warranties 4 wheels auto warranty specialists n.
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Warranties 4 Wheels, Auto Warranty Specialists PowerPoint Presentation
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Warranties 4 Wheels, Auto Warranty Specialists

Warranties 4 Wheels, Auto Warranty Specialists

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Warranties 4 Wheels, Auto Warranty Specialists

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  1. Warranties 4 Wheels, Auto Warranty Specialists Repair Facility Referral Program

  2. Advantages • You instill loyalty and strong retention in your customers. • You gain trust with your customers, in return they remain faithful to your establishment. • Your customers will have the assurance that their vehicle is under a service agreement, and have capped their repair expenses.

  3. We will pay you a referral commission of $100.00 per policy that we sell from your customer base. If we sell over 10 Agreements in a monthly period, we will increase the commissions to $150.00, retroactive to the first policy sale. At any time, you can request your shops’ referral history. We are able to keep updated records because… 1) We ask each person that calls us, how they heard about us. 2) Your company name is on each flyer that you hand out. Commissions are paid on the 15th of every month! (based on a cutoff date of the last day of the previous month)

  4. Hand Out Our Coupons • We will mail or deliver 50, dollar bill sized handouts that you can staple to each repair bill. Or, simply set them out on a desk where your customers can view them! • Each handout is personalized with your shop name and code: "Joes' Garage JS250"

  5. IT IS A NO BRAINER ! Every customer that asks us for a quote, receives an email with the information about the coverage, price, and warranty company. We include hyperlinks that allow them to view or print out a PDF copy of the contract for the coverage we offer. This way they know exactly what they are being offered without any hassle. We also send those customers, as well as others in the area, to you to have their vehicle inspected. We work with the most reputable and financially strongest warranty companies. Signing up for our referral program is a no brainer ! There is no cost to you, ever. If this is of interest to you, please contact me at 623-935-7988 and I will fax you a sign up sheet. My name is Jennifer Spiczak, Shop Program Director, our fax number is 623-535-8882. You may also contact me and I will send someone to you to explain in detail how our program works. Enrollment Form Click Here