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Penguin Chick

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Penguin Chick. Author: Betty Tatham Illustrator: Helen K. Davie Genre: Expository Nonfiction Skill: Main Idea/Details. Question of the Week. How have animals adapted to solve the problems of their environment?. Listen as I read “Swamp Scramblers.” Objectives:

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penguin chick
Penguin Chick
  • Author: Betty Tatham
  • Illustrator: Helen K. Davie
  • Genre: Expository Nonfiction
  • Skill: Main Idea/Details
question of the week
Question of the Week
  • How have animals adapted to solve the problems of their environment?
Listen as I read “Swamp Scramblers.”


  • Build vocabulary by finding words related to the lesson concept.
  • Listen for main idea and details.
  • I will model appropriate pacing and use expression based on punctuation.
listening comprehension
Listening Comprehension
  • Identify the topic, the main idea, and one supporting detail of the selection.
  • In what ways are mudskippers and other fish similar? In what ways are they different?
main idea and details
Main Idea and Details


  • Identify main idea and details
  • Use graphic organizers to show main idea and details.
  • Imagine that this is the main idea of an article you’re going to read.
  • What are some of the details you might read about?
main idea and details10
Main Idea and Details

Let’s read page 150.

  • When we look for the main idea of a selection, we look for what is implied as the most important idea. Supporting details tell us more about the main idea.
  • Graphic organizers, such as charts and graphs, can help us recognize the main idea and tell the difference between it and the supporting details.
main idea and details11
Main Idea and Details

Let’s read the first paragraph on p. 151 and look for the main ideas and supporting details.

  • I think that this selection is all about Antarctica because all the paragraphs tell about this continent. I decided that the main idea of the first paragraph is that in Antarctica, thick ice covers the


main idea continued
Main Idea, continued.

A graphic organizer can help you see the difference between the main idea and the supporting details.

In some places, the ice is almost 3 miles thick.


Thick ice covers the continent.

Beneath the ice are mountains and valleys.

main idea continued13
Main idea, continued.

Let’s read the second paragraph and make a graphic organizer.


The weather is harsh.

build background
Build Background
  • Let’s make a quick KWL chart. You have 2 minutes to add as many things are you know about penguins, especially Emporer penguins.
  • Now think of some questions you have about penguins, and we will add to our chart.

Know Want to Know Learned


Words to Know

  • cuddles
  • flippers
  • frozen
  • hatch
  • pecks
  • preen
  • snuggles
more words to know
More Words to Know
  • rookery
  • squid


To smooth or arrange feathers with a beak



Lies close and comfortably together; cuddles


The baby cub snuggles closely

to its mother to stay warm.

small groups
Small Groups
  • Read leveled readers.
  • I will model appropriate pacing as I read “Swamp Scramblers.”

Listen to the punctuation, as I pause slightly after each comma and a bit longer after periods and before and after the dashes.

penguin chick41

Penguin Chick


Define and identify common nouns.

Define and identify proper nouns.

Use common and proper nouns in writing.

Become familiar with noun assessment on high-stakes tests.

Day 1


Does penguins live in alaska?

Do penguins live in Alaska?

  • The feemale bird look for food.

The female bird looks for food.

reading grammar connection
Reading-Grammar Connection

But on the ice in Antarctica, there are no twigs or leaves.

  • The words ice, twigs, and leaves are common nouns. They nameany person, place, or thing.
  • Antarctica is a proper noun. Itnames a particular place andbegins with a capital letter
penguin chick45

Penguin Chick


Spell words with syllable patterns V/CV and VC/V.

Day 1