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Know About Retail High Risk Merchant Account Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Know About Retail High Risk Merchant Account Services

Know About Retail High Risk Merchant Account Services

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Know About Retail High Risk Merchant Account Services

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  1. Merchant Stronghold Accept Payment , Anytime , Anywhere With Merchant Stronghold’s Merchant Account Services.

  2. Introduction Retail Merchant Accounts are best suited for business that require transaction processing at the time of sale and categorized under Card Present Merchant Accounts. Merchant Stronghold can set it for your business anytime. It is sometimes referred as CP or Card Present account, it serves as the foundation for rate structure. Retail Merchant accounts need a smart, solid and fast process at the time of sale. Common examples of this type of transition are swipe or contactless payment system. Credit card is present when product is purchased, and because of it there is less chance of fraudulent transactions too. Because of less risk, low rates for such card present merchant accounts are best available.

  3. Here are some of the benefits that most merchants can expect by using our services: Set Up Customer Service Daily Funding Customer Service : Quality Customer Support that is ready to look into your queries anytime Set Up : Easy and Solid Set Up , Accept Payment 24/7 Daily Funding : Next Day Batch Settlement

  4. Things you should know about Retail Merchant Account It Is Obvious That Having Credit Card Present When Transaction Is Being Processes Will Reduce Chances Of Fraud. But There Are Other Variables As Well That Should Be Considered When Going For A Retail Merchant Account. One Example Can Be The Volume Of Transaction And Average Ticket Size. Consider Someone Is Selling Jelly Beans Or Any Other Product At A Mall. The Sale Of This Business Will Relatively Be Moderate Having Low Average Ticket Size. If Someone Purchases Couple Of Dollars Of Beans, Then There Won’t Be Any Big Risk To The Merchant. Chargebacks And Product Returns Will Not Be The Concern Of Business Owner. But If Average Ticket Size Increases, Risk Of Chargeback And Product Return Will Also Increase. If Price Of Product Is Increased, Means Customers Value The Quality Of Product. Retail Merchant Account In This Situation Can Save You Because You Will Be Safe From Frauds And High Risk. With Point Of Sale Software By Merchant Stronghold, Retailers Will Accept Payments Safely And Securely.

  5. Best Retail Products and Services Credit card acceptance is the major factor that can lift up your business. There is wide range of payment solutions that merchants can choose from. We provide all the services that will help business owners succeed in their industry

  6. Contact Information: Address: 10300 49th Street N Suite 427 Clearwater, FL 33762 Contact No: +1 (888) 622-6875 Fax Number: +1 (844) 465-4723 Email: Website: