best solution for small dings and dents n.
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Best solution for Small Dings and Dents PowerPoint Presentation
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Best solution for Small Dings and Dents

Best solution for Small Dings and Dents

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Best solution for Small Dings and Dents

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  1. Best solution for Small Dings and Dents PDR or Paint less Dent Removal is a term used for different methods to fix small dents and dings on cars and other vehicles. Different kinds of damages can be fixed with this method. Some of the most common damages that can be repaired include stone dents or bumper repair.

  2. Equipment Used Paint less dent removal makes use of metal rods and body picks to push the dings and dents out from the inside. At times there is a special kind of adhesive used on the outside of the panel to pull the dents out. In both of these instances, to make the surface smooth, flat and shiny it involves tapping down of the dents and dings to get rid of small spots.

  3. The experts access the dents from different openings such as the windows, or by taking out the headlights or tail lights, they also gain access through wheel well openings. Once the access is gained to the inside of the dent, required amount of pressure is applied to the dent until it is removed. Since paint less dent removal works from inside of the dents, it does not require any putty work or sanding. PDR can be used on both steel and aluminum panels. An experienced and highly skilled professional can have a 100% success rate when it comes to removing dents using paint less dent removal procedure. These different procedures and tools have a lot of flexibility. One of the best parts about paint less dent removal is that once it is done there are no marks from any dents. Following are few of the many advantages that paint less dent removal has:

  4. No repainting is required

  5. Nobody filler is used

  6. It doesn’t cost as much as the traditional dent removal method

  7. It doesn’t take as long as traditional dent removal method, in fact it only takes few hours

  8. There is no need to spray paint over the affected areas

  9. Absolutely no risk of color damage

  10. The affected remains looks as good as new