welcome all electrical and plumbing students l.
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Welcome all Electrical and Plumbing Students!!

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Welcome all Electrical and Plumbing Students!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome all Electrical and Plumbing Students!! . Hello Granite Peaks, Young Parents, and Granite High Students. Apprenticeship. Could It Be Right for You?. Granite School District Career and Technical Education. Did you know….

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welcome all electrical and plumbing students
Welcome all Electrical and Plumbing Students!!


Granite Peaks, Young Parents, and Granite High Students



Could It Be Right for You?

Granite School District

Career and Technical Education

did you know
Did you know…
  • Most high school freshman feel that they need a college degree to be successful.
  • But only 20% of high school graduates will graduate from college.
  • AND 78.2% of available jobs don’t require a college degree but they do require advanced training!
what are those 78 2 of employers looking for
What are those 78.2% of employers looking for?


  • SKILLS can come from high school and post high school training and education.
  • EXPERIENCE can come from working on a job!
an apprenticeship is both


apprenticeships have two components
Apprenticeships have TWO Components

Classroom / Related Instruction

On The Job Training

part i on the job training
Part I: On the Job Training
  • Student secures a paid position.
  • Student is taught skills on-the-job.
  • Student spends about 2000 hours a year at the job site earning income!!
  • Can begin in high school!
part ii related instruction
Part II: Related Instruction
  • Related Instruction is taught in various ways:
    • In the High School
    • At SLCC (apprentices only pay half tuition)
    • At Applied Technology Centers
    • By Your job sponsor
  • 144 hours of class work minimum per year.



3 Partners in


if you are

still in high school

SLCC or other training facility

High School

apprenticeship facts and benefits
Apprenticeship Facts and Benefits:
  • You can earn a great salary while being trained in an exciting profession!
  • The average apprenticeship lasts 2 – 6 years.
  • Wage: Average beginning wage is half of a journeyman’s salary! For example, if a journeyman makes $22.00 per hour, the average starting apprentice wage would be $11.00 per hour. Wages are increased on a regular basis according to skill level and the business schedule.
apprenticeship facts and benefits12
Apprenticeship Facts and Benefits:
  • You can begin an apprenticeship while still in high school!
  • Industry needs YOU! The workforce is aging and we need more trades people.
  • The average age of a beginning apprentice is 27.
  • Earn a Nationally recognized Certificate of Completion.
  • May lead to Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor’s Degree.
apprenticeship qualifications if you are still in high school
Apprenticeship Qualifications: If you are still in High School
  • Can be a Junior or Senior and must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must have taken or be taking related classes and working to pass the skill certification.
  • Must be working towards a High School Diploma and have good attendance.
  • Must have parental permission.
  • Should be high school Graduate if over 18
what career areas are apprenticeable
What career areas are apprenticeable?
  • There are many apprenticeable occupations…
  • Granite School District is focusing on these apprenticeship opportunities this year:
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
what granite school district is doing to assist students interested in beginning an apprenticeship
What Granite School District is doing to assist students interested in beginning an apprenticeship:
  • Teaching SLCC curriculum while in high school as part of the home building program so apprenticeship credit begins before graduation .
  • Providing access to Construction Career Days Event
  • Trades Math Requirement postponed until after high school
  • Making the transition to the post high school apprenticeship program a seamless one
  • Providing job skill workshops in spring
  • Assisting with job shadows and internships
  • District personnel support: Plumbing and electrical instructors, Employment Specialists, Work-based Learning Specialists, Career Counselors and CTE office
interested here is how to begin
Interested?Here is how to begin:
  • Take the Granite School District plumbing or electrical class. The curriculum will include the first semester of apprenticeship instruction as concurrent enrollment with SLCC.
  • Be in contact with SLCC and understand how the Apprenticeship Program begins
  • Meet with your high school counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation.
  • Find an employer willing to hire you as an apprentice
Discuss the apprenticeship program with your parents . Remember that an apprenticeship is 2 – 6 years!
  • Have your Work-based Learning Specialist set up a job shadow or internship to make sure that this career is one you want to pursue.
  • Enroll in Salt Lake Community College for the related instruction.
  • Find a job with an employer that will sponsor you as an apprentice.
If you are still in high school, complete all of the needed registration paperwork with your business sponsor and the Department of Labor.
  • Obtain a license from the State of Utah as you begin your apprenticeship.
  • Then you are ready to go!!
contact information

Contact Information

Granite School District

Career and Technical Education


Julie Bagley – Counselor/Work Based

GTI Office 646-4629 (Cell) 971-7608


  • Take a Look at the Apprenticeship ProgramTrifold
  • SLCC Apprenticeship class schedule
  • Web Site www.utahtraining.org