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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Business Clients PowerPoint Presentation
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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Business Clients

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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Business Clients - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many businesses acknowledge customers for supporting them through a challenging year — and they often do this through gifts. Picking the best one, however, can be tricky business. Click through this presentation for some unique gift and packaging ideas.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Business Clients

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creative box designs for insanely creative gifts

Creative Box Designs for

Insanely Creative Gifts

looking for a great gift idea of your client

Looking for a great gift idea of your client? Think food! Everybody loves food. We have a lot of packaging products specifically around food. If you're looking for something special hunt down your local winery. There'll be a great winery in your region and it always adds a special touch when you give a wine from your local region to one of your clients.

Looking for a way to package these gifts? Well this is where Pack Queen can help. We have hundreds of different products to make your product and gift package to your clients standout, whether it be our chocolate boxes or choose one of our wine boxes in different colours and styles, whether it be one, two or three wines in a box. We've got something that can cater for you and make your gift to your client unique and something that they will love.

Want to make your package a little bit more special? We can help with that by adding some branding to your package, whether that be printing on your box, a custom label,  

some tissue paper or even as simple as a custom

some tissue paper, or even as simple as a custom printed ribbon. We have some great ideas to help brand your box.

Another way that you can brand your box is by using the colour that represents your logo. We have lots of different colours, whether it be black, blue, green, red and a lot more that you can choose from. So you can add that colour into your gift package. Don't forget to add a little thank you note into your gift package to your customer. Customers love that. They want to know that their gift was personal and adding a little handwritten note is a great way to say that.

Another idea is, if you're not sure that food is the option for you, and you would rather give a great gift certificate, we have some amazing gift voucher boxes. Whether it be a small gift voucher box or a DL gift voucher pouch, you can add in that special message to your customer within that box or package and they'll be delighted to receive either one.

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PackQueen talks about how their wide collection of creative box designs can help create memorable unboxing memories.

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giving away some wine

Giving away some wine?

We manufacture wine boxes for different occasions. Browse through our website today to view our full range.