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Resume Building Career Development Center Dacia Stone C-228 (229)317-6866 What is a resume? It is a written account of your past history, skills, and abilities that are relevant to a specific position.

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resume building

Resume Building

Career Development Center

Dacia Stone

C-228 (229)317-6866

what is a resume
What is a resume?
  • It is a written account of your past history, skills, and abilities that are relevant to a specific position.
  • Think always of your resume as a selling tool that outlines your skills and experiences so that an employer can see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the company.
  • It is the first impression that a prospective employer has of you, making it not only the initial, but also the most crucial step you take in your job search.
types of resumes
Types of Resumes

Chronological Resume/Skill-Based

  • The chronological resume lists your job history beginning with your present or most recent position.
  • The skill-based or functional resume emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments without providing detailed background information on where and when you acquired these skills.
general rules for resume writing
General Rules for Resume Writing

Give your resume a KISS

Limit it to ONE page

  • Keep
  • It
  • Short
  • Simple


1.) A resume may be expanded to 2 pages when

  • Applying to schools which require in-depth resumes
  • Documenting extensive work experience extending over many years.

2.) When preparing a two page resume always make sure the most relevant information is on the first page.

more rules
More Rules
  • Keep sentences brief
  • Use simple, everyday language
  • DO NOT USE personal pronouns (I, me, my) unless in the objective section.
  • Be Honest! You have to back up your resume.
  • Use phrases and action words to describe accomplishments.
    • ex. evaluated, assembled, calculated, developed, organized
more rules6
More Rules
  • Do not use fancy fonts
  • Double space between sections and single space within
  • Make section headings stick out
  • Don’t
    • Mention Salary or Wage
    • Exaggerate
    • List personal info or personal references
resume sections
Resume Sections
  • Headline
  • Objective
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Affiliations
  • Additional Skills or Achievements
resume sections8
Resume Sections


  • Name (This one is self explanatory)
  • Address-if you have two identify your present address from your home
  • Telephone-Permanent #’s that you would like to be reached at (MAKE YOUR ANSWERING SERVICE PROFESSIONAL)
  • Email- It must be professional
resume sections9
Resume Sections
  • Objective- This is where you describe the work you are seeking. This should be tailored for every position you apply for. You can use the words “career” “professional” or “job” in the heading (Career Objective).
    • Ex. Career Objective: Seeking an administrative position within a growth oriented educational setting.
    • Ex. Objective: Occupational therapy position in an orthopedic clinic
    • Ex. Searching for a full time position as a dental hygienist in a private dental practice.
resume sections10
Resume Sections
  • Education-Always list the highest degree first. Include name, institution, , dates attended, or year graduated, GPA (if above a 3.0) Type of degree always goes before the institution. Do NOT include high school or academic honors.

Bachelor of Science Business Administration May 2004

University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida

Major: Marketing GPA 3.8

Minor: Communication

Associate of Science, Dental Hygiene June 2002

Darton College, Albany, GA

resume section
Resume Section
  • Experience-List job title, employer, location (city, state), dates and brief description of accomplishments. Avoid using the words “responsibilities” and “duties.” These are words in a job description, not words of accomplishments. They tell employers what you were supposed to do not what you actually did. Start with the most recent employment and go backwards. Include volunteer work, summer internships, summer jobs, clinical experiences, cooperative education assignments, and temporary jobs. Do not include jobs that did not last long and ended badly.

Research Assistant Current

Darton College

Supervised research lab within the medical lab technology division to ensure the safety of the students.

Administrative Assistant Westminster Academy

  • Provided customer service May 05- July 03
  • Maintained files
  • Developed presentations using Microsoft Office
resume sections12
Resume Sections
  • Affiliations- Identify clubs, organizations, and honor societies. If an officer, specify the office held in the organization.
  • Additional Skills-Add other skills, especially computer skills and foreign languages. Indicate willingness to travel or relocate in this section.
  • References- Do not include references on your resume. Simply note the heading “References” available upon request. Have them prepared on a 2nd page not associated with your resume.
things to include
Things To Include
  • Always include a cover letter
    • A cover letter should compliment not duplicate your resume. It should focus on the skills that compliment the employers needs for that position.




Contact Name

Title of Organization


Dear (Contact Person or HR Person)

-Opening paragraph

- Body


Sincerely, or Respectfully (Type your name below leave space for signature

Enclosures: Resume and Writing Samples

things to remember
Things to Remember
  • Be Honest
  • Highlight your skills and abilities
  • Go after careers that match with your skills and abilities
  • Be persistent
  • Always PROOFREAD
  • Remember that this is your chance to make a great 1st impression
  • This is your ticket to an interview
  • It takes time to find the right career but persistence and patience will pay off
you thought you were done
You thought you were done!
  • Always keep a list of where you have applied
  • Print out job descriptions
  • Send follow up letters
  • Always send thank you letters after interviews
  • Continue to develop your resume as you develop yourself
use my portfolio to search jobs and build your resume www gcic peachnet edu
Use my portfolio to search jobs and build your resume.

Thank You

Career Development Center

Darton College

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