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aces of Pancreatic Cancer PowerPoint Presentation
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aces of Pancreatic Cancer

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aces of Pancreatic Cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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F . aces of Pancreatic Cancer. Champion. future. Dream. research. detection. believe. Hope. Jack Poole – 2009 Chairman of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, real estate developer and philanthropist passed away after a two year battle. . Patrick Swayze - 2009.

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aces of Pancreatic Cancer

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. F aces ofPancreatic Cancer Champion future Dream research detection believe Hope

    2. Jack Poole – 2009 Chairman of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, real estate developer and philanthropist passed away after a two year battle.

    3. Patrick Swayze - 2009 Actor, dancer, singer-songwriter, author and philanthropist. Best-known for his romantic leading film role as Johnny in Dirty Dancing and Sam in Ghost and as Orry Main in TV’s Mini-Series North and South

    4. William Safire – 2009 Author, columnist for the New York Times and political speechwriter for Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1978 and Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006

    5. Don Hewitt - 2009 Television News Producer, Executive Producer CBS & Creator of 60 minutes

    6. ChuckDaly – 2009 Head coach Detroit Pistons, 2 NBA titles, Hall of Fame Inductee and Commentator. Led the 1992 Dream Team to an Olympic Gold Medal

    7. Gene Upshaw – 2008 NFL Guard for Oakland Raiders, 2 Time Superbowl Champion, Hall of Fame Inductee, NFLPA Executive Director

    8. Randy Pausch – 2008 Carnagie-Mellon Professor and author of “The Last Lecture” and advocate for pancreatic cancer

    9. Early detection will save lives. Together … we can make a difference!

    10. Helen Gardiner -2008 Philanthropist. Awarded the order of Canada. Co-founded the Gardiner Museum in Toronto with husband, George

    11. Ron Davis, M.D. – 2008 President of the American Medical Association and a longtime advocate of healthy lifestyles

    12. Dith Pran – 2008 NY Times Photo Journalist and Cambodian Genocide Survivor, his life was portrayed in the academy award winning movie “The Killing Fields”

    13. Luciano Pavarotti – 2007 Italian Operatic Tenor, who crossed over to pop music and became the most commercially successful tenor of all time. He was one of “The Three Tenors”. Noted for his charity work for Red Cross and refugees

    14. Arif Mardin – 2006 Music producer, 12 Grammy’s, produced over 40 gold and platinum albums for artist’s like Barbra Streisand, the Bee Gees, Chaka Kahn, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin

    15. Brock Peters – 2005 Actor, major films - "To kill a mockingbird", "Carmen" and "Porgy and Bess"

    16. Richard Crenna – 2003 Actor, movies “Our Miss Brooks” and “Wait until Dark”

    17. Ely Callaway – 2001 Founder/chairman of Callaway Golf Co.

    18. Early detection will bring hope where little exists today! Together … we can make a difference!

    19. Emily Couric – 2001 Virginia Senator, advocate for education & healthcare issues, sister of anchorwoman Katie Couric

    20. Ken Tyrell – 2001 Auto racing driver and founder of Tyrell formula one

    21. Juliet Prowse – 1996 Actress and dancer, movies – Can Can & G.I. Blues

    22. Marcello Mastroianni – 1996 Actor, La Dolce Vita and Dark Eyes. Married to Catherine Deneuve

    23. Henry Mancini - 1994 Composer - "Moon River ", "Theme from Peter Gunn" and "Theme From The Pink Panther “. Academy, Grammy and Golden Globe winner

    24. Fred Gwynne - 1993 Actor - best known as Herman Munster & the Judge in My Cousin Vinny

    25. Dizzie Gillespie – 1993 Jazz trumpeter, bandleader, singer and composer

    26. Michael Landon - 1991 Actor, writer, director & producer. Best remembered for roles in Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven and Bonanza

    27. Rex Harrison - 1990 Actor – stage and movies. Won a Tony and Academy Award - major movies - Doctor Doolittle, Cleopatra & My Fair Lady

    28. Increased funding is needed now! Together … we can make a difference!

    29. Billy Carter – 1988 President Jimmy Carter also lost his dad and his two sisters to pancreatic cancer

    30. Donna Reed -1986 Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actress in film and television - “It’s a wonderful life” ,“From here to eternity” & “The Donna Reed Show”

    31. Count Basie – 1984 Jazz Pianist, bandleader, composer and grammy award winner

    32. Fernando Lamas – 1982 Actor & Director, married Ester Williams & father of Lorenzo Lamas

    33. Margaret Mead – 1978 American Cultural Anthropologist and Writer, whose controversial studies suggested that culture is more powerful than biology

    34. Joan Crawford – 1977 Actress, Academy award winner - major movies – “Mildred Pierce" and "What ever happened to Baby Jane"

    35. Jack Benny – 1974 Comedian, actor – radio and television

    36. Fiorello Di Guardia – 1947 New York City Mayor, 3 terms. Led NYC to recovery from the Great Depression. Congressman. La Guardia Airport named in his honour

    37. Joseph Brahms – 1897 Composer and pianist

    38. Survivors Those who continue to inspire and lead by example

    39. Steve Jobs – 1994 Co-founder of Apple & Board member for Disney. Diagnosed with islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, a rarer but more treatable form

    40. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 2009 Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993. Diagnosed with early stages of pancreatic cancer after a routine check up for colon cancer. Operated in February 2009

    41. Libby Znaimer -2009 PANCREATIC CANCERCanada spokesperson. A prominent Canadian journalist specializing in business, politics, and lifestyle issues. Worked in television broadcasting for two decades and recently joined MZ Media last year. She serves as Vice-President of News and Information for both Classical 96.3FM and AM740. Hosts the Zoomer Report. Her first book is entitled“In Cancerland – Living Well Is The Best Revenge”

    42. "Idreamthat the word‘cure’will no longer be followed by the words‘it’s impossible’." Patrick Swayze – 2008, Stand Up 2 Cancer We believe that throughawarenessand sustained funding, we can makeearly detection a reality.Together, we will provide hope to patients and their families. PANCREATIC CANCERCanada

    43. Join us in our fight. Together … we can make a difference!