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Loading ……. Click image or enter here. Welcome to Aquatic Images. Aquariums * Water features * Fish * Contract maintenance. The 5-minute guide to selecting your new, professionally installed and maintained aquarium or water feature from Aquatic Images next.

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Click image or enter here

welcome to aquatic images

Welcome to Aquatic Images

Aquariums * Water features * Fish * Contract maintenance

The 5-minute guide to selecting your new, professionally installed and maintained aquarium or water feature from Aquatic Images


The contents of this presentation are copyrighted to Aquatic Images 2001

welcome to your new aquarium
Welcome to your new aquarium

Here at Aquatic Images we believe that owning an aquarium should be hassle free and fun. We are a small company dedicated to providing a quality, personal service. I would like to thank you for your interest in our company and hope that you enjoy choosing your new aquarium or water feature.

I look forward to meeting you personally in the near future.

Anton Immink, Managing Director


how to use the guide
How to use the guide
  • This simple step by step guide assists you in selecting the correct aquatic feature for you and your surroundings
  • Simply click on the appropriate link-text on each slide
  • Each screen is a step closer to the right aquarium for you
  • Finally, contact us to confirm your choice.

(Simply click on the anywhere in the presentation for our details or to finish.)


a little extra information
A little extra information
  • Please note that this presentation is for information purposes only. It is designed to allow you to explore the possibility of owning a fully serviced aquarium from Aquatic Images.
  • Any choices that you make during this presentation are not recorded and hence Aquatic Images has no record of them. When you have made your choice, please contact Anton.




i am choosing an aquarium for
I am choosing an aquarium for
  • My office • My business
  • My home • A gift
  • I have one already, but want another
  • I just want to know about your maintenance contracts, thanks
  • My local restaurant • Sports centre
  • A retirement home • Not listed

Sorry, I don’t have time now, e-mail me

what kind of office
What kind of office?
  • My own, private office
  • A shared office
  • An open-plan office
  • The home office
  • The reception area
  • More than one of the above
  • None of the above
where in the business
Where in the business?
  • My own, private office
  • A shared office
  • An open-plan office
  • The reception area
  • The canteen
  • More than one of the above
  • None of the above
where at home
Where at home?
  • Lounge • Kitchen
  • Dining room • Study
  • Bedroom • Bathroom
  • We could integrate the aquatic feature into a wall or furniture
  • More than one of the above
  • None of the above
where to go now
Where to go now
  • If we have not covered your needs, no problem, give us a call - or an e-mail - and we can discuss the possibilities at your convenience.
  • In the meantime, let’s discuss the type of aquarium, fish and service package that’s right for you.


a gift what a great idea
A gift, what a great idea!
  • Imagine the amazement at this original gift.
  • With an all-in contract, this fantastic gift will not need to be maintained by the recipient - or you.
  • If you visit often, you will enjoy too.
  • Years of pleasure.
  • We can find something to suit!
what is the purpose of your aquarium
What is the purposeof your aquarium?
  • For the enjoyment of others
  • For my own enjoyment
  • Because fish are cool
  • For relaxation
  • As a feature
  • As a room divider
  • To fill a dark corner
  • To cover some of the wall/floor

If you would like to see some more fish pics, click here

maybe a custom built aquarium would suit you best
Maybe a custom-built aquarium would suit you best?
  • For an odd corner.
  • To fill a hole, whole.
  • A custom-built aquarium allows you to fulfil your needs perfectly.
  • Installation and maintenance of specialised units is no problem.
  • More of a talking point.

If this is the right choice, click here

or perhaps a ready-to-fill aquarium?

something practical and elegant may be just what you need
Something practical and elegant may be just what you need
  • A ready-to-fill model provides flexibility and convenience.
  • In most situations a standard aquarium will fit beautifully.
  • Standard doesn’t mean square - even these come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Simple to install and maintain.

If this is the right choice, click here

Or consider a purpose-built aquarium?

here are a few thoughts about choosing your fish
Here are a few thoughtsabout choosing your fish

Goldfish are fun and colourful. There is a surprising variety available to ensure your display is eye-catching. Ideal for short-term feature units.

Tropical freshwater fish are very varied and provide opportunities for fantastic single-species displays and many different environmental set-ups.

Marine fish are beautiful, but typically require more care. A marine aquarium makes a stunning permanent display.


all fish prefer
All fish prefer
  • A constant temperature, out of direct sunlight
  • Not too many people rushing passed
  • Someone to check on them
  • fish in the shower
  • fish in the breakfast bar
  • include your company logo

Is there something novel we could do?


we have discussed the aquarium and the fish now let s explore which service would suit you best
We have discussed the aquarium and the fish, now let’s explore which service would suit you best
  • Installation and maintenance contract for a new aquarium leased from us
  • Installation and maintenance contract for a new aquarium purchased from us
  • Maintenance contract for an existing aquarium
  • Some advice about keeping fish
installation and maintenance
Installation and Maintenance
  • Leased. If you choose to lease an aquarium from us, this will allow you the freedom to change your aquarium easily in the future. Leasing is usually only for standard set-ups, but we are flexible.

details of purchased or next

installation and maintenance21
Installation and Maintenance
  • Purchased. Purchasing your own aquarium from Aquatic Images

allows you total flexibility in the design and specification. This is the best value option if you plan to keep the same aquarium for several years.

details of leased or next

installation and maintenance22
Installation and Maintenance
  • Even if you already have an aquarium, we can still offer you our premium maintenance services. We can upgrade parts of your equipment and for contract customers we’ll even provide the fish!


tailor made to your needs
Tailor-made to your needs
  • We will arrange all visits to suit you best, usually on a monthly basis.
  • We select high-quality fish. The best for your display.
  • A maintenance contract makes owning an aquarium hassle-free.
  • Owning an aquarium is fun. next
thank you for visiting
Thank you for visiting

Aquatic Images

To find out more, or to arrange an appointment,

contact Anton or visit our website


PO Box 29, Bulwell, Notts

Tel: 0115 7474501

Fax: 0115 7474501

Mobile: 07770 727801

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