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Professional Packing & Shipping Services - PackingServiceInc PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Packing & Shipping Services - PackingServiceInc

Professional Packing & Shipping Services - PackingServiceInc

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Professional Packing & Shipping Services - PackingServiceInc

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  1. Welcome To Packing Services LLC Packing Service, Inc. is the leader in onsite Packing and Shipping Services nationwide. We have been providing packing services, loading and unloading (Lumper) services for PODS containers and trucks, custom crating services, and shrink wrapping/palletizing services since 2003. Our attention to detail, reliability, efficiency and professionalism has set us apart from other companies.

  2. Professional Packing Services Company Packing Service, Inc. is a 100% professional pack and load company that was established in 2003 and offers the best packaging services in the business. We have been proud members of the Better Business Bureau since 2007. Whether you require our professional packers for packing boxes, wrapping furniture, machine packing, packing and loading international containers or packing and loading PODS Containers and rental trucks; we can provide any and all Pack and Load Services with guaranteed flat rate quotes.

  3. Loading Company ! Load Service ! Load & Unload Packing Service, Inc. is a professional Loading and Unloading (Lumper) services company with extensive experience. We have been open for business since 2003. Packing Service, Inc. has been providing the most professional load services nationwide for over a decade. During that time Packing Service, Inc. has achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate and has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2007.

  4. Wooden Crates ! Wooden Boxes ! Custom Crates - Flat Rates We offers the following crating services by flat rates for: Wooden Crates and Wooden BoxesBox CratingCommercial Crates Residential CratingIndustrial CratesDomestic Crating International CratesRe-usable CratesKnock-down CratesDisplay CratesComputer Crates

  5. Shrink Wrapping ! Pallet Furniture ! Palletizing We as a leading professional shrink-wrap on-site palletizing services company as well as our palletizing crew understand the importance of safety and take it upon ourselves to place your items on quality wooden pallets, securely wrapping item(s), strapping them down to the pallet and shrink-wrapping them directly to each pallet preparing them for shipping.

  6. Shipping Services ! Professional Shipping Companies Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) goes above and beyond to remove all of the stress from your big move. We are the most professional packing, Crating and Shipping Company in the nation, offering several different moving and shipping services options ranging from shipping boxes and household goods to shipping machinery and equipment. 

  7. Thank You For Watching To Know More, Visit Our Website Website Name: Phone Number: 8887225774