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  2. What Is Astrology? • Astrology is basically a science and an art of studying that science. • It is the power and forces of the stars and planets that strengthens together in order to bring changes in the life. • Astrology is the study of horoscope where the ones future can be changed. • Horoscope is the combination of two words:Horo which means hour and scope means the instrument which is used to view the stars and planets of the people.

  3. Meaning Of Astrology • Astrology word is derived from the real word i.e. from • the word disaster. • Disaster this word is made by the combination of two words: Dis +Aster. • Here Aster symbolizing the star. • According to astrology star means planets or luck. • In astrology we use the word zodiac. It is the • Greek word which is used for the animal.

  4. Importance Of Astrology • It helps during the time of creating the birth chart. • It is used to describe all the loop holes of the life • of the person. • It helps to remove the hurdles from the life and • brings the happiness in the life of the people. • It deals with the mind and conscious of the people • and control them in order to remove the problem • like Vashikaran. • It is the connection of past , present and future.

  5. Diagrammatical Explanation Of Astrology

  6. Love Problem Specialist • Love is that feeling with which one can remove all the problems of color,caste,creed etc. • Every relation has the problems but sometimes the small • problem takes the face of bigger one. • These problems bring the distance in relations. • Pandit Ji, who is Love Problem Specialist resolves all the problems related to love and helps to bring back the love again in ones life. • He can solve all the problems of pre-marriage , post-marriage and love differences and brings happiness in life.

  7. Use Of Astrology • It is used to predict the future of the person. • This helps the person to get alert for the future and plan according to that. • The prediction of astrology moves around the birth date,place,time, and name. • So in short astrology basically deals with ones past, present ,future and destiny where the person want to go and what he want from the life.

  8. Online Astrology • We are living in the era of 21st century where every thing is computerized. • Talking about astrology, we are now also getting the • facility of online astrology. • One can ask each and every question related

  9. THANKS For Reading my presentation More information and contact us you can click below WEBSITE : WWW.LOVEPROBLEMVASHIKARANSPECIALIST.COM MOBILE: 9780465902