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Welcome to IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates

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Welcome to IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates. Egg Donation Program. Why is Egg Donation necessary?. For some couples, egg donation is the only hope for achieving a viable pregnancy The following are just a few reasons why a woman may not have good quality eggs of her own Chemotherapy

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Welcome to IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates

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    1. Welcome to IVF FLORIDAReproductive Associates Egg Donation Program June 2007

    2. Why is Egg Donation necessary? • For some couples, egg donation is the only hope for achieving a viable pregnancy • The following are just a few reasons why a woman may not have good quality eggs of her own • Chemotherapy • Genetic issues • Advancing age June 2007

    3. Why is Egg Donation Necessary? • Regardless of their medical circumstances….. • …...these are everyday women, like your sister or your friend… • …whose only goal is to have a baby of their own to love for a lifetime. June 2007

    4. Why is Egg Donation necessary? As an egg donor you will find reward and satisfaction… …..in knowing that your gift of life…. …has had a profound effect on the happiness of others. June 2007

    5. Your participation and commitment is valuable; we appreciate your interest June 2007

    6. Understanding Egg Donation Our program is strictly confidential By being an anonymous donor, you will never meet the recipient couple, nor know the outcome of the cycle. You will remain anonymous to the recipient couple. They will not have the opportunity to contact you. June 2007

    7. Becoming an Egg Donor As a potential donor you can help. By your interest and commitment as well as meeting the following criteria, you may qualify for Egg Donation • A healthy woman • Between 21 and 33 years of age • Within 25 lbs. of your ideal body weight • Not Adopted June 2007

    8. Becoming an Egg Donor The first step to become and egg donor is to complete the application. Once the application is complete you will begin a screening process. June 2007

    9. Screening The first step in the Screening Process will be to check your blood on Day 2 (two) of your period for hormones levels and to perform a Transvaginal Ultrasound. June 2007

    10. Screening for Egg Donor Candidates The Next Steps: An IVF FLORIDA physician will ask you about: • General health and surgeries, • GYN history including Pap smear, and family medical history, • A complete physical evaluation, including laboratory testing, Meet with a member of the psychological support team, which will include a written personality test. You will then have an opportunity to discuss questions and concerns you may have. June 2007

    11. Preparing to Donate Once selected, the physician and nurse will meet with you to discuss the donation process. It is very important that you discuss with the nurse or doctor all of your medications, including any over-the-counter drugs and supplements you may be taking. You will be advised about the injections you will be taking and instructions on their use. June 2007

    12. IVF FLORIDA The Donation Process June 2007

    13. Understanding Egg Donation Egg donation is always combined with in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is the process of placing eggs and sperm together in the laboratory to facilitate fertilization and embryo development. June 2007

    14. Overview of Egg Donation Normally one mature follicle produces a mature egg per month. Medications allow multiple follicles to mature. Using vaginal ultrasound and anesthesia, each egg will be retrieved. There is no incision! June 2007

    15. How does Egg Donation Work? When ready to start: Your nurse should have your expected donation dates around two weeks in advance. You will receive education on what is required of you. (Hand outs, videos, and other training materials are available.) Your nurse will show you how to easily give the injectable medications. (it’s not as bad as you think!) Physicians and nurses are always available to answer your questions related to administering the medication or any other concerns that you may have. June 2007

    16. How does Egg Donation Work? When ready to start: You will be treated with birth control pills for approximately three weeks. We will not need to see you during this time. You will then take injectable medications*. *This 10-14 day period requires office visits every 3-4 days for blood draws and ultrasounds. *More frequent office visits are required in the second week of treatment. June 2007

    17. How does Egg Donation Work? You will be given birth control pills and instructed when to begin daily subcutaneous or (mini-needle) injections. These injections will stimulate your follicles to grow and mature. June 2007

    18. How does Egg Donation Work? You will be instructed on any dose changes of your medication after each monitoring visit. *It is of the utmost importance that this medication be given correctly. *Medications are taken daily for 8-12 days. You own chances of conceiving is greatly enhanced when taking fertility medications; we recommend abstinence or barrier contraception. June 2007

    19. Monitoring your Treatment Cycle Once the stimulation phase of your cycle begins, your monitoring will be become very frequent As your follicles reach maturity you may have to be monitored daily. Our nurses will give you a detailed schedule, but it may be adjusted as your treatment progresses. June 2007

    20. Monitoring you Treatment Cycle Morning monitoring visits include: Vaginal Ultrasound and Assessment of hormone levels in the blood. Monitoring may be performed 7-10:30am, Monday-Friday and 7-8:30am, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. This information is necessary to determine how egg development is progressing. June 2007

    21. Ultrasound Monitoring of Egg Development The ultrasound technician will insert an ultrasound probe into your vagina (transvaginal ultrasound) This allows viewing of the follicle growth in your ovaries. This procedure is similar in comfort to a GYN visit. June 2007

    22. Timing is Critical! Once your follicles have grown to the appropriate size, the hormone HCG is self-administered. The proper timing of this injection is critical! If you take the HCG injection too early, you may ovulate on your own. If you take the HCG injection too late, your eggs will be too immature. June 2007

    23. The Final Step: Your Egg Retrieval Since anesthesia is used for your Egg Retrieval you must follow these guidelines: Refrain from eating and drinking the night before your scheduled procedure. Have someone to drive you to and from our Margate office, where the OR is located on the 2nd floor. The procedure, including admission and recovery generally takes about 2 ½ - 3 hours to complete. June 2007

    24. Retrieval of Eggs You will have intravenous sedation during the procedure. The physician will insert a vaginal ultrasound probe. Using the image on the ultrasound, the physician will use a needle to access the ovary. The needle will enter the follicles on the ovaries and retrieve the eggs. June 2007

    25. Post-Retrieval Care On the day of the egg retrieval, rest quietly at home. Exercise should be limited in the days following the retrieval. You will receive discharge instructions. Your nurse will check on your recovery. If you have any problems, CALL 954-247-6200. June 2007

    26. Post-Retrieval Care If you notice any unusual weight gain, have pain, nausea, vomiting of bleeding, please call us immediately. You should begin to feel back to normal the next day and resume menses in approximately 2 weeks We are always available for questions. June 2007

    27. Compensation You will incur no cost with the egg donation process. Your contribution toward helping a couple achieve their dream of parenthood is priceless and your time and effort will be compensated at the completion of the donation process. June 2007

    28. Final Comments Egg donation allows infertile couples to achieve their dream of having a baby. Your compliance and understanding of the procedures allows us to provide the best opportunity to these couples. We want the process to go smoothly, so please ask questions. June 2007

    29. Give of Yourself;Change Your Life… …And create another Call our IVF FLORIDA Donor / Recipient team now at 954-247-6200 x5252 June 2007