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San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum PowerPoint Presentation
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San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum

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San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum. A professional forum to educate the public about the threat of wildfires and what future changes are necessary to protect the San Diego Region. Photo: Joe Carstensen. Our Focus Areas Existing problems Proposed solutions

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San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum

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    1. San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum A professional forum to educate the public about the threat of wildfires and what future changes are necessary to protect the San Diego Region Photo: Joe Carstensen

    2. Our Focus Areas • Existing problems • Proposed solutions • What are the next steps?

    3. Impact of too many fires 1970 1970 & 2001 Keeley, Brennan (unplug.) 1970, 2001, & 2003 Photo: Richard W. Halsey

    4. 2003 Cedar and 2007 Witch Fires overlap Photos: Wayne Spencer

    5. Regionalization • Too many organizations providing too few services; 67 different fire departments in region. • Develop a comprehensive plan for regional fire protection in San Diego County with timelines for implementation. • Identify funding, existing or added, for the development of a regional fire protection agency.

    6. Mutual Aid • Procure enough fire apparatus to allow as many firefighters as possible to engage in major fires. • Secure a seat for San Diego at the South Ops Multi Agency Coordination System (MACS). • Create a San Diego MACS for deployment of fire resources in San Diego County.

    7. Staffing and Apparatus • Create plan to equip an off-duty division with apparatus to deploy in the event of a major incident. • Develop and deliver classes to train citizens and organize retired professional firefighters to assist in the protection of neighborhoods. • Each agency should have reserve apparatus on a one-to-one ratio with first line units.

    8. Public Notification/Evacuation/Care and • Formalize and publish evacuation plan for county of San Diego. • Residents must learn how to prepare their property for a wildfire, and know when to evacuate or whether to stay and defend. • The county needs to improve its evacuation strategies and plans for care and shelter for future emergencies.

    9. Land Use and Fuel A. Location C. Fuel Management B. Building Design

    10. Building and Fire Code • For existing structures, create at least 100-feet of defensible space and replace combustible roofing. • County/Cities need to adopt updated uniform fire codes for new homes and developments. • Add (and retain) inspectors to increase overall enforcement and mitigation efforts.

    11. Improving Aerial • San Diego City and County need to acquire additional fire/rescue helicopters. • Develop and sign a local memorandum of understanding (MOU) with all local branches of the military. • Contract for additional air assets.

    12. Technological Explore and apply the best technology for communications and fire behavior predictions. Continue to enhance real-time fire behavior status using radar, thermal imaging, mapping, etc. Effective targeted evacuation models and technologies need to be acquired.

    13. Blue Ribbon Task Force • More fire fighters • More fire engines • More aircraft (night vision capable) • Improved technology and tactics • Fire safe construction and improved land use decisions Note: These recommendations remain unchanged from the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission Task Force.

    14. Economics And • The economic impact of the 2007 fires is estimated to be $1 Billion. • Identify fire protection cost vs. fire loss potential. • Recognize the economic advantages of having fire resources that can be quickly deployed.

    15. What Now? Leadership and Accountability

    16. California Constitution Article 13 Taxation Sec 35 (A) • Elected Official’s Responsibilities • The people of the state of California find and declare: • Public Safety services are critically important to the security and well being of the State’s citizens and to the growth and revitalizations of the states economic base. • (2) The protection of the public safety is the first responsibility of local government and local officials have an obligation to give priority to the provision of adequate public safety services

    17. What Now? First and foremost, organize and fund a consolidated regional fire department.Develop and implement standards of coverage that would be used by all fire departments in the region.

    18. What Now? Make Your Voice Heard!!

    19. What Now? Develop a relationship with your elected officials. This dialogue would include future strategies for fire safety.

    20. What Now? Regional Fire Protection Needs To Be Priority #1

    21. • Fire protection issues identified • Recommended solutions • Contact Information for Elected officials (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) Click here for list of all San Diego Public Officials (PDF File) Click here for Public Official list (based on your address)

    22. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein