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Recruiting through Eures

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Recruiting through Eures . Eures Mobility Conference in Reykjavík June 22nd, 2007 Þórður B. Sigurðsson, Assistant Managing Director, Fosshótel ehf. . Fosshótel ehf. Founded in 1996

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recruiting through eures

Recruiting through Eures

Eures Mobility Conference in Reykjavík June 22nd, 2007

Þórður B. Sigurðsson, Assistant Managing Director, Fosshótel ehf.

fossh tel ehf
Fosshótel ehf.
  • Founded in 1996
  • The company operates two brands of accommodation types, featuring approx. 700 rooms and 200 employees during summer vs. 300 rooms and 70 employess during winter
  • Fosshotels (since 1996)
    • 11 hotels, friendlier all around Iceland
    • 5 hotels open all year
  • Inns of Iceland (since 2005)
    • 2 guesthouses in Reykjavík
    • 1 open all year
2006 vs 2000
2006 vs. 2000
  • The supply of beds has increased in both categories
  • Number of overnights has increased in both categories
  • Occupancy has increased when looked at all Iceland but decreased in capital area only
  • Unemployment rate is again very low in 2006
how do we get new staff
How do we get new staff?
  • Advertisment in local papers
  • Through our own webpages and
  • Through recruitment agencies such as Eures IS, Club Teli in France and others
  • Word of mouth
who applies
Who applies?
  • In many cases we offer seasonal jobs at remote locations where working hours can include weekends and evenings
  • The above conditions have not changed since the early days of Fosshotel ehf.: we still offer the same services at same or similar locations
  • What has changed is the applicant
  • We are getting fewer applications from locals (for both seasonal and whole year positions) and more applications from members of the EU, especially recent members
  • Given that the increase of bed supply is greater than the increase of occupancy one might conclude that the position of hotels and guesthouses from a competitive point of view is to some extent more vulnerable today than in the past
  • Supply has exceeded demand, at least in the capital area where most rooms are to be found, making it harder for hotels and guesthouses in Iceland to compete for staff
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