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Industrial roller PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial roller

Industrial roller

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Industrial roller

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  1. Industrial roller

  2. Industrial roller is used in several big and small industrial applications. Such rollers are generally used for either transporting materials or for providing support. Printing machines, stamp presses, feeding applications, bending applications and conveying applications are some of the most resorted to uses of industrial rollers. These rubbers generally constitute of a metal shaft that is covered with rubber compounds.

  3. The compounds used for Industrial roller are available across several types and budget ranges. Right from EPDM and polyurethane to Nitrile, Nitrile PVC, CarboxylatedNitrile, Hydrogenated Nitrile, Neoprene, Viton, to Millable Urethanes, there are unending numbers of compounds that are used for Industrial roller. The compounds used in Industrial roller are customized and depend upon the applications that the roller is intended for.

  4. Crafting Industrial roller requires great workmanship. These are crafted either by the extrusion process or by the molding process that includes the injection and compression methods. Crafting industrial roller through the extrusion method involves heating the rubber and pressing it down a die that has a pin attached. This pin helps in creating the hollow that is required the roller.

  5. Manufacturing an Industrial roller via injection and compression are the most common roller crafting methods. In the injection method, the compound is heated and filled in a cavity to shape it. In the compression method, the compound is heated and placed in a hot mold. This mold is then subjected to extreme pressure to help the rubber take the desired shape.

  6. Industrial roller is indispensable for the applications of drying, embossing, calendaring, coating, packaging and metal processing, amongst several others. PASSAIC Rubber Company is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial roller in the US. The company creates high quality, heat and abrasion resistant Industrial roller across a wide range of shapes, sizes and compounds. These rollers come with long shelf lives.

  7. Passaic Rubber Company Contact US Cell No: 09736969500     Toll Free: 8006967311 Visit Us: