Loan Subsidies in Eight Countries
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Loan Subsidies in Eight Countries Alex Usher Vice-President (Research) and Director (Canada) Educational Policy Institute Student Financial Aid Research Network Providence, Rhode Island 23 June, 2006 Outline Look at loan subsidies and conditions in 8 countries

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Loan Subsidies in Eight CountriesAlex UsherVice-President (Research) and Director (Canada)Educational Policy InstituteStudent Financial Aid Research NetworkProvidence, Rhode Island23 June, 2006

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  • Look at loan subsidies and conditions in 8 countries

  • Look at how different subsidies affect government expenditures

  • Look at how different subsidies and loan repayment options affect graduate debt burdens

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  • Subsidies during studies

  • Subsidies to lower debt at graduation

  • Subsidies during repayment

Subsidies during studies as of march 2005 l.jpg
Subsidies During Studies(as of March 2005)

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Loan Defaults

  • Money which is irrecoverable due to un-willingness or inability to pay

  • Issues related to unwillingness can be dealt with through better technology and tracking (Canada), compulsion to pay (UK, Aus), or increasing penalties for non-compliance (US).

  • Issues related to inability to repay can be dealt with through some form of income-contingency.

That swedish student loan formula in full l.jpg
That Swedish Student Loan Formula in Full

At = Payment, L = balance, r = interest rate, p = annual increase, n=years remaining on loan

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The Truth About Thresholds

  • High thresholds are good for the student (less payment) but bad for the government (higher costs)

  • Over the long run, higher thresholds can mean significant costs for Government, especially if accompanied by promise to forgive the loan after a period of time

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New Zealand









Estimated Loan Losses

Average student debt students who borrow l.jpg
Average Student Debt (% students who borrow)

Debt repayment burden avg debt avg income l.jpg
Debt Repayment Burden (avg. debt, avg. income)

Debt repayment burden high income students only l.jpg
Debt Repayment Burden (high income students only)

Debt repayment burden low income students only l.jpg
Debt Repayment Burden (low income students only)

Lessons learned l.jpg
Lessons Learned

  • There are no cheap student loan programs

  • As # and size of loans increase, so do loan losses

  • In international context, any student loan that returns 70% of its original value to the government is a good one

  • The choice is between subsidizing failure directly (default costs/high thresholds and forgiveness) and trying to prevent failure in the first place (low interest, loan remission)

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