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  • Ambassadorial Scholarships, The Rotary Foundation's oldest and best-known program, was founded in 1947. Since then, nearly 38,000 men and women from about 100 nations have studied abroad under its auspices. Today it is the world's largest privately funded international scholarships program. Nearly 800 scholarships were awarded for study in 2005-06. Through grants totaling approximately US$500 million, recipients from about 70 countries studied in more than 70 nations.
  • The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarship program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. While abroad, scholars serve as goodwill ambassadors to the host country and give presentations about their homelands to Rotary Clubs and other groups. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Upon returning home, scholars share with Rotarians and others the experiences that led to a grater understanding of their host country.
  • Generous contributions from Rotarians worldwide represent a continued faith that today’s Ambassadorial Scholars will be tomorrow's community and world leaders
  • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships
  • The most common types of Scholarships
  • Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships: Flat grant of US$24,000 is provided for one academic year of study in another country.
  • — Funds are intended to help defray costs associated with round-trip transportation, tuition and other fees, room and board, and some educational supplies.
  • Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships: Helps finance either three or six months of intensive language study and cultural immersion in another country. A flat grant of US$11,000 is provided for three months study and US$16,000 for six months.
  • Applicants are considered for candidates interested in studying Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish.
  • Funds are intended to offset costs associated with round-trip transportation, language training, and home-stay living arrangements.
how to apply
How to Apply
  • Applicants must apply for Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships through a local Rotary Club. The Rotary Club will then interview the candidate to determine if it will sponsor the applicant.
  • District 7980 Rotary Club outbound scholarship application deadline was June 30, 2008 for the 2009-10 awards. The same June 30th deadline applies for the 2010-11 awards. Note: Begin soliciting for the 2010-11 ambassadorial scholar applications this fall.
  • The type and number of scholarships that will be awarded is TBD. Typically, however, one or two Academic-Year scholarships and two to three Cultural awards are made within District 7980.
  • Application forms may be downloaded from the RI website at:
key points of interest for scholarship applicants
Key points of interest for scholarship applicants
  • Scholars must be willing to attend a Rotary International Northeast LINK orientation seminar prior to their course of study. The weekend seminar includes training on developing and delivering speeches and presentations. If a schedule conflict arises, an applicant must make every effort to attend a seminar in another part of the district or region.
  • Although applicants are asked to list their preferred study locations, the Foundation Trustees reserve the right to make assignments to any suitable institution to ensure the widest possible geographical distribution of scholars. Candidates must be flexible in their study institution assignments.
  • Each scholar is responsible for applying directly to the assigned institution, gaining admission, obtaining required visas, and making travel arrangements.


Dale T. Moore, Rotary Club of Madison, District 7980 Ambassadorial Scholarship 2008-09 Outbound Chair (H) 860-669-6481 Email at:

how to become a sponsoring club for an ambassadorial scholar
How to become a Sponsoring Club for anAmbassadorial Scholar
  • Discuss the opportunity with your Club President and Board of Directors, District Governor representative,
  • & District Scholarship Chair.
  • Promote the opportunity within your area.
  • Verify that all participants either live in your district or have worked in your district for at least 5 years.
  • Interview applicants.
  • Submit 1 name to the District Scholarship Committee.
  • Recruit an interested & dedicated club member to serve as the Sponsor Counselor.
  • There is no large-scale financial commitment involved. Your club may pay for incidental costs such as lunches, Sponsor Counselor’s attendance at NORTHEAST LINK & the district’s counselor training (if available).
  • Sponsor Clubs and Sponsor Counselors are NOT responsible for reporting.
  • The district’s Out-Bound Scholarship Chair is available to answer any questions and suggest interview topics.
hosting an ambassadorial scholar
Hosting an Ambassadorial Scholar
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Host Counselor
  • correspond with Scholar & their Sponsor Counselor prior to their arrival
  • greet the Scholar at the airport (if requested)
  • assist Scholar in settling into their program
  • assist Scholars with early shopping needs & transportation (as needed)
  • invite Scholar to Rotary events & service projects
  • provide opportunities to introduce the Scholar to American culture
  • follow-up with Scholar when his/her reports are due to RI
present first award check to Scholar—at a Host club meeting
  • ensure Scholar meets his/her presentation requirements (10-15 presentations)
  • assist Scholar in developing his/her presentations
  • be available to answer questions about Rotary
  • be available for advice and friendship
  • keep the In-Bound Scholarship Coordinator updated with activities, concerns, presentations, etc.
  • attend NORTHEAST LINK & the district’s counselor training (if available)
  • invite Scholar to make farewell speech at your club
how to become a host counselor
How to become a Host Counselor
  • Discuss the opportunity with your club. They may pay for some incidental costs such as lunches, NORTHEAST LINK registration, etc.
  • Discuss the opportunity with your family.
  • Complete an Ambassadorial Scholar Host Application.
  • Send into In-Bound Scholarship Coordinator
  • Host Counselors are generally chosen by the end of June. We make every effort to provide different clubs with the opportunity to host. We try to match the scholar to a club that is close to the institution where they will be studying. Single Rotarians & Rotarians with families are both encouraged to apply. Scholars do NOT live in the homes of Rotarians. However, on rare occasions, Host Counselors may be needed to help find housing for Scholars. There are only minor financial commitments—your club may pay the costs of incidentals, meals at club/district functions. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the program with their club as your club will become the Scholar’s Host Club.
  • Questions ? ? ?
benefits of hosting a scholar
Benefits of Hosting a Scholar
  • Make lifelong friendships & meet other Rotarians
  • Expose your family to another culture
  • Get Foundation Citation credit
  • It’s a whole lot of fun!
for more information

CONTACT: Trish Pearson, Orange Rotary

Inbound Scholar Chair

Email =

Phone = 203-387-6586 (home)

203-640-5969 (cell)

(I’m in the “book” aka – District Directory)