Ashley Deering Grace Holthaus

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By: Ashley Deering Grace Holthaus
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By: Ashley Deering Grace Holthaus

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    1. By: Ashley Deering Grace Holthaus

    2. What: Pilgrim comes from the Latin term peregrinus meaning stranger or foreigner. Who: Men and women of every social class Muslims Christians Monks, clerics, laity Jews

    3. Where Jerusalem Mecca Rome Ireland Egypt Syria Relics

    4. Why Internal pilgrimage Penance/resolution of sins Purify soul Indulgences Second baptism Increase chance of salvation Required in religion Political and social circumstances didnt allow long distance travel Quest for knowledgeboth religious and secular Expressions of religious devotion Christ was a wanderer of the world, people followed suit Pursue miracles Cure of illness Evangelical imitation

    5. Jewish Pilgrimage Place: Palestine Jerusalem Hebron Egypt United Kingdom Sites: Temple Mount Mount of Olives Temple of Patriarchs The Red Sea The Wall of Jericho Pillar of salt The Western Wall

    6. Islamic Pilgrimage Place: Mecca Sites: Kaba

    7. Christian Pilgrimage Places: Palestine and Rome From the 4th century Syria and Egypt North Africa Europe: Gaul Austria Tours: from 397 Compostela, Spain From 9th century Sites: Sts. Jerome, Peter, and Paul, James Holy Sepulchre Ancient Roman Church Biblical sites Desert Fathers Constantinian Basilicas in Holy Land and Rome Relics

    8. Resources The Writings of Medieval Women Marcelle Thiebaux Religion in the Medieval West Bernard Hamilton Medieval European Pilgrimages, c. 700-1500 Diana Webb The Dictionary of the Middle Ages Joseph R. Strayer (editor in chief) Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Edited by Andre Vanchey The Hajj: The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places F. E. Peters Eastward Bound Rosamund Allen Virtual Pilgrimage