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13 Dating Tips for Men on Attracting The Ideal Woman PowerPoint Presentation
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13 Dating Tips for Men on Attracting The Ideal Woman

13 Dating Tips for Men on Attracting The Ideal Woman

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13 Dating Tips for Men on Attracting The Ideal Woman

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  1. 13 Innovative Dating Tips For Men That Helps You Attract Your Ideal Girl… Finally Puts You In charge of The Game

  2. What You’ll Learn? • Choosing a Girl to go Out with? • How to Ask Her Out? • Where to Take Her? • How to Behave on a Date? • Whether You “Click” or not

  3. 1. How to Choose Her?

  4. If you want to meet someone new, then you have to get out and find her. Finding her seems hard especially if you put too many preconditions for “Ms Right.” • Let’s agree one thing here, There’s NO “Mr./Ms Right” it’s just something we create ourselves. All you need to do is look for someone you like.

  5. You Can Meet Online or Offline

  6. Look for someone with similar interest e.g. you go to the same club, church or like the same social activity. That way, when you meet up, you’ll have something relatable to talk about. • If She’s new in town, try finding common things that interest both of you like adventures, games or movies you like watching (there is always something).

  7. 2. What about the Qualities? • Yes, you’ll need to look at some few basic qualities (like she’s not a minor & not your sister… etc) to see whether you can match up (though this is meant to be basic). IMPORTANT NOTE • Make Sure You “Like” or have some feelings (chemistry) for her.

  8. Chemistry is You Touching My Mind & Setting my Body on Fire… Anonymous Make Sure You have feeling for her

  9. 3. Asking Her Out • This seems to be the most challenging of all but somehow separates you from all other guys who check her out. • Let me be frank with you: All single ladies long to be asked out. They might play hard to get but the fact that you asked her out means a lot to her. • Be Confident & Simply Ask Her Out

  10. So How do I Do It? • You might be surprised to learn that she was also checking you out secretly. • All you need to do is Smile and strike a conversation with her. You could start with introducing your self, asking her name, then strike a conversation on fun stuff she might be interested in. • Then Simply Ask Her Out.

  11. 4. What if She Say’s No? Yes, She might say No for various reasons; • She’s Not Ready (You Could Ask her again next time) or • She doesn’t want a relationship with you. Okay don’t Freak Out over this, she’s human and probably has her reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship e.g. She might be in another serious relationship or something. • Simply Move on Bro, it’s not the end of the World.

  12. Still Un-decided?

  13. If “Yes” Then What? • Congratulations! You have already passed the test many men fail at. • Now be sure to have her contacts and schedule the date (Tell her Where & When… It’s important).

  14. 5. Where Should You take Her?

  15. There is no set rule for this but it should be a place where both of you feel comfortable talking to each other (Public Places will be perfect). • If she’s sporty then you could go to one nice sports activity, if she’s not find some creative places to take her e.g. skating or simply take her for coffee at a nice joint (most women prefer going on a coffee date…I don’t know why but they do, but ask her what she likes and feels comfortable with).

  16. Should I take Her to my house? • Well, No! No! No! • This will most likely Freak her out & she’ll probably think you only want her for Sex only. • She needs to Trust you enough to come to your place. • There are many public places you could take her to.

  17. 6.First Date Tips • Congrats for coming this far, You’ve been able to ask a girl you like out and even got a positive date. • You don’t want to spoil that victory. • First be familiar with the place you’ll go to. If you don’t already know it then find out. If it’s a restaurant find out the prices on the menu & see if you can afford them.

  18. Before the Date • Call Her before the date to confirm if she’s still on or not.

  19. Prepare for the Date Prepare for the date, Look Good; You need to show her that you can at least take good care of yourself & she can therefore trust you. Don’t be Fooled, First Impressions really matter.

  20. 7. How Do You make Your Date Successful?

  21. Mind Your Manners • Ask to pick her up (if need be) if not arrive early like 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This will help you acclimatize yourself with the place etc.

  22. Remember Chivalry • It is great to show her she’s special even if she doesn’t demand it. You’ll need to open the door for her, pull a seat for her plus all what all gentle men should do for their ladies.

  23. First Dates Rules Here are Six Things Women expect from Men on a First date in order of importance; • Be Punctual (very important) • Compliment her on her dressing and look • Ask her questions • Help with the date’s cost • Pull a chair for her • Smell as good as You look

  24. 8. What to Talk about? • Don’t have pressure like it’s a big time interview and try not to make it one. • It should be fun and both of you should feel comfy. • Find common things to talk about, this is where common interest play a huge role (if she’s new in town, ask her about where she came from & how she’s finding the new town like).

  25. 9. Make it About Her • You asked her out to get to know her better, now you need to keep distractions away. Keep your phone away for a while, focus your attention on her. • Make the discussions revolve about stories or things she’s interested in. If she’s bored with that story of you & soccer, please change the subject. Remember it’s about “Her” not “You”

  26. 10.What if things don’t go as planned? What if there’s a Huge Traffic or some mishap? • Simply relax • Communicate with her, she’s human and will try to understand the situation. • Just don’t keep her waiting in vain (if you can’t make it, tell her early enough).

  27. 11. Is She my “Ms Right ”?

  28. Is She my “Ms Right ”? • You’ll never know for sure on a first date if she’s the right one for you, though you’ll be able to see if she likes you too. • You need to have an open mind that if the two of you don’t “Click” you’ll have made a new friend. • Don’t put pressure on her or yourself over the matter.

  29. 12. Should You Pay the Bill? • If you took her to a restaurant, offer to pay the bill. • If you took her to a sport activity she likes, buy the tickets for both of you. NB: It won’t harm you if you pay, plus she expects you to.

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