tata motors explores fdi into romania n.
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Tata Motors Explores FDI into Romania PowerPoint Presentation
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Tata Motors Explores FDI into Romania

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Tata Motors Explores FDI into Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tata Motors Explores FDI into Romania. An analysis of opportunity. STRT 571 May 3, 2010 Section 44. Mark Bagin Tim DuBoff Khurram Hasan Eugene Pangalos Jeff Steckmest. Tata Motors Overview . Who is Tata? Maker of passenger cars, buses, trucks and tractor-trailers

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tata motors explores fdi into romania

Tata Motors Explores FDI into Romania

An analysis of opportunity

STRT 571

May 3, 2010

Section 44

Mark Bagin

Tim DuBoff


Eugene Pangalos

Jeff Steckmest

tata motors overview
Tata Motors Overview
  • Who is Tata?
    • Maker of passenger cars, buses, trucks and tractor-trailers
    • Largest Indian car manufacturer, maker of Tata Nano, which is the cheapest car in the world (priced at approximately $2,500)
    • Consolidated revenues of Rs.71 thousand crores (USD 14 billion) in 2008-09
    • Acquired the Jaguar and Land Rover brands from Ford for about $2.3 billion
  • What are Tata’s key strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strong position in its core Indian market
    • Strong R&D capability and industry leader in low-cost car design and production
    • Saddled with a large debt load from its recent acquisition (high debt-to-equity ratios vs. industry)
    • Lack of significant manufacturing base in any country outside India
  • Tata’s strategy and reasons for FDI
    • Two-tiered strategy of competing in the luxury cars segment (acquisition of Jaguar - Land Rover) and the low-cost cars segment
    • Expansion into global markets beyond the core Indian market.
    • Tata has already entered into distribution alliances and acquired

brands or manufacturing facilities in countries such as UK,

Spain and Thailand.

    • Planned introduction of NanoEuropa in Europe in 2012

Current Distribution Network

eu auto market and romania
EU Auto Market and Romania
  • Where should Tata sell and


    • Demand increasing for small

passenger cars in the EU

    • Production in Romania has many


      • Low labor costs $2.23 per hour

Romania vs. $2.75 for Tata motors

      • In EU (geographic advantage)
      • Immunity from tariffs (10% for firms producing outside of EU)
  • How could Tata take advantage?
    • Build a new auto plant in Romania
    • Manufacture cars in Romania and export to the EU

Cars Sold in Europe 2006-2009

Number of Units Sold* (in Millions)

*EU 15 and EFTA

romania s trilemma
Romania’s Trilemma

Free Capital


On Euro


Sovereign Monetary


Pegged Exchange


the overall picture
The Overall Picture
  • Unfavorable Business Considerations
    • Investment Scale Exceeds Current Capability:
      • Inability to purchase any existing auto production plants will force Tata to invest in a brand-new facility costing ~$600 million
      • Large debt load will makes it unfeasible to undertake such a large FDI at this point
    • Long Timeframe to Recoup Investment: NPV analysis reveals an unreasonably long-time frame of 12 years to recoup investment
    • Unproven Demand for Tata: While the overall European demand for low-cost cars is increasing, Tata’s brand is unproven in Europe
  • Recommendation
    • Although Romania remains a favorable political and macro-economic environment, analysis of business factors reveal a different picture
    • Recommendation is to NOT pursue FDI in Romania at this point until European demand solidifies and Tata finances improve