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Welcome!. Who am I?. Jim Levin Department of Educational Psychology College of Education My background. Who are you?. Send me an email <j-levin@uiuc.edu> Your name Your department Your goals for this class. Introduction. Course web site: http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/courses/edpsy387/fa99/

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Who am i l.jpg
Who am I?

Jim Levin

Department of Educational Psychology

College of Education

My background

Who are you l.jpg
Who are you?

  • Send me an email <j-levin@uiuc.edu>

    • Your name

    • Your department

    • Your goals for this class

Introduction l.jpg

  • Course web site: http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/courses/edpsy387/fa99/

  • Plan for the course

Plan for edpsy 387 l.jpg
Plan for EdPsy 387

  • First part of class meeting a tutorial/presentation/conversation

  • Short break at about 10:00: 5 minutes

  • Lab part of class: a time for you to do what we just talked about, with support from me and the rest of the class

Project oriented course l.jpg
Project-oriented course

  • Mini projects

  • Major project

Office hours l.jpg
Office hours

  • Monday, 10-11am, Room 188N Ed Bldg

  • Electronic office hours: anytime

Educational uses of the web from surfing to serving l.jpg
Educational uses of the web:“From surfing to serving”

  • Initially people see the Internet as a vast source of information

  • The web as a distributed hypermedia

Hypertext hypermedia l.jpg
Hypertext & Hypermedia

  • Our class web page as a hypertext

  • What is hypertext?

  • Text that can be read in multiple ways

  • Print hypertexts?

  • Hypermedia: hypertext+graphics+sound+video+animation+etc.= hypertextual multimedia

The world wide web l.jpg
The World-Wide Web

  • A distributed hypermedia

  • Different parts can be on different computers all around the world, with hypertextual links via the Internet

Web surfing l.jpg
Web surfing

  • Web “surfing”

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages

Surfing to serving l.jpg
Surfing to Serving

  • Web Serving:

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages

Education and the web l.jpg
Education and the web

  • The Global Schoolnet web site

    • Harnessing the Power of the Web

Search engines l.jpg
Search Engines

  • Databases of web resources

  • Two kinds

    • Directories (human classified) - Ex: Yahoo

    • Web crawler-based (not human classified) - Ex: Excite

  • Which to use?

    • Use whichever ones you find useful

    • When you don’t find one useful, switch to another

Understanding urls l.jpg
Understanding URLs

  • A unique address for each web resource

  • Structure: what + which computer + which file

  • Example:http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/courses/edpsy387/fa99/index.html

  • What kind of resource: http:// -> Web file

  • Which computer: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • Which file: courses/edpsy387/fa99/index.html

Understanding computer names l.jpg
Understanding Computer Names

  • Domain names: used both for computer names in URLs and in email addresses (whatever is the to the right of the @ sign)

  • Like a postal address, but with “.” instead of new line as separator

  • Most general to most specific, right to left

Example www ed uiuc edu l.jpg

  • From the right: edu -> US higher education institution

    • com --> US commercial institution

    • gov --> US federal government

    • org --> US non-profit

    • us --> US

    • mx -> Mexico

    • au -> Australia

    • Country code list: http://externic.net/iso.htm

Example www ed uiuc edu18 l.jpg

  • Next to the left: uiuc

    • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Email example: l-gomez@nwu.edu

    • Northwestern University

Example www ed uiuc edu19 l.jpg
Example: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • computers in the Education Building at UIUC

Example www ed uiuc edu20 l.jpg
Example: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • www --> a particular computer in Room 10 of the Education Building

Sending saving urls l.jpg
Sending/saving URLs

  • Have to get the URL exactly right (sometimes case mAtTeRs; no spaces ever)

  • Copy & paste is best

  • Emailing from your web browser

    • Advantages: can do anywhere

    • Disadvantages: need to set & then unset email preferences

  • Emailing yourself

Using urls to evaluate web sites l.jpg
Using URLs to evaluate web sites

  • Largest level domain: .edu vs. .com vs. …

  • Subdomain elements: .ed.uiuc vs. .cs.uiuc

  • Directory elements: /students/joe/ vs. /facstaff/chip/

  • Institutional vs. personal pages: /~jlevin/ vs. /deans/

For next week l.jpg
For next week

  • Email me information about yourself

  • Skim through the Global Schoolnet website

  • Search for an exemplary educational website

  • Email me a message with the URL and a short description of an exemplary educational website

  • read the Bruce & Levin paper at http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/facstaff/chip/taxonomy/

Lab time l.jpg
Lab time

  • Room 10/16

  • Sign in

  • No food or drinks

Digital photo l.jpg
Digital Photo

  • Sign your name when you get your picture taken

  • To be used (if you choose to do so) on your personal web page