4 continental championships l.
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4 Continental Championships

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4 Continental Championships. 2000: 1st European Championship In July 2000 the first European Beach Handball Championship was organized by the European Handball Federation (EHF) in Gaeta near Rome (Italy), which was the first official International Championship in Beach Handball.

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4 continental championships
4 Continental Championships

2000: 1st European Championship

In July 2000 the first European Beach Handball Championship was organized by the European Handball Federation (EHF) in Gaeta near Rome (Italy), which was the first official International Championship in Beach Handball.

The women’s team of Ukraine and the men’s team of Belarus became the first European Champions.

4 continental championships2
4 Continental Championships

2002: 2nd European Championships

At the 2nd European Championships in 2002 in Cadiz (Spain) the field of the participating nations had already doubled from 8 each onto 16.

Nearly all nations had also improved their technical and tactical standards.

Spain, in a great final against Russia, won the title of European Champion. In the women’s competition, the Russian women defeated Turkey.

4 continental championships3
4 Continental Championships

2004: 3rd European Championships

The third European Championships was carried out as scheduled.

The competitions took place on the beaches of the holiday destination Alanya (Turkey) in July 2004.

Again, 16 nations competed in the men’s and the women’s competition.

As Belarus had to withdraw surprisingly, Switzerland joined the field of participants.

4 continental championships4
4 Continental Championships

Russia fetches the Double:

In the Men’s Competition, Russia beat Germany. Turkey reached the 3rd place ahead of previous Champion Spain.

In the Women’s Competition Germany beat Italy in the match for place 3.

Russia defeated Croatia in the final and therefore became the first “double European champion”.

4 continental championships5
4 Continental Championships

2004: 1st Asian Ch in Oman (Men)

As a qualifier for the 2004 World Championships in Egypt, the 1st Asian Beach Handball Championships for Men were held in 2004 in Oman.

In the final Oman beat Bahrain, Pakistan ranked 3rd ahead of Iran.

2004: 1st Asian Ch in Japan (Women)

As a qualifier for the women’s competition of the 1st official World Championships, the first Asian Women’s Beach Handball Ch was carried out between Japan and Hong Kong, which was won by host Japan.

4 continental championships6
4 Continental Championships

2006: Euro 2006 in Cuxhaven (GER)

After the World Games 2005 in Duisburg the next international event in Beach Handball took place in Germany again in 2006. Cuxhaven was the event holder of the fourth European Championships in Beach Handball.

From 11th to the16th of July the games took place at the „Stadium on the North Sea“ where thousands of spectators brought the spirit of the Football World Cup to the beaches of Cuxhaven.

4 continental championships7
4 Continental Championships

Germany‘s first title:

In the Men‘s Competition Spain won the title ahead of Hungary. Turkey ranked third, ahead of Germany.

In the Women‘s Competition the German women won the title for the very first time against Russia. Croatia ranked third.

4 continental championships8
4 Continental Championships

2007: 2nd Asian Ch in Bandar Abbas (IRI)The second Asian Beach Handball Championship was held in Bandar Abbas in Iran from June 25-30, which was also the qualifier for the Beach Handball World Championship 2008 in Cadiz (ESP).

At this second Asian Beach Handball Championship Pakistan ranked first, the host Iran was second and Japan third.

Referee- and Delegate- courses were held during this championship on behalf of the IHF and were followed with big interest.

4 continental championships9
4 Continental Championships

2007: Fifth ECh in Misano Adriatico (ITA)

After seven years since the premiere in Italy and three more continental championships Italy hosted the biggest European Beach Handball Championship so far.

At the beaches of Misano Adriatico (near Rimini) 18 National Federations each (men and women) competed for the continental title in Beach Handball. Under the excellent conditions of a beautiful holiday area the championships took place from the 10th to the 15th of July 2007. Newcomers, such as Denmark, FYRO Macedonia and Montenegro were also present.

4 continental championships10
4 Continental Championships

Croatia sends both teams to the finals:

In the women‘s competition the „usual suspects“ were competing for the title. The Croatian women won against the reigning champion Germany. Norway played an excellent tournament and finally ranked third.

In the men’s competition, more teams peaked in their performance. Reigning champion Spain had to compete for seventh place while at the final, Russia was able to beat Croatia in the Shoot Out. Hungary reached third place.

4 continental championships11
4 Continental Championships

Beach Handball into a new Dimension:

The 5th edition of the Beach Handball European Championships marked a milestone in the evolution of this young sport.

Beach Handball reached a new dimension: 178 matches within six days, 36 teams from 21 different nations, incredibly high spectators interest on the beaches of Misano Adriatico and massive TV-coverage by SKY and EUROSPORT 2 together with Internet-Live-Streaming showed the high interest and resonance all over Europe.

4 continental championships12
4 Continental Championships

2008: Pan-Am Ch in Montevideo (URU)

In Montevideo (Uruguay), the official Pan-American Beach Handball Championships took place in February 2008. The runner-up Uruguay (in addition to the reigning World Champion Brazil) qualified for the WCh in Cadiz in both competitions.

In the women`s competition the Dominican Republic ranked third, Brazil became champion against Uruguay.

In the men’s competition, Argentina beat Chile in the match for the third place. In the final, Brazil beat Uruguay.

4 continental championships13
4 Continental Championships

2009: Sixth ECh in Larvik (NOR)

The 6th edition of the European Beach Handball Championships took place in Scandinavia, namely Larvik, Norway.

23 national teams competed in men’s and women’s tournaments.

The winners of the have been decided in front over 2500 spectators baked in the 30 degree heat in Larvik’s main court.

4 continental championships14
4 Continental Championships

Italy and Croatia won the title

Italy won the women’s title, in a tense and thrilling match with the Euro hosts, Norway. Despite the loud support of the large home crowd, the Italians took the first period with a superb display of Beach Handball.

In the men’s final it was the World Champion Croatia who won against the defending European Champion Russia.