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Industrial Solutions from Nor-Par a.s PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Solutions from Nor-Par a.s

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Industrial Solutions from Nor-Par a.s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supplying and trade. Financial calculation and logistics. Total planning, scheduling and financial calculation. Consolidation plan/result. ONLINE PROCESS SIMULATION Process/Control Model Online Monitoring Virtual Measurement Data Reconciliation Instrument Calibration Online Economics

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Industrial Solutions from Nor-Par a.s

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Supplying and trade

Financial calculation and logistics

Total planning, scheduling and financial calculation

Consolidation plan/result


Process/Control Model

Online Monitoring

Virtual Measurement

Data ReconciliationInstrument Calibration

Online Economics

Production Troubleshooting

Online Optimization

Central Database

Planning( p. 21)


Scheduling(p. 6)




Operator Training System

Plant Information System (real-time)



Laboratory data

Industrial Solutions fromNor-Par a.s


Nor-Par a.s

See AAA credit rating of Nor-Par (p.34)

Solutions for Process Industries

  • Production and online optimization (PLANT2CC/PLANT2CCDwithCHEMCAD Steady State/Dynamics): click here for presentation
  • Operator Training Simulator and Production optimization(Training Simulator & Optimisation Suite with CHEMCAD Steady State/Dynamics): click here for presentation
  • Production planning (ProPlan) click here
  • Production scheduling (ProSched), click here
  • Engineering: Life Cycle Integration (3D CAD/I-SKETCH/PIPENET/TRIFLEX): click hereSmart Stress Iso: click hereTransient Fluid Flow/Dynamic Stress Analysis (PIPENET/TRIFLEX): click hereThe full list of engineering software, click here
  • Process Safety (CC-SAFETY NET): click here

Nor-Par a.s


Nor-Par a.s operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy,the UnitedKingdom as well as for selected different regions: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Morocco

nor par profile
Nor-Par Profile
  • Established in 1953 as engineering company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway and changing profile to software distributor and solutions provider in 1984
  • Providing products from Ingenious, Chemstations, PipingSolutions, Sunrise Systems, Alias Ltd, Nor-Par Online and other major industrial software houses
  • Providing own solutions and expertise
  • Experienced staff with long-time industrial experience and scientific degrees
  • Closely cooperating with partner consulting companies to provide services for all industrial disciplines
  • See Reference Client List(click the link to open)
planning and scheduling software from ingenious inc
Planning and Scheduling Softwarefrom Ingenious Inc
  • ProPlan production planning system
  • ProSched Plant scheduling system
    • ProSched feedstock scheduling system
    • ProSched operations scheduling system
    • ProSched product scheduling system
    • Feed Blend optimizer
    • Product Blend optimizer
  • HPI Crude assay database
prosched uses
ProSched Uses
  • Reduced demurrage & inventory cost
  • Accurate and user-friendly plant scheduling and customization
  • Improved feed quality and reduced plant unpredictability
  • Better understanding of scheduling operations
  • Optimized scheduling to improve top & bottom line
  • Better material movement, transfer & storage
  • Daily, Weekly and monthly schedule generation
  • Refinery scheduling & optimization
  • Petrochemical and chemical scheduling
  • Dairy plant scheduling
  • Pipeline scheduling & optimization
  • Network optimization
  • Gas, LNG and LPG scheduling
  • Oil movement and storage
  • Tank farm management
  • Feedstock, product and operations scheduling
prosched features
ProSched features
  • Several modules available which cover feedstock, operations, product scheduling and blend optimization
  • Low cost and practical scheduling tool
  • Convenient and user-friendly data entry
  • ProSched uses dynamic data entry and reporting tools, as well as interactive Gantt charts and an advanced graphical user interface all in one user-friendly application.
  • The logic incorporates standard rules and constraints for obtaining a feasible schedule.
data integration
Data Integration
  • The user can enter data directly into ProSched through the user-friendly data entry form in the same application.
  • This data is entered before the schedule is generated in ProSched. Data can be changed at any time by the user.
  • ProSched is OPC compliant (OLE for Process Control) and hence can effectively exchange information with any OPC programs such as DCS, SCADA, ERP etc.
schedule generation
Schedule generation
  • ProSched is designed to produce schedules that meet user-specified physical and operational constraints.
  • Operational constraints include Min./max. tank heels, inventory levels, Min. blender run lengths, time for blender setup, tank line-up, blending recipe, testing etc.
  • Detailed schedule for each operation is generated.
  • Models include built-in algorithms containing predetermined rules, logic and infeasibilities.
  • Built-in algorithms are rigorous and incorporate real events and scenarios in an operating plant
schedule optimization
Schedule Optimization
  • Schedule is optimized based on the algorithms, logic, rules, and constraints in the model including factors such as cost, availability, quantity, capacity, quality, etc.
  • A report is generated for each operation, indicating key variables such as inventory, capacity, output/input rate, description, service etc.
  • Developed models include tanks, pipelines, tankers, ships, berths, blenders, unit operations etc. Additional custom models can be easily developed.
  • In case of infeasibilities, an error message will pop up in the execution log indicating the error.
  • ProSched will indicate the specific area of the infeasibility, such as unavailable tank or berth, and direct the user to obtain a revised feasible schedule.
gantt charts
Gantt Charts
  • ProSched graphically displays the final feasible schedule. Production run is determined by its start date and time, end date and time, time runs and throughput.
  • User can modify production runs, properties of selected run and any changes will be updated on the Gantt chart.
  • Gantt chart uses color coding to illustrate the loading and unloading of equipment, testing and settling times etc. The dynamic chart automatically updates any changes in the schedule.
  • Gantt chart display can be obtained for a specified time frame, and also allows users to zoom in/out for preferred display
competitive advantages
Competitive Advantages
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Developed using a customizable and state-of-the-art platform
  • Technical expertise and staff for developing accurate scheduling solutions
  • Customer friendly pricing
  • Avoids unnecessary interfacing of multiple applications
  • Ideal tool for fast and accurate scheduling
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Accurate Planning on a daily basis as well as long term and concept basis
  • Evaluating yields/profitability with alternate feedstock
  • Investigate advantages of new, revamped units
  • Feasibility reports and what-if studies
  • Demonstrate impact of proprietary technology
  • Operator, engineer & manager training
proplan features
ProPlan features
  • GUI based flowsheeting, user friendly model building capabilities
  • Directory tree for easy navigation and customization
  • Offer yield & data calculations and easily modifiable model equations
  • LP Profit Optimizer - maximizes net profit
  • LP blending options, to produce the best slate of products
  • Integrated models with crude assay database
  • OPC compliant package easily communicates with third party packages, such as ERP, Oracle, Microsoft Office and more.
proplan features27
ProPlan Features
  • Overall powerful optimizer for global optimum
  • Report generation for each submodel, pooled components, utilities, Internal rate of return, Overall profitability, expense and profit charts and graphs, summary etc
  • Product and feed blender to optimize feed purchase and product sales and overall profitability
  • Short learning curve, full developmental capability for user to build and modify models
  • Extensive library of process submodels for refining, petrochemical and chemical industry
supply chain clients
Reliance Industries

Shell Brunei Refinery

Petronas, Malaysia

Kellogg Brown & Root

MW Kellogg, UK

Statoil, Malaysia

Fluor Daniel

El Paso Corporation

Petro China Corporation

Jacobs Engineering

Veco Engineering

BOC Process Systems

Supply Chain Clients
  • Indian Inst of Petroleum
  • Indian Inst of Technology
  • Penn State University
  • Kuwait University
  • Larson & Toubro
  • Indian Oil Corp
  • Petrom Co Ltd
  • National Center for Upgrading Technology
  • University Institute of Chemical Technology
planning process models


Crude unit


Hydrotreaters (3)

Gas blending

Hydrocracking (2)



LPG synthesis

Naphtha Hydrotreater




LPG recovery

Custom petrochemical and chemical process units

Solvent Deasphalting

Sulfur recovery


LPG recovery

Solvent Deasphalting

Sulfur recovery

Utilities generation



Reformate splitter


Xylene column

Paraxylene column


Planning process models
crude assay database
Crude Assay Database
  • Collaboration with HPI Consultants to provide their HPI crude assay database
  • Low cost database with over 243 global crude assays
  • Directly integrated with ProPlan to allow crude blending
  • Choose most cost effective crude blends for refinery processing
  • Ideal tool for engineering companies, refiners, crude oil traders, and oil & gas industry
contact information
Contact Information

Nor-Par a.s

Nordstrandveien 76

N-1164 Oslo


Tel: +47 22 28 69 00

Fax: +47 22 28 69 81