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OSU Business School

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OSU Business School.

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osu business school
OSU Business School
  • To be successful in life, one must find ways to standout from the competition, to be one-of-a-kind in a crowd of mediocrity. OSU Business School will take you there. It will take you to professors who have years of knowledge waiting for you. It will take you to alumni, through which you can make important business contacts and get a foot in the door. It will take you to new friends who share your interests, so that together you can pursue your passion with the support of your peers. It will take you anywhere you want to go.
  • There are many fields within business, from marketing to accounting to entrepreneurship and more. By coming to OSU, you can learn about all of these fields and figure out which fuels your thirst for knowledge. By learning from those who have worked in the field, you will not only learn about your option, but learn what it takes to be successful in the workplace.
  • Once you have found your calling, there are many student-run organizations in order to find those students who share your business interests. These organizations can teach you more you will ever learn in the classroom and you will develop friendships which will turn into business contacts and last a lifetime.
  • OSU Business School will prepare you for more than a job, but for a career in the area that you love. It will be the spark to your fire, propelling you to the success of which you always dreamed. Come here to learn and never look back
There was once a time when our parents and grandparents decision to go to college was an easy one because college was not an essential tool needed to be successful. Today things have changed along with the competition in the business world. A kid today needs a college degree to even be considered in most business organizations. Oregon State has made giant strides in the progress of its business school and is helping kids today become successful in life. It is preparing students in ways never before with leading innovations and classes along with professors that are respected world wide. The decision is easy, if you want to make something of yourself in life, why not choose Oregon State.


From Elise McClure with Starbucks

To Al Reser, Founder of Reser’s Fine Foods

And Bernie Newcomb the man who started it all at E-Trade

The COB is where future stars of business are born!

From our premium professors to our inspiring international exchanges to our superb student organizations we truly differentiate ourselves

Do you want to be the best in your industry ?

Do you want set yourself apart ?

Do you want to bring in the BIG BUCKS ?

Then the COB here at OSU is the place for you!!!

Truly, it comes down to its better to be an angry beaver than a stupid little duck!!!

And where else can you find a professor like Don Neubaum.

That is reason enough to join the COB at OSU

You are about to enter a forest of knowledge. Tall Trunks of turmoil and trouble will stand in your way and tower over you. It is up to you to waddle aimlessly as a duck, or blaze a trail as a beaver!

OSU college of business matters. We matter because we give opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs. We matter because our courses are constantly reevaluated and adjusted for changing generations.

Let the orange and black run through your veins and fight out any green and yellow viruses trying to contaminate you.

To be challenged, be a beaver, to find encouragement, be a beaver, to learn your own potential, be a beaver, to pursue all of your goals in full confidence, be a beaver!

The college of business will give you the teeth to chop down trees. The college of business will help you learn to use your tail to swim. And the college of business will teach you how to build your future.


OSU’s College of Business creates a quality education for each student that can firmly fit their feet into its foundation.

A sustainable vision is always in sight and a better beaver is the product of each eager achiever. So no matter what a duck says about this beaver nation, the words run off our backs with each and every graduation.

all roads lead to osu business school
All Roads Lead to OSU Business School

As high school seniors, your path of preliminary education has come to an end. You are about to embark on a bold, new path, but let me tell you, no matter what road you choose, it will lead you to the OSU Business School.

As an Engineer or Architect, it is important to learn how to budget projects. As a Pharmaceutical Representative, you have to know how to market your products as well as your self. As a Psychiatrist, Artist, Apparel Designer, knowing basic entrepreneurial guidelines will help establish your reputation. All of these skills needed to become any of these careers can be acquired through classes offered by the Oregon State University Business School.

You may ask, “Why should I care about this school?” You should care because this school prepares you for the path of everyday life. This school will teach you how to balance things like your checkbook as well as your goals. This school will teach you how to manage your time. This school will teach you to organize your papers, your projects and your perseverance for success.

The OSU Business School matters to every single one of you seniors, and if you decide to join, the Oregon State University Business School will help construct the road of your future.