penguin facts by mrs worthington s class l.
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Penguin Facts by Mrs. Worthington’s Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Penguin Facts by Mrs. Worthington’s Class

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Penguin Facts by Mrs. Worthington’s Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Penguin Facts by Mrs. Worthington’s Class. Adelie Penguins by Marshall Beard. These facts will be on Adelie penguins. An Adelie has little eyes, fat body and a little head. They nest together in a loud colony. There size is 28inches. They usually lay 2 eggs.

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adelie penguins by marshall beard
Adelie Penguins by Marshall Beard
  • These facts will be on Adelie penguins.
  • An Adelie has little eyes, fat body and a little head.
  • They nest together in a loud colony.
  • There size is 28inches.
  • They usually lay 2 eggs.
  • They live for a long time without food.
blubber by landon diekhoff
Blubberby Landon Diekhoff
  • Blubber is fat under the animal’s skin.
  • Blubber keeps the penguins warm.
  • Penguins are warm- blooded.
camouflage by tanner carman
Camouflageby Tanner Carman
  • If a predator is hunting it has a hard time finding it.
  • Penguins bellies are white like clouds. The backs are dark like the dark water.
cr che by brady gosnell
Crécheby Brady Gosnell
  • Chicks spend most of their time there.
  • This is a creche where they huddle or it is called a nursery.
emperor penguins by trenton brogan
Emperor Penguinsby Trenton Brogan
  • It is one of the different kinds of penguins.
  • My penguin is close to 100 pounds.
  • The mother penguin lays one egg.
  • Emperor penguins home is the Antarctic Ocean.
  • They’re about 4 feet tall.
  • Emperor penguins eat fish, squid, and krill.
flippers by destiny ogden
Flippersby Destiny Ogden
  • Penguins use their flippers to swim.
  • They wiggle their flippers to find a mate.
  • They hold their flippers when they are hot.
food by chad scudder
Foodby Chad Scudder
  • They eat mainly, fish , squid, and krill.
  • Did you know the mom takes over when the dad takes off? The same way with mom.
  • They do not eat for two months.
gentoo penguins by cassandra ogden
Gentoo Penguinsby Cassandra Ogden
  • It is very shy.
  • They are black and white.
  • They also have a white headband.
  • They eat fish, krill and squid.
  • It gets its way out all fights.
  • It is 28 to 32 inches long.
  • They are 12 to 14 pounds.
little blue or fairy penguins by karissa france
Little Blue or Fairy Penguinsby Karissa France
  • They’re the smallest penguins in the world.
  • Little Blue Penguins are only 16 inches tall.
  • They live in warm weather.
  • They’re only two and a half pounds.
  • They have no defense against enemies.
  • Fairy Penguins have nests in burrows.
  • These penguins live in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.
macaroni penguins reid mcclintic
Macaroni PenguinsReid McClintic
  • It has a thick layer of fat that helps.
  • It keeps them to stay warm.
  • It has long orange feathers on it’s head.
  • It has long orange feathers on it’s head
  • It eats fish, squid, and krill.
  • It lays only two eggs.
  • The word porpoising means leaping and diving long distances
  • They shoot out of the water.
  • They can hold there breath for 20 minutes .You can find porpoising on page 16 and 17.
predators by keaton atchley
Predatorsby Keaton Atchley
  • Killer whales eat all kinds of penguins.
  • Leopard seals eat penguins.
  • Sea lions eat penguins.
  • Skuas eat baby penguins.
  • Gulls eat baby penguins.
  • Orcas eat baby penguins.
  • Sheathbills eat baby penguins.
rockhopper penguins by louis moore
Rockhopper PenguinsBy Louis Moore
  • Rockhopper penguins would rather hop than waddle.
  • They have crested feathers on their heads.
  • They live in southern South America.
rookery by alden westhafer
Rookeryby Alden Westhafer
  • Rookery is where the babies are born.
  • It is a penguin’s nesting area.
  • There are about 100 or more penguins in a rookery.
tobogganing by paige clifford
Tobogganingby Paige Clifford
  • Penguins slide on their stomach to get away fast from their enemies and they are excellent swimmers
  • They also do tobogganing for fun.
  • When they get tired of walking they start sliding on their stomach. Toboggan is faster than walking.