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S.E.I.S.mic. Telecommunications Equipment Management Software. Utilizes the Telecordia CLEI File. C ommon L anguage E quipment I dentifier. Single Item Movements Whole Location Movements Re-Order Levels. Last Cost Average Cost Last Quoted Price

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s e i s mic


Telecommunications Equipment Management Software

utilizes the telecordia clei file
Utilizes the Telecordia CLEI File





warehouse management
Single Item Movements

Whole Location Movements

Re-Order Levels

Last Cost

Average Cost

Last Quoted Price

Alias Part Number for Manufacturers, i.e. Cisco

Warehouse Management
purchase orders
Vendor Purchase Orders

In-House Purchase Orders, e.g. Manually Cost Out

Split Purchase Orders into Multiple Orders

Reserve Purchase Order Items For a Particular Sales Order

Use Internal Serial Number or MFG Serial Numbers

Absorb Shipping Cost Into Purchase Orders

Receive Items:


Via Wedge Scanners

Via 701 Base Station Scanners

Via 801.11 WiFi Scanners

Purchase Orders
quotes and sales orders
All Sales Orders Start Off as Quotes

Released Quotes Become Actual Sales Orders

Picked Sales Orders Become Invoices

All Quoted Prices are Stored in a Quote Price History File for Lookup

Quotes Can Be:

Manually Entered by Sales Personnel

Created Via the S.E.I.S.mic Web Plug-In

Quotes and Sales Orders
item availability
Item Availability

Allocated to Released Quotes

In Stock but Reserved for a Particular Sales Order

Actual Sellable Quantity

warehouse scanning utilities
Warehouse Scanning Utilities

What can you do with these scanners?

  • Lookups:
    • Item Location
    • MFG
    • Purchase Orders
    • Received Date
    • Cost
  • Single Item Movements
  • Cycle Counts
  • Pick Items for Orders
  • Receive PO Items
  • Add New Items to the Item Master File
  • And Much More…
receive rfqs by email
Receive RFQs By Email

The Email Parser retrieves incoming email right from your POP3 server.

It then looks for Part Numbers or CLEIs contained in the body of the email. If found, it then looks for availability in your inventory, looking for the last quoted price in your Price Quote History File.

It then generates a return email quote to the sender.

You can always override the last quoted price with your own quoted price.

All in a matter of seconds!

other built in functionality
Other Built in Functionality

QuickBooks Interface:

No need to enter customers, vendors, inventory, invoices, or purchase orders twice.

All relevant data entered into S.E.I.S.mic is automatically updated to QuickBooks.

No need for double entry.

All you need to do is receive payments and pay bills!

other built in functionality11
All reports are exportable to XLS, PDF, HTML or Doc formats

Sales Orders and Purchase Orders can be emailed directly to Customers and Vendors

If you are a repair facility, a built in Work Order / Repair Module is available

If you sell consignment items, S.E.I.S.mic does all the percentage splits for you, it tracks what's owed, prints reports, etc

Other Built in Functionality

Numerous Reports:

other built in functionality12
Other Built in Functionality

What can the S.E.I.S.mic Web Plug-In do?

  • Consignors and consignees can view / print detailed serial, cost, and sale price information
  • Customers can login and view / print their orders and lookup tracking information
  • You can view / print consignment reports from a browser anywhere in the world
  • You can lookup item availability from a Smart phone, PDA device, or web browser
  • Your personnel can create sales orders and purchase orders on the web

And Much, Much More…

s e i s mic13


S.E.I.S.mic is a product of R-Telesoft, Inc.

Telecommunications Equipment Management Software


Phone: (407) 592-2494