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Business Ethics. What are Ethics??. -standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. What are Work Ethics??.

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What are ethics l.jpg
What are Ethics??

-standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues

What are work ethics l.jpg
What are Work Ethics??

Work ethics include not only how one feels about their job or career, but also how one does his/her job or responsibilities.

This involves attitude, behavior, respect, communication, and interaction; how one gets along with others. Work ethics demonstrate many things about whom and how a person is.

Would you oppose l.jpg
Would you oppose?

  • Responsibility

  • Respect

  • Self control

  • Integrity

  • Effort

Let s discuss l.jpg
Let’s Discuss….

1. Receiving a Holiday Gift:

A supplier sends a basket of expensive foodstuffs to your home at Christmas with a card: "We hope you and your family enjoy the 'goodies.'". What action(s) might you want to take?

2. Sales Expense:

The purchasing manager for a large company agrees to give you an order (their first), expecting you agree to make a $200 donation to his favorite charity, a local youth sports team. How do you respond?

3. Sales Expense Reimbursement:

A customer executive from Southeast Asia will visit your HQ facility and meet with your executive team. Your independent Southeast Asian agent requests that you reimburse the customer for his expenses, including expenses that could violate your company's policies. The agent will reimburse you. How do you proceed?

Let s continue l.jpg
Let’s Continue….

4. References:

A large, prospective client calls you and asks about a competitor's reputation. One of your long time customers had a very bad experience with this competitor. What information do you share with the prospect? How do you respond to the prospect call?

5. Gratuities:

A customer has a large sailing yacht on a vessel that your company will be discharging. The customer is present and is watching the off-loading operation.

The five stevedores you manage pull off a very tricky maneuver, safely transferring the yacht to the trailer. The customer is elated, and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a big wad of $50 bills. What do you do?

6. Conflict of Interest:

As department manager, you are hosting an informal celebration in the office. The food budget is $200. Your next door neighbor has just started her own catering business and asks to supply the food. Since she is just starting out, she'll do it at cost and provide extra items at no charge. What might you want to consider?

What is character l.jpg
What is Character???

  • The sum of my Virtues and my Vices

  • Who I am today as a result of everything I have become and overcome in my life so far, plus what I become and overcome today.

  • The kind of human being I am.

  • Who I am.

Ethical character traits l.jpg
Ethical Character Traits…

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Courage

  • Compassion

  • Generosity

  • Fairness

  • Self-control

Unethical employee attitudes and behaviors watch this brief video l.jpg
Unethical employee attitudes and behaviors : Watch this brief video….

Let s create a list l.jpg
Let’s create a list….. brief video….

What kinds of behaviors do you think are unethical to have in the workplace???

Common unethical acts l.jpg
Common Unethical Acts... Service?

  • lying to supervisors

  • falsifying records

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • conflict of interest

  • stealing

  • gift/entertainment receipt in violation of

  • company policy

Key causes of unethical behavior l.jpg
Key Causes of unethical Behavior... Service?

  • meeting overly aggressive financial or business objectives

  • meeting schedule pressures

  • helping the organization survive

  • rationalizing that others do it

  • resisting competitive threats

  • saving jobs

Key influences on ethical behavior l.jpg
Key Influences On Ethical Service?Behavior...

  • personal values

  • supervisor influence

  • senior management influence

  • internal drive to succeed

  • performance pressures

  • lack of punishment

  • friends/coworker influence

Why misconduct is not reported l.jpg
Why Misconduct Is Not Service?Reported...

  • fear of not being considered a team player

  • did not think corrective action would be taken

  • fear of retribution (from management)

  • “no one else cares, why should I”

  • did not trust the organization to keep report confidential

Top ten unethical behaviors reported by employees l.jpg

sexual harassment Service?

lying on reports or falsifying records

conflicts of interest


lying to supervisors


drug or alcohol


improper accounting


violation of environmental laws

gift/entertainment violations

Top Ten Unethical BehaviorsReported by Employees...