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be aware of orlando hernandez vmhg n.
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Orlando Hernandez & VMHG PowerPoint Presentation
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Orlando Hernandez & VMHG

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Orlando Hernandez & VMHG
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Orlando Hernandez & VMHG

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  1. Be aware of Orlando Hernandez & VMHG

  2. Orlando Hernandez The  company, Victory Marine Holdings Corp. is headed by Orlando Hernandez. The company and its director can best be described, in a word, as a shark. This fraudster Orlando, signed a contract with Steinberg Valentino and is now liable for breach of contract. This disreputable creature Orlando Hernandez goes about cheating money from companies that deal with him.

  3. Orlando Hernandez & VMHG

  4. Orlando Hernandez & VMHG The Victory Yachts is a complete hoax, run by a Thief of a director who loots the other companies after trapping them in contracts. One of the company that this hyena i.e Orlando has recently entrapped is our own company, Steinberg Valentino. Steinberg Valentino had business investor relationship with VMHG. Orlando Hernandez The villain Orlando Hernandez purposely stated in the contract that payment would be done after the work is finished. A beautiful manipulation and a web of deceit since these villains had no intention of paying at all as we found later. Despite our professionalism and efficient  work performance, they saw fit to make fools out of us.

  5. Orlando Hernandez Steinberg Valentino after accomplishing its job, requested payment from Victory Marine Holdings Corp. In short, VMHG did not pay and started evading calls. An invoice of five thousand dollars were sent to them which they completely ignored. When we became insistent, they became quite nasty and rude. Their demeanour was down right violent and abusive. We then contacted Orlando Hernandez, an absolute scoundrel. He showed his true colours and started yelling on the phone.

  6. Orlando Hernandez & VMHG Dealing with VMHG has been very detrimental to Steinberg Valentino. Orlando Hernandez looted us out of our rightfully earned money. Our company has suffered a loss of five thousand dollars. This trashy VMHG and this Orlando Rascal owes Steinberg Valentino money. Also, this Rascal and Co were highly unprofessional, coarse and rude in their dealings. They were a complete waste of our energy and time.

  7. Orlando Hernandez & VMHG https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/orlando-hernandez/fl-miami-33138/orlando-hernandez-is-a-manipulating-rascal-beware-of-this-scoundrel-and-his-company-vict-1474747 Anyone who wants to work with this Fraudster company should do so at their own risk. It would definitely be wiser to avoid these backstabbing, vile and low life thieves altogether. They are nothing but a bunch of rogues running this trashy company. All they are fit for is how to cheat hard working and honest men out of their money. Their business ethics and morals are wholly non existent. Their tactic is to entrap the other company into fulfilling their part of the deal. The moment they get what they wanted, they make a run for it similar to a shoplifter or a pickpocket. Asking Orlando Hernandez for payment has been equivalent to tracking down thieves to retrieve the stolen money. Apart from this, the Orlando rascal tried intimidation tactics just like back alley thugs to avoid payment and get away with fraud. Steinberg Valentino is really disgusted to have had business dealings with this despicable company.

  8. Orlando Hernandez & VMHG https://www.facebook.com/Orlando-Hernandez-345909322685794/ Facebook Linkedin Webpage Address https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/orlando-hernandez/fl-miami-33138/orlando-hernandez-is-a-manipulating-rascal-beware-of-this-scoundrel-and-his-company-vict-1474747 https://www.linkedin.com/company/orlando-hernandez/ FL, Miami, United States