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Gamepipe Media Kit. Why Everyone Likes Online Gaming. Games are Entertaining. 20.4 billion minutes are spent gaming each month* Over 84 million unique users visited online gaming sites in December 2003** *Source: Comscore/Media Metrix **Source: Gartner Group. Popular and Sticky.

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games are entertaining
Games are Entertaining
  • 20.4 billion minutes are spent gaming each month*
  • Over 84 million unique users visited online gaming sites in December 2003**

*Source: Comscore/Media Metrix

**Source: Gartner Group

popular and sticky
Popular and Sticky
  • Websites hosting games are among the “stickiest and most highly trafficked on the Internet,” according to a report by media technology strategists KPE, part of Internet advertising firm
online games growth
Online Games Growth
  • In 1995 Hasbro released Internet Monopoly, which is still a bestselling game
  • By 1996, 20 Million American homes had internet connectivity*
  • By1999-2000 there were many growing games and gaming portal sites on the Internet

*Source: Comscore/MediaMetrix

  • By 2000/2001 corporations raced to obtain the most market share in the online games world.
  • Unique users on gaming sites increased by 1.4 million between 2002 and 2003*
  • Gaming sites merged into gaming conglomerates

*Source: Comscore/MediaMetrix

users wanted more
Users Wanted More!
  • The consolidations led to an online games world with fewer options
  • People had no choice but to play at EA, Yahoo, Sony, ESPN, and MSN GAMES
  • We created Gamepipe because we knew users wanted more

No Longer a “Pipe” Dream

  • A graphically scrollable casino floor and interactive environment
  • Live MP3 Digital Audio
  • 24-bit graphics
  • Multiplayer slot machines
  • Live avatars who play!
  • Classic casino games, new word games and puzzles
interactive games
Interactive Games
  • Poker, Slots, Bingo, Craps, Roulette and More!
  • Solo, multiplayer and tournament play
  • Call other players on the “casino phone”
  • Gamepipe opened this year with a call to 20-30 beta testers to come in and test the site
  • After the first 3 days there were over 1000 people registered!
  • Gamepipe is on track to have over 300,000 registered users by the close of month #2
stickiness and frequency

How Much Time Do People Spend on Popular Websites? Comscore/Media Metrix data shows “average minutes per user per month” as follows:

  • EA Online 43.5
  • AOL 32.4
  • Yahoo 28.3
  • MSN 23.4
  • E-Bay 19.4
Stickiness and Frequency
  • High interactivity plus team-play community games environment creates long user sessions and many return visits
  • Average user visit is 91 minutes
  • Users visit up to 2-3 sessions per day
gender demographics
Gender Demographics
  • 51% of all users are Female
  • 49% of all users are Male
  • Both male and female targeted offers work well
  • Source: Gamepipe User Statistics
income demographics
Income Demographics
  • Majority of users are married – higher household income
  • Over 55% make $50K and above
  • Source: Gamepipe User Statistics
age distribution
Age Distribution
  • Older demographic means higher incomes/more leisure time
  • 74% are ages 40 and above
  • Source: Gamepipe User Statistics
gamepipe registration
Gamepipe Registration
  • Registration is the first step to playing actual games
  • Co-registration Opportunities include:
    • Up to 250 character offers
    • Yes/No format
    • Opt-in
  • CPM/CPC site 468x60 banners
  • Placements: Run of Site or targeted to specific games
game sponsorships
Game Sponsorships

Table Games

Customized Slots

monster banners
Monster Banners
  • Monster banners appear during game downloadsSize: 500x350
  • Placements: Run of Site or targeted to specific games
product placement
Product Placement
  • With over 30 virtual casino floors there are many spots for integrated virtual product placements
  • Can target selected games to match selected game user demographics
  • Reach female audiences via bingo and word games
  • Reach male audiences via poker and blackjack
contact us
Contact Us

Gamepipe, LLC

3000 Whitney Ave Suite 106

Hamden, CT 06518