product data entry service a vital ingredient n.
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How does a Good Product Data Entry Service Boost your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How does a Good Product Data Entry Service Boost your Business

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How does a Good Product Data Entry Service Boost your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Commerce store needs to be managed and updated on a regular basis. An online store has thousands of products listed and thus companies find it difficult to handle the volumes of data input required to maintain or to keep your online store updated with the latest information.nnFor more clarification send mail inquiry to

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How does a Good Product Data Entry Service Boost your Business

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product data entry service a vital ingredient

Product Data Entry Service- A Vital Ingredient in Business Development

Consider you are an established company doing business via online portals and are using catalogs for

product display to inform your customers about your products and bringing in direct sales. It

becomes crucial that you use the best product description and catalog services so as to highlight

your product and its features to potential buyers.

A well written product description and specifications can help boost your business and also gain

popularity among the general masses. It is deemed vital to have a good Product Data Entry service to

give your business the extra leverage that is missing among your peers.

What are the steps involved in a Product Data Entry Service?

1.Sourcing Product Information from Manufacturer: The first step to a good product data

entry service is to start from the grass root level, i.e. source the product information from

the third party from whom the products are being purchased. This will include a basic

understanding of the product and the audience it caters too.

2.Writing Product Descriptions: Once the basic research is done, it is time to actually sit down

and write the product description. This should be done keeping the target audience in mind.

New and trendy product description ideas which resonate with the audience should be

developed to gain a good reception from your customer.

3.Entering Product Features and Specifications: A good product description has an even

better product feature and specifications charted out. These features should be written in a

crisp and short way without being too vague

crisp and short way without being too vague or too elaborate. These features are entered in

a systematic and organized format.

4.Adding Images for Products: Once the product details are finalized, images which

accompany the description are linked to the descriptions. These images are first retouched

as per the requirement of the client by using the photo editing techniques and then added

to the product description.

5.Adding product Pricing: The pricing of the product is then associated with the product

description as per the details provided by the client. Other options like size charts for

clothing, shoes, and other such ecommerce sites can also be added.

6.Updating Product Information: Regular update of product information at par with the

changing market trends are another feature that the data entry service ensures so that your

product stays in the limelight for a longer time.

How can your business gain momentum by outsourcing your Product Data Entry needs?

Trained professionals in catalog management systems

Protocol adherence to editorial content

Trendy product description

Cost-effective services

Saves time and resources

Key Takeaway: When you look for an outsourcing partner, ensure that the service provider is

flexibility to add, delete and modify the product listing on the catalog, as per your requirements

without an additional/hidden costs involved. At Outsource Dataworks, our talented pool of product/

catalog data entry experts are adept at updating product descriptions, categories, product listing

and so on. To know more about our services and offers contact us today.

For more clarification send mail inquiry to