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  1. Capoeira

  2. What is Capoeira? - (pronounced ka-poo-e-da) it is a style of Brazilian martial art combined with dance that utilizes singing and instrumental music.

  3. Where did Capoeira originate? Roughly 400 hundred years ago, it was created by African slaves in Brazil brought over by Portuguese colonists.

  4. How did Capoeira survive? This ritual served as an expression of resistance and as a method of spiritual and emotional empowerment. The cultures of enslaved African, Brazilian indigenous people, and Portuguese immigrants all contributed to this art form.

  5. Is Capoeira used to fight? Modern Capoeira is more of a game rather than a fighting style, so members would be called “players” who “play” Capoeira.

  6. How does it work? Players will form a “roda” (pronounced “ho-da”) which is a circle in which the game is played. Players forming the roda are just as important as the players inside since they provide the rhythm and energy by clapping, singing, and playing instruments.

  7. What are some basic movements? Ginga It is the first move that all players will learn. It is the source for rhythm and momentum.

  8. Compasso It is a spin kick that uses your hind leg while doing the ginga.

  9. Spins and Flips After mastering the ginga, players will begin learning trickier movements that rely on acrobatics and balance.

  10. Where can we go to find more info? Although, Capoeira is just beginning to become more popular in the states especially in the coastal areas, there are plenty of websites that have detailed information. Links:Meia Lua Inteira Vienna. It's the official site in ViennaMeia Lua Inteira: Homepage of our group in BrazilCapoeira San Jose: An incredible site! You MUST pay a visit to the Capoeira museum!Capoeira Angola of Meste João Grande: Features QT-Movies of the famous MestresCapoEuropa Homepage: info on European Capoeira; best organised site I know. Roda de Capoeira: Uma revista, a magazine (e-zine) with many varied articles on Capoeira. Capoeira Arts : lots of info about history and present of Capoeira, site of Mestre Accordeon.Planet Capoeira: brand new, Big Forum for thought exchange.Capoeira Angola is a good starting point for Capoeiristas in Germany. Go check out their highly expressive photo section!Illini Gingarte Capoeira: Yes, U of I has a capoeira group!

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