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Marxism. Marx’s Life. Completed Doctorate at Jena – 1841 Journalism Career – Censored by Prussian Government – 1843-1845 – Begins life long collaboration with Friedrich Engels. The Communist Manifesto and the Revolution of 1848

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marx s life
Marx’s Life
  • Completed Doctorate at Jena – 1841
  • Journalism Career – Censored by Prussian Government – 1843-1845 – Begins life long collaboration with Friedrich Engels.
  • The Communist Manifesto and the Revolution of 1848
  • Grundrisse and Das Kapital written 1849-1883 – involved in International Workingmen’s Association
marx s writing and the real marx
Marx’s Writing and the Real Marx
  • Marx as Humanist
  • Marx as Economist and Scientist
  • Reconciling or Separating the two is the challenge of Marxian scholarship
hegel s philosophy and politics
Hegel’s Philosophy and Politics
  • Transforming Logic – aufheben – to preserve, eliminate, and or transcend – the core of the Hegelian dialectic
  • Labor – Attain consciousness of self through interaction with the environment – freedom is achievable in the present historical era
  • Political Theory – the state mediates between civil society and the family – this role enables the achievement of greater rationality, freedom and self realitzation
critics of hegel
Critics of Hegel
  • Ludwig Feuerbach – Hegel’s Absolute idea is a distracting abstraction from human potentialities
  • Karl Marx – The state, instead of overcoming the ego-dominated civil society, becomes a tool of that society
  • Marx abandons the ideas for material reality, but applies Hegel’s dialectic to this material reality
marx on the human condition
Marx on the Human Condition
  • Questioning the effect of industrialization on the human condition
  • Labor as the source of man’s life and the tragedy of being alienated from this meaningful activity preoccupied Marx
  • Capitalists use the product of a workers labor to enslave that worker – wage slavery
  • Non-alienated labor is the source of human freedom, joy, and community – the species-being working out its own evolution and refinement - Beauty
history and the development of capitalism
History and the Development of Capitalism
  • Five Stages of History – Primitive Community, Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism, and Socialism – The goal of history is freedom from natural and human domination
  • Substructure (the mode of production and control of resources) and suprastructure (the ideas and institutions justifying present modes of domination)
  • Forces of production collide with relations of production producing a revolution into a new mode of production. (Class struggle)
history and the development of capitalism continued
History and the Development of Capitalism - Continued
  • Progress toward freedom from scarcity and oppression
  • Bourgeois class a tool to bring the productive capacity that will make possible real freedom, but the Bourgeois prepare their own graves as they pursue their own wealth
the capitalist economic system its decline and fall
The Capitalist Economic System: Its Decline and Fall
  • Labor is the source of value
  • The Capitalists takes the surplus value from laborers and uses this advantage to tighten is grip around the throats of working people
  • Competition among capitalists encourages greater capitalization and the further impoverishment of the working classes eventually plunging the system toward revolution.
beyond capitalism
Beyond Capitalism
  • The revolutionary potential of the masses is brought into question by Marx’s own experience but capitalism is inevitably doomed because of its internal dynamic.
  • A full and unalienated life awaits those who will inherit the world after the passing of capitalism