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Pyramid Logistics offers TV Set transportation for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" PowerPoint Presentation
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Pyramid Logistics offers TV Set transportation for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

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Pyramid Logistics offers TV Set transportation for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pyramid Logistics feels pride to serve the industries with their studio transportation services throughout America.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Pyramid Logistics offers TV Set transportation for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"' - PMLogistics

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PyramidLogisticsoffersTVSettransportation for"Who WantsToBeAMillionaire"

PyramidLogistics feels pride toservetheindustrieswith their studio transportationservicesthroughout America. We have been successful inprovidingtheunbeatendeliveriesfrommany years forthemovies andphotoshoots.We are capable tomove everythingfromantiquestothe luxury vehicles.Wearecompletelyinsured andprovide definitedependabilityandsecurity.Whether youare preparationtoshoot formonths in few days timeorright away, we have acapableteamwho canworkonyourtimeframe,offeringyouthe transportationservicesyourequire.

ThemoviesetandtransportationdepartmentatPyramidLogistics consistsofa fleetofexclusively built equipmentsforthe movie industry.We are a knownname whorecognizestheparticulartransportationrequirementsofmoviestudios. So,wehavethe trailers,vans andtrucks totake careof thetransportationneeds tothe desired location. Feelfreetocallusat800-877-6687 andget intouch with Gene Smith,our studio transportationexpert torelish the peaceofmindthatcomesfromthe known factsthat yourmovie props andequipmentswill betakencareofby our highlyskilledprofessionals.

We providecustom-made53-foot trailerswith indoorheightsof up to10 feetforprops and stuff that needa closed trailer instead ofaflatbed transport.Wealsohave 12-foot side doors for trouble-freeloadingandunloading. Each trailerofoursis equipped witha fullE-TrackSystemsto easilystacktheobjectsondouble decks. Asour trailers canstack morethan 40%of a standardtrailer, we are proficient toputforwardlower transportationcoststoourstudios. Inadditiontothis,we canalsoprovideyouwith one-wayrates tothe East Coast,whichmostof theshipping companies denyoffering.

If youare lookingforwardtomovevehiclestoorfroma movie place,PyramidLogistics is aname thatoffersparticularautotransporters forany typeof car, truckorother vehicleof anysize.Movingvehiclesrequires anexceptional care andtreatment.PyramidLogisticsthereforehas the specialtytransportationsystems todealwiththis complexchore.Moviestudioshave showed dependencyon PyramidLogistics tomakesure that theirvehiclesreachtheir destinationsecurely, unspoiled andontimetotheir shootingplaces.We, at PyramidLogistics provide round-trip andmulti-stopservice. Ourvehiclescanbemovedtoany site, kept backas longas desiredandpickeduponyourschedule.

Inthemotionpicture industry, itis not strange tomake useof apropor avehicleonetime then not requireit againforsomemonths.During this downtime, PyramidLogistics canofferthestorage amenities tokeeptheseprops,vehiclesetc protected fromany harmandrobbery. Our safe warehouses,locatedacrossthecountry, serve asa harmless place tokeepthe equipments andotherobjectsfor any periodof timetoassist shootingin oneornumerous locations. So, feel freetogetin touch withus for any kindofmovievehicle transportation.


RonMorganisthemarketrepresentative forPyramidLogistics.PyramidLogisticsspecializesinstudiotransportation,trade showtransportation, mobile exhibit tours andelectronic transportationservicesthat are responsiblypriced, timely,efficient,damage freeandinconformitywith thehighest industrystandards.