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Horoscope - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horoscope. Please choose a horoscope and if you are not one of these click on NEXT PAGE. Gemini. Aries. Next Page. Taurus. Cancer. Please choose a horoscope and if you are not one of these click on NEXT PAGE. Leo. Libra. Next Page. Virgo. Scorpio.

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    1. Horoscope

    2. Please choose a horoscope and if you are not one of these click on NEXT PAGE Gemini Aries Next Page Taurus Cancer

    3. Please choose a horoscope and if you are not one of these click on NEXT PAGE Leo Libra Next Page Virgo Scorpio

    4. Please choose a horoscope and if you are not one of these click onSTART OVER Aquarius Sagittarius The End Capricorn Start over? Pisces

    5. Aries • Your abilities are solid. However, your ease in using them depends on what others think of you. Aries finds sparring partners in an unreceptive climate. Defensive behavior only makes the wall higher and thicker. Start over? The End

    6. Taurus Fringe ideas move to center stage for closer examination. The heart ultimately accepts what the brain initially rejects. Once your plan is adopted, you'll have the right to toot your own horn. The End Start over?

    7. Gemini • A long-term promise comes due sooner than expected. Even though this is a classic inconvenience, be fair and honorable. You want others to trust you in the future, don't you? Start over? The End

    8. Cancer Endurance changes to acceptance. Doubt blows away in the warm wind of delight. By the end of the day, the Stars are on your side. Take ownership with a mixture of relief and praise. Start over? The End

    9. Leo • Before building your dock, notice how the river is shifting course. This morning's prime location could be this evening's backwater. Pay attention to the needs of a loved one, no matter how troublesome. The End Start over?

    10. Virgo • Winning by default lacks a certain heroism. The real test lies not in what you inherit, but in what you do with it. Turn your new environment into a place that others will want to visit. Start over? The End

    11. Libra • Your window of immunity is closing. Someone brings hard questions that you can't just brush aside. You're certainly up for this task, but it's a lot less fun than you've been having lately. Start over? The End

    12. Scorpio • At last you have an excuse to relax. The Stars open their arms to you for a warm embrace. By evening, temptation will no longer be a dead-end street. Start over? The End

    13. Sagittarius • Emotion changes the colors of your appeal. If you expose your tender side, try not to flinch. Your trust is sure to invite a healthier response than your fear. The End Start over?

    14. Capricorn • Vent your feelings in a safe environment. Indecision is the honest root of two-faced behavior. Once you learn to forgive, new windows and doors open for your convenience. Start over? The End

    15. Aquarius • Your lover's flaws are especially endearing. Understanding words shouldn't carry a condescending tone. Passion turns compassionate when you make room for something other than your own appetite. Start over? The End

    16. Pisces • Afternoon finds you easing back into a comfortable situation. Whatever was off has somehow been corrected. Pick out music that helps you move. Singing is recommended but optional. Start over? The End

    17. The End Thank you for viewing my show