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Dent removal Riverside CA PowerPoint Presentation
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Dent removal Riverside CA

Dent removal Riverside CA

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Dent removal Riverside CA

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  1. Paintless Dent Removal – Simple and Cost Effective There’s nothing that makes a car look tackier than a dent. You can be as careful as you want to be but it does not have to be your mistake for your car to be dented and before you know it value of your car decreases. If the dent is a big one then the repair bills are not affordable. There is also a simple and affordable technique known as paint less dent removal which can be very useful depending on the size of the dent.

  2. Get the Dents repaired ASAP • Getting the dents repaired as soon as possible is the way to go. Dents get worse with time causing a decrease in value. Paintless dent removal is cost-effective and does not require much work therefore, it is worth a go. There are different paintless dent removal methods; their success is mainly due to the paint flexibility. If the dent is a small one with no sharp corners, the paint simply stretches when dented.

  3. It’s not a DIY Job • It might sound like that it is very simple but the simplicity is only for the professionals, it does not mean that you become an auto body technician yourself overnight. If you do not have the right tools chances of cracking the paint are high which can cause more damage.

  4. Checklist Technicians might get the work started right away, but you can create and go through the checklist that can ensure you do not come back from an auto body shop without the getting the work done properly. Following is the checklist: • Make sure there is a distance of minimum 5” between the car edges and dents • Cracks should not be openly visible in the paint • Crack dept has to be shallow

  5. Professional Dent Removal Professionals know it right away, whether they will fix the problem using their methods or not. If any of the aforementioned requirements are not met, then you can choose a better time to get the job done. Let the technicians know in advance you are on the way by calling them this will ensure that the process is completed in much less time, and you will not have to return without getting the work done if the technicians are busy.

  6. NatalioBalderrama • This might well be the first time that you are hearing about dents being repaired in this manner. NatalioBalderrama was the founder of this method, it originated in Europe. Natalio brought it to America in 1983. Commercial auto body works have used this method since its inception but it also gaining popularity with every passing day.

  7. PDR-One Contact Details: Address: 5889 Kachina Drive Riverside, CA 92509 Number: (951) 318-1818 Email: Website: Thank you.